Another Gift

Please know before I start this post that I do not expect gifts from my blog readers.  I do not even expect comments.  I love comments and of course, I love gifts, but as I’ve said before, I’d keep writing even if I had no comments and I’d surely keep writing if I received no gifts.  So, don’t anyone think I’m asking for gifts, ok?  I’m a much better giver than receiver . . got that?

Today I went to the mail box, not expecting anything interesting and there was a priority mail package for me.  I hadn’t order anything.  I noticed Bonnie‘s return address.  She and I email back and forth fairly often.  She lives real close to my home town in Louisiana but we’ve never met in real life.

Anyway, this is what was in the package.

17 fat quarters, plus a homespun fat quarter that got left out of the picture.  Bonnie and I had talked about this neat seam ripper that she likes and she sent me one of those too.  I mentioned to Bonnie in an e-mail that as much as I’ve been ripping lately, I question whether I should give up quilting so I know the seam ripper will get lots of use.

The next top in my lineup to get made for the book needs a bunch of coordinating fat quarters.  I don’t buy many fat quarters and the only thing I could come up with that is kinda matching/coordinating is a pile of Moda Marbles.  I have already made at last 2 quilts for the book using Moda Marbles so I was hoping to come up with something else.  This is it!  Perfect for my next project so these won’t sit on the shelf long.  The darks are in the washer right now.

Bonnie, the gift is much, much appreciated! Thanks!


  1. 1

    pdugeon says

    now that’s cool!!!
    looks like some great fabrics there. Yea for fat quarter friendly quilts!

  2. 3

    Bon says

    I love that seam ripper. I have several of them. LOL

    Those fabrics are wonderful. Love the colors. What a great gift you got.

  3. 4


    Beautiful colors….the seam ripper that I cannot live without it a ‘surgical seam ripper’ #7151….got it from Nancy Notions…I have 5 now…you know how it is always losing them…it is fast and very easy to insert….for me it is the best and I have tried several…I am good at ‘ripping’….(smile)

  4. 6


    It appears I clicked on the wrong place to leave my comment.. but I know you got it in your email box anyway so I won’t bother repeating it here (in the right place) 😉

    Glad you liked your gifty!! Love from Texas!!!! ~bonnie