The Little Things

When I posted about my sugar mess, Evelyn wrote that I needed a hand held rechargeable vac.  I had one of those years and years ago and had totally forgotten how handy they are.  Next time Vince went out shopping, I asked him to get us one.  Look how cool this thing is!

I suppose I could’ve positioned it on top of something not quite so wild but do you see that little spout at the end?  It folds out so it can vacuum cracks and crevices!  This thing is going to get lots of use.

And, speaking of more excitement!  Mom brought me a half gallon of oysters, three pounds of crawfish tails and three bags of frozen okra. I fried oysters Saturday night and oh, they were so good!  I miss the Louisiana foods!


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    pdudgeon says

    yep, that does look like a cool gadget! good suggestion!

    (any chance you could tell us more about the quilt it’s resting on? hmmmm???)

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    Oyyyyyyysters! Yummmmmmmmmy. 🙂 We used to have a crawfish boil every summer. There is nothing like seafood…nothing. Cept maybe Italian food. Hmmmm and maybe Mexican. Now that you mention it desert is good. Love a good Indian place.

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    Gadgets are good, especially when they help in the clean-up department. I got a Hoky carpet sweeper after you posted about your carpet sweeper. Works great on quilting messes (threads and snippets). Thanks for sharing!

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    I’m in Baldwin, Louisiana this week Judy on a mission trip. Just had to let you know we had a shrimp boil for lunch today – shrimp, sausage, corn, potatoes. ummmm good! blessings, marlene