A Tease

I really feel bad that I can’t show the quilts I’ve been working on but I’m working day and night to get the quilts and manuscript ready for Book #2.  Please bear with me for about one more month and then my quilting will return to normal and I’ll show you every quilt I’m working on . . a million times while it’s in progress.

The blocks shown above are the blocks for the quilt I’m currently working on.  My goal is to have this top finished by the end of the weekend.  What I wouldn’t give to finish it tomorrow and be able to start on the next one Saturday but I think that’s an impossibility.

This one is made with Michael Miller black solid fabric and fat quarters of Moda Marble Swirls which Vicky sent me.  I was so glad to have these fat quarters or I would had to have purchased fabric for this quilt.  Thanks a whole lot, Vicky!

Now I’ll resume quilting under a rock so you’ll all be surprised when you see the new book.  You wouldn’t buy it if you saw all the quilts ahead of time, would you?


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    Judy, I would buy your book, even if I was sitting right next to you, watching your every move, as you create these works of art! I love this one, can’t wait to see the rest of it. When does the book come out? I know, I’m being a little impatient. hehe

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    The blocks are wonderful!!! I’m so glad you were able to use those fabrics – they were collecting dust here! I’m anxiously awaiting the book’s publication, too!

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    Those stars are nice! You know I’ve already sold several copies of your Nine Patch Extravaganza so I know this next book will do well.

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    pdugeon says

    “You wouldn’t buy it if you saw all the quilts ahead of time, would you?”

    ROTFLOL, yes, i would!
    there’s hardly a quilt of yours that i don’t like, and even the ones that i initially balked at have grown on me.

    but a block or part of a block shown ahead of time would be cool…..

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    pdugeon says

    ps. these look very much like the beginnings of a contemporary Amish quilt to me.
    nice touch to use the Moda marbles in a traditional block.