Who Are You?

Probably most of us bloggers love comments on our entries.  I love to talk . . bet that’s a big surprise.  If I have time, I’ll often write you back when you leave a comment.  I do read every single comment, though I do not always have the time to write you back.

I get a fair number of comments — especially considering that sometimes my posts are long (I know . . you only read the short ones!); and sometimes I can’t stop talking and there are four or more posts.

But, look at these stats:

Most days, there are at least 1,700 or 1,800 hits.  Some days, there are over 2,500.  This doesn’t count multiple hits so there are a whole lot of you out there who never interact . . you just read.  Sue Hecker posted a note on her blog and I was reading it to Vince.  He said “They all know everything about you.  What do you know about them?”  Hmmm . . I dunno!

So, if you’re reading this and you don’t comment . . that’s ok.  Keep on reading.  I’m glad to have you stop by.  But, if you’d like to leave a comment so I know there’s really a human behind those numbers, I’d be real happy.  And, if you don’t want to leave a comment but you want to say “HI”, you can always send me an e-mail.

Thanks to all of you who read my blog and especially to those of you who let me know that you’ve made one of my patterns and you like it; or that you’ve tried a recipe and your family loves it.  That’s what makes me want to continue writing.


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    Well, I read your blog in a reader; I enjoy it–you’re an entertaining writer and inspiring quilter. But since I use a reader I seldom comment on anyone’s blogs. Plus WordPress hates me. I’ll be surprised if this comment shows up.

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    I think that most people who lurk have no blogs. When I went to the Ricky Tims super seminar in Glens Fall NY this lady in the audience yelled out my name “CAROLE”. I had no clue who she was. She introduced herself as a lurker of my blog. It really made me feel special! I can just imagine what it’s like when you’re famous like you! Enjoy!

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    I love reading your blog! I love hearing about the cooking you do for family, Chad, Vince and your life in general. There have been a few post that I thought should have came with spit warnings, they were so funny. lol

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    I enjoy reading your blog! Since I receive the posts in MS Outlook, I have extra steps in order to post comments. Keep ’em coming!!!

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    I read your blog every day! Its my favorite. I am only new to quilting (I have only made four so far!) and two of the four I have made have been your patterns. In all fairness, they are not finished because they are not quilted. A few days ago I started my own blog, when I quilt the quilts I will send you a picture or let you know they are on my blog to look at. Your quilts are so beautiful and inspirational!
    Thanks for your great blog everyday 🙂

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    Patricia Andersen says

    Sorry I dont comment much but you’re welcome to lurk in return at my Live Journal blog, my name there is etienetteblue

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    I’ve tried a couple of your recipes. The stew that tastes like Cincinnati chili, and the creamed corn casserole. I liked them both.

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    Carolyn Thomas says

    I read you through a reader. I became “acquainted” with you from about.com quilting forum. I enjoy your posts. Wish I had the time to write myself, but I am in school and just taking time to read blogs gets me behind in studying. lol. Just think how behind in studying I would be if I also blogged. lol

    Silkquilter on About.com

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    becky rhodes says

    My husband made up the first batch of bread dough this afternoon. So tomorrow we’ll have a loaf of fresh bread to try. Thanks for planting that idea.

    Becky R

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    Linda H says

    Judy, I love reading your blog. I love that you often write looong posts and multiiple posts. And I love your sense of humor!
    I try out your recipes and when I cook ahead, I think to myself that you would be proud of me. lol I’m enjoying your bread baking mentoring. I want to try to get back to making our own bread again–after a hiatus of 15 years or so. In fact, I’ve just received my Artisan’s book. I don’t have a mixer anymore, so I hope I will be able to work the dough well enough by hand. I’ll miss that dough hook!
    And of course, the quilts!!! And the encouragement to quilt. Now I just need to decide whether I want to put up the Christmas tree for the 2 of us…or would I rather spend the time quilting???

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    Judy, I love reading your blog, I’ve received it through RSS feeds in my Outlook e-mail for over a year now. I get every entry in real time with the RSS feeds. Gotta love our modern technology. I guess I’m one of the statistics in you graph that reads and never responds or comments. I guess I’m just trying to mind my own business for a change.

    Your quilts are beautiful and inspiring. I’m gradually learning to piece and quilt on a machine with BSR. I do not have a longarm and quilting takes forever with a regular machine. I recently started blogging and I’m gradually getting pictures of my projects on the blog. Stop by and visit if you get a chance. I have your blog listed in the links section of my blog. You were one of the first links I added. I was reading CJ’s blog every day until she stopped writing. I found your blog through CJ’s blog last year.

    Have a good day….thanks for encouraging your readers to comment.
    Valarie, in snowy West Virginia

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    Helene says

    I do love your blog and read it faithfully — the long and the short ones. I marvel at your talents — sewing, quilting, cooking, writing, and the love you have for your husband, your son, and your family. Just look at the long list of your Categories — it’s all such a pleasure to read. For goodness sakes lady — what don’t you do???? 🙂 But the one that had me completely hooked on you was the passionate one you wrote recently about Chad’s adoption and the blessing he has been to you because one woman decided to give him life. Oh that more would choose that option. That was beautiful and I’m so glad you wrote it!

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    Dawn L says

    I check your blog daily along with a few others like Bonnie Hunters Quilters Quips and Snips. I have learned so much about how you prepare to quilt, what colors you choose, and how you set aside time to quilt (something I am not good at yet but I think there may be hope).
    I learned to quilt in the 70s when in a history lesson I was inspired that by 13yr old girls used to be making quilts for their future. I made my first one in 8th grade (of the ever popular polyester fabrics) and tied it with yarn. It was the backdrop of our school fashion show and I got the Home Ec award for it. Those were the memories. I did squares all hand traced and cut with scissors. It taught me to go after a goal, to stick with it even though the going got tough, and to appreciate that the hard work paid off. I still have that tattered quilt.
    Glad they have made quilting easier these days.
    Dawn in Massachusetts

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    Pat says

    I read you every day and comment on a fairly regular basis. I know what you mean about comments. I am a fairly new blogger and haven’t yet been able to get a “counter” to work to show me how many are reading my blog. If I base it just on comments, it doesn’t seem like a lot are looking there yet. I have tried to answer comments the first time someone leaves them (of if the comment warrants a direct reply). I realize if the # of comments increases, I won’t be able to do that, BUT…I am so hoping for more readers. So, Judy, if you haven’t yet discovered my blog (rather amateurish yet), please visit there, okay? Here is the address for where you will find it…..


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    Hi! I’m from Dallas, TX. I don’t quilt but love them beyond measure! I’m married and have a 3 1/2 yr old autistic son. I enjoy hearing stories of you and your adult son. I also am not a very good cook but love reading about everything you do in the kitchen and all your gadgets!

  16. 17


    Hi Judy, I read you every time you post, but I know what you mean about wondering who reads your blog. Come on over and read mine, though it’s not much about quilting these days, but hopefully I’ll get back into it when and if things settle down. And, Pat, above my comment, can you install Sitemeter (google it) on your blogspot blog? Or Google Analytics? That way you can see the numbers. I’ll come over and visit because I don’t want to get ready for work yet, lol.

  17. 18


    I’ve been reading for a long time, you sure do lots. I am impressed with how much you get done in a week. I am still working on the quilt for an hour you did in the summer. It gets pulled out and worked on every once in a while. I have all the blocks and was ready to sew them together but I got distracted. Thanks for all you share.

    I live in Colorado, and just finished a sewing room that is all mine. We have been doing some renovating and we finally got to my room. I have been quilting at least 20 years, and have got the piecing part down, now I’m working on the quilting part. Using the Pajama Quilter CD “liberated” me to use doodles, now I feel more confident. Thanks

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    I enjoy reading your blog, but I rarely comment because I have gotten out of the habit of commenting on all the blogs. I have subscribed to too many blogs and sometimes the posts that I have to read get way out of hand. It’s like my stash and UFO’s – I am trying to get it under control. But I do read all of your posts! 🙂

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    I read you in a reader, so I don’t comment often. Do you know if people who subscribe in a reader show up as hits?

    I have a blog – but only about 5 readers a day, so not much of a reader base.

    I made the pumpkin gingerbread you linked to and it was great! Even my non-ginger loving 12 yo boy loved it. I took it to a breakfast at his school and he made me bring the rest home (rather than leaving it for the teachers).

  20. 21


    I read your blog daily through reader, I do sometimes leave comments but not daily. I love your blog, reading about someone elses daily life reminds other just how good life can or can not be. Which your life by far is good!!! :0) Your also very inspiring!!!
    I have a blog also, though I do not write on it everyday, I do try to post a few times a week.

  21. 22

    Cynthia says

    Hi Judy,
    I love to read your blog. I have been reading it everyday for over a year. It is the only one I read daily. You are bookmarked on every computer I have. Reading your blog is like visiting with a friend. You are so open and honest about everything you write and it helps that you are a good writer. I bought a wheat grinder after reading your posts. Just ordered the 5 min. bread book. I share your love of nine patches. Thanks for starting out my day with a smile.


  22. 23

    Elaine says

    Judy, I am also a daily reader (sometimes checking several times a day) and truely enjoy your blog. Quilting, cooking, kids, husband posts, I enjoy them all. Hope to make one of your quilts soon. Have many of them printed out and waiting for me. I don’t have a blog yet, but would like to try that also. Keep those posts coming and the pictures too!!

  23. 24

    Julie says

    I am one of those lurkers who sometimes visit more than once a day. When I come to read your blog I feel like I am visiting with a neighbor who likes to do the same things I love to do. Someday I hope to get my son to teach me how to have my own blog so I meet more “neighbors”. Not to be preachy but I feel like we have allowed out society to isolate women and we certainly are in a time when we need to bind together.

  24. 25

    pdudgeon says

    i read you daily without fail and check in often during the day, so please keep on blogging!
    I’ve made many of the patterns you’ve shown here on the blog, and have plans to make at least three more of your patterns in the next year.

    Your Quilt for an Hour segments have helped get me out of a quilting slump on more than one occasion. Working on the stash busters this past year provided me with the final push to learn how to do spreadsheets on my computer, as well as keeping a list of my quilts and the fabric on hand.

    Everyone i’ve talked to has been absolutely boggle-eyed at how much fabric i’ve gone thru in a year just by using the quilt for an hour system and the spreadsheets.
    My piles of finished quilts and quilt tops waiting to be quilted have increased dramatically this year thanks to you and your blog.

    Judy, thank you for keeping us involved in quilting, for showing us new things, and
    the quilting inspiration that you provide all of us.

  25. 29

    Peg says

    I confess I’m a lurker. I read every work day and you’re one of my “have to” reads daily. I find inspiration and the itch to sew (of course they won’t let me have my machine here at work, so I can’t). You’re writing is entertaining as well as informative. I don’t have a blog, don’t want or need one but I do enjoy yours. Keep up the good work and remember WE are here!

  26. 30


    Hi Judy
    I read your blog most days. I have made your pumpkin gingerbread and boy was it a hit. I love reading about your sewing and cooking adventures.

  27. 31


    Hi Judy, I aspire to blog like you do but wonder… do you ever sleep? You seem to get so much done where I can’t get much done at all. I don’t have a kid at home, just my husband. I want to work on my blog and post pictures, but never seem to remember my camera! I do read your blog daily and check it for updates continually. I agree with so many of the comments… you are a treasured friend, an inspiration and a joy. I have yet to try one of your quilts, but it is on my to do list. I just ordered EQ so maybe I can design something of my own to post on my blog as a free pattern. Wishes and dreams… and you are a part of that and I thank you 🙂

  28. 32


    Hi Judy! Another lurker here! I usually catch up with you through my Google Reader and love your blog. But with multiple daily posts I don’t know how do you get anything done girl! I’m lucky to get a couple done a week! Keep up the great work though. You’re an inspiration to a novice quilter like me and it’s great to read about your other adventures too! I always look forward to a new post from Judy! Thank you!

  29. 33


    Hi Judy. I read you through a feed reader and I am not a good commenter so I rarely click through but I still follow faithfully.

  30. 34

    Tina C. says

    I’m a human and I read your blog every day. I love that you post more than once a day sometimes! I read your recipes and will try the shipwreck stew soon. I am amazed that you make homemade bread DAILY and that you manage to get as much quilting done as you do.

    Keep up the good work!

  31. 35

    Bonnie T says

    Hi Judy. I just found your blog recenlty. I’ve been searching for more quilting blogs. Yours is one I go to every day. Not many are worth it but yours is!! Thanks!

  32. 36


    well Im in MO also, stay at home,,,, no kids anymore YAE. Hubby and I are learning new things, like motorcycling! Changing our habits, Eating better from the garden, both cooking. Trying to bake bread, I had never used the mixer before.loll

    Please keep on blogging, Its nice you have a varied bunch of topics !! all of us that do read you over the course of the day, are also doing many other activities like,, running the house, cooking, sewing, fussing over our kids and hubbys.

    ‘cept we dont get it put to words like you do.. .. keep up the good work. ~~ K

  33. 37

    Annette says

    Hi Judy,
    I found your blog through a link on another quilt blog. I enjoy your energy! Quilting, knitting and beading are my hobbies, and it seems that there aren’t as many quilt blogs as knitting blogs. So I am quite happy to have found your blog, where you post so often! I live in Omaha and have been quilting since the 70’s. I’m retired and of a grandmotherly age. Thank you for all your great info.

  34. 38


    Hi. I’m Patricia, but everyone calls me Maggie. I’ve been following your blog for about a year and I’ve never commented. I enjoy seeing what you are up to.

    I have a blog, but I don’t write in it nearly as much as I should. I guess I don’t want to write anything too personal to embarrass myself or my friends. Maybe a post a day challenge would be good for me.

    Anywho. Hello from central Iowa.

  35. 39


    Hi, Judy. Your blog is definitely one that I read religiously. I typically check-in at least 3-4 times a day to see if there’s anything new. I love the stories you post about your family and it always makes me smile no matter how awful my own day is going. I don’t usually have time to comment, but every once in a while I do if the mood strikes.

    I absolutely love looking at the different quilts you work on and many of your patterns are on my Christmas wish list this year. The beautiful quilts inspire me to work on my own quilts even more and try to come up with my own designs to work on in the future. I only wish I could spend as much time quilting as you do! 🙂

  36. 40


    Hi Judy! I am a chronic lurker but lately I’ve been trying to leave comments here and there on blogs that I like. I’m afraid I suffer from Comments Box writer’s block! I do want to let you know that yours was the first quilter’s blog that I found a couple of years ago and are one of my inspirations for starting my own blog. I have found many other wonderful blogs through you, but yours is the first I read every day. I love your quilts and stories and recipes, too. Thanks for all you do.

  37. 41


    I read your blog on Google Reader so maybe I don’t show up in your chart. I love your posts and think of you like a virtual neighbor–ya know the one that shares recipes, tells you what’s going on, and shares funny stories. I don’t have a real neighbor like this so I cherish your blog. Keep it up, your readers are out here!

  38. 42

    Glenda in Florida says

    Who am I? I’m the one who stalks your blog on Sundays, reading the stash reports. Actually, I check here a couple times every day, but nothing like on Sundays, when I hit refresh, just to see if anyone else added to Mr. Linky. And, I’m also the one who is begging her big quilt guild to try to lure you down here to teach–but I don’t have much pull with them. And, then I’ll hijack you over to our little bitty tiny guild on the other side of the county. I’ve got a nice guest room, and an even better sewing room, and 3000 pounds of fabric that I need to sew up.

  39. 43


    Hello Judy
    I enjoy reading your blog every day. I am currently following your BOM and just received the instructions for the 9th BOM. I am very new to quilting, well at least I consider myself new. And I have picked up tips from your blog as well as receipes. My DH just loves the soups I have learned to make from you. I visit your site everyday and eagerly await your next post. Keep up the good work.

  40. 44

    A. L. says

    I’m here too!
    Judy, you amaze me with all you do every day. I get tired just reading it.

    I have thought about having a blog, but I am sure it would be the dullest blog on the internet! Some days I am busy too, like this morning I have made 3 chemo-caps for SIL and embroidered 8 bookmarks. So maybe I’m not such a slouch after all.

    Love you blog, Judy. I really like to hear about Vince and Chad. Our son is grown and gone so it is fun to read about other Mom’s adventures with a growing guy.
    Vince is a dear!

  41. 45

    Carol says

    I love your blog and check it every day, sometimes more than once. You are an inspiration–how do you get so much done? I enjoy reading about your family, your quilts, your cooking, and anything else you write about. Thanks for the Star BOM. It has challenged me with the bias edges and the precise cutting needed. You have also inspired me to cook more (a little more, anyway) and my husband is glad about that! Thanks for all you do for us. Even though I never comment, I still am a big fan of yours!

  42. 46


    OH great news………. I might even get my urgent list all done this weekend. I am absolutely delighted to be able to join in on this one…….

    My first impulse was to work on Daisy Star or the last HAD I have calling my name but I will resist and get these monkeys off of my back.

    See you at the Quiltathon.

  43. 48

    Debbie says

    I love to see what new quilt you have come up with or are working on…it keeps me motivated. Yes, I love to look. I have done a few of your Star BOM but can’t promise to finish anything so I never post or join any group.
    I know your love of LSU is as strong as mine of OU…so yea, we are neighbors sorta.
    Take care. I find that quilt blogs are more entertaining than television these days.

  44. 49


    OH, I thought it was just me dropping in for a chat! Thank you for making all of us feel at home. I have to admit to skipping the recipes as I try not to admit to the world that I can cook, but if is about fabric, family or just plain fun I read the lot!
    By the way, figures for my best week so far were equal to your worst day shown on that graph!
    Judy B

  45. 50

    Janelle says

    Hi Judy, I’m a faithful reader of your blog – both the long and short posts! I think you are marvelously talented and highly energetic. Also love your receipes on “My Lime Green Kitchen”. I also enjoy hearing about Spec because our dogs are an important part of our family, too. Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season.

    Janelle from Maryland

  46. 51


    Hi Judy! I arrived at your site after seeing the Star BOM on Ruth’s blog. I’ve been reading for a couple months now, and just created my own blog to take part in the 2009 Stashbusting challenge. I downloaded the pledge and added my own rules but haven’t figured out where, if anywhere, to add myself to your list.

    Sure do enjoy reading about your quilting and cooking!

  47. 52

    Bessie Hardison says

    Hi!, Judy I am a Kentucky girl who found you through a quilt forum about three years ago. At the time, it impressed me that you were a Kentucky longarm quilter and I wanted to be one. Also you lived only an hour away. I figured if one Ky girl could quilt, maybe another one could too. I did get a longarm machine but I’ll never-ever come anywhere close to quilting as well as you. Of course I learned quickly that you were not a native Kentuckian but It is so nice to learn about your native La. After only a few posts read I added you to my Firefox toolbar and this is the first site I go to everyday. About your multiple postings, I fell like you are everyone’s sister and when something occurs, you can’t wait to tell your sisters about it. Just like I have to call my sister and tell her every idea I get in my head. Thank you for the BOM and the QFAH it is just like a sister to share.

  48. 53


    I confess, I am in general a lurker. I read on the run – I have 2 little girls – and usually by the time I’m reading your post, other commenters have said what I would say… I really enjoy reading your blog, so even when we aren’t commenting, we are enjoying!

  49. 54


    Yes, I read your blog all the time. I have commented at times, but do not feel it necessary to comment every time I visit. Your stories are fun to read. I enjoy seeing what you are cooking, what you are sewing, and what you are doing day to day. Your writing is good and interesting. You also are an inspiration. I look forward to each and every new post.

  50. 56

    Susan Brooks says

    Hi Judy. I just found your blog and love it! I live in Massachusetts, near the New Hampshire broader. I also quilt and knit socks. I’m so surprised at how many quilter like to knit socks. Thanks for a great blog.