What’s Up With This?

If you’ve read my blog for a while, you know that my husband is . . what’s the nice word . . kinda thrifty!

After he bought two of the Prepara gardens yesterday, he sent me this today:
Is there somewhere you want to go for the holidays?

Does he want me to go somewhere for the holidays?  Does he want us to go somewhere for the holidays?  We won’t go anywhere for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day because (1) Chad will probably be working Christmas Eve (please tell me that Wal-Mart is closed on Christmas Day) and I’m not about to leave him home alone for the holidays and (2) there are few, if any,  restaurants open on Christmas Day and I don’t want to sit in a hotel room and eat cheese and crackers for Christmas dinner.

This is weird behavior for him.  I’m going to have to think seriously about this offer!


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    JoAnna says

    How about a cruise? Maybe at New Years…. By the way – I made the caramel apple jelly – yummy!

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    A few thoughts come to mind……….1) He wants a big new toy for himself and he wants to butter you up before he springs it on you……or 2) He’s been standing at the water cooler with the guys listening to them complain about their wives and he has realized what a precious jewel you are….3) He started working on the taxes and has noticed all the money you haven’t spent on fabric like in previous years and wants to reward you for all the savings…….4) when doing those taxes he realized you do produce income with the book sales and quilting for others plus all the cooking and baking you do on your personal time….. or 5) he realized you haven’t had a vacation together all year so a few days away would do the both of you good and where you can take care of that less than PG-13 message!!!!

    Karen L

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    Judy, the restaurants on cruise ships are open on Christmas 🙂
    I think that you should take him up on his offer and go somewhere a few days after Christmas…maybe somewhere nice with a spa….

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    Tell him you’d like two romantic weeks in the Hotel Hassler in Rome, daily spa treatments, and a new wardrobe for the trip. Or you’ll settle for the remodeling of the garage for your longarm! Go for it, Judy! You deserve it!

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    Do you suppose he is offering to go visit your folks in Louisiana for the holidays? You have sounded a little homesick lately on your blog, maybe Vince has picked up on that vibe at home.

    If it’s not that, I think Karen has the right idea….he wants a big new toy for himself and is buttering you up. 🙂

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    Start over – Okay, I think I’ve got it right! I’d take it and run. You know, it’s summer in Australia. You might want to go there for a few weeks! lol The possibilities are endless! Have fun!

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    Lynne in Hawaii says

    I think your wonderful DH is just looking to spoil his sweetie with a trip. I’m sure you can work out acceptable dates for after Christmas…but you gotta admit, a trip someplace warm during the coldest part of winter (Jan or Feb) would be really nice. A great Christmas present for his baby! After all, you do spoil him back! Go for it!

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    pdudgeon says

    maybe he’s been watching the movie “White Christmas”…
    anyway, my choice would be a cruise as well.
    people who go seem to like them very much.

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    Marla says

    I am with everyone else! Say yes and then see what happens! You can always change your mind. It’s a woman’s prorogative.-Marla

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    You made me laugh out loud at your interpretation that he was asking you to go away by yourself for the holidays LOL! You know what I would do if I lived up where you do? Go somewhere where I might be surrounded by snow and cold, like Door County or the Dells or one of the Indiana state park lodges, or a historic village OH like Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill.

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    Evelyn says

    Take a rain check and go home to Louisanna at a later date! That is what I would do simply because I don’t enjoy traveling during the holidays – but I always love to go home!

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    Eve says

    I don’t know, gals. My take is similar to Karen L.’s, but slightly different. I think it may be that he’s already collected on that “less than PG-13 suggestion”, and he’s got another, similar suggestion in mind. That would be how my DH would think, and I’ve seen a bunch of similarities between these two guys. LOL!! Eve

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    I read your blogs and enjoy seeing all the pretty quilts. I haven’t done any of the quiltathons. As for going ‘somewhere’ with DH for the holidays, I say GO FOR IT!
    I love quilting but even I need a break from real life once in a while. Someplace WARM sounds good to me.

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    Cindy says

    My idea of a storybook Christmas is to spend it in London.

    I guess it’s kind of late to be planning that for this year, but I’m going to do it someday.

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    Bon says

    I’d say “yes” in a heartbeat. But then I’m always ready to go somewhere — anywhere — anytime.

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    I think that is so sweet of him. Maybe he thinks you need a change of scenery for a change? Take a trip between Xmas and New Year’s to a favorite site in LA, maybe Monroe and the town in Mississippi across the river from it, can’t remember the name. Maybe go the other way to St Louis or Kansas City and spend a couple of days bumming around? Think outside the box.

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    Actually, depending on where you plan to go, you might be surprised how many places are open on Christmas day but you do need to plan ahead. I’m heading to VA on Thursday and am looking forward to getting home and settling in for the holidays.