Baked Potatoes in Crockpot

EDIT:  I do wrap them in foil . . where I said “no foil” should have said “with or without foil”. The first time I did them in the oven, I didn’t use foil and I think they dried out a bit but I only had 2 potatoes in the crockpot.  I did 8 potatoes once and didn’t use foil but rotated the potatoes a few times.  Those didn’t need come out dry but when I’m doing only 2, I do wrap them in foil.  Try it and see what works for you.  Either way, they were edible and no one complained.

I’ve had a few questions about baking potatoes in the crockpot.  I just recently started doing it and I love it.

(1)  I had always wrapped my potatoes in foil and baked them in the oven.  Never liked them in the microwave.

(2)  I always seem short on oven space, even with two ovens.

(3)  I think, though I’m not sure, that it uses less power to keep the potatoes in the crockpot for 6 or 8 hours rather than in the oven for 1-1/2 hours.  Am I wrong?

Anyway, I wash the potatoes the night before (someone told me they need to be completely dry before putting them in the crockpot or they’ll get icky); let them dry overnight; wrap in foil, stick them in the crockpot on low for 6 or 8 hours and they’re perfect.

One of my goals is to use the crockpot more.


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    Pat says

    I have the same confusion as Martha…it seems like you say no foil, but before that, you say to wrap them in foil after drying them well. I will try it once you clarify that….as I, too, don’t like them in the microwave but usually do them that way as it’s faster and I often don’t have oven room (or the right oven temp with what I’m roasting).

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    pdugeon says

    yep, inquiring minds wanna know….
    the last time i baked potatoes in the oven even hubby was wanting to know if i would try them in the crock pot instead.

    also my grocery store carries a new product from Sargento (cheeses) called Potato Finishers. it has a packet of cheddar sauce, Monteray Jack cheese, and breadcrumbs to sprinkle over the baked or mashed potatoes when they are finished. we love it, and i also use it for potato soups.

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    These sound good, will have to try it. I am planning on quilting all weekend with you, after I get my class taught this morning.

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    I was just coming to point you to the same blog that Nancy did. I found it a couple days ago myself, and found a bunch of recipes to print off and try. I haven’t tried baked potatoes in the crockpot myself, but I think you’re right on the energy required.

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    Gina says

    I’ll have to try this in my crock Judy… never have for some reasoon? I have a fail proof yummy oven method….in a rut? LOL

    clean and dry russet
    poke fork holes in them
    rub with olive oil
    roll in kosher salt
    bake @375- 45 min to an hour depending on sizes, or quantity.
    These come out so well that the skins are promptly devoured:) ( give a shot)

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    Hey Judy,

    I’ve been following this blog for a bit now… (I may have even found it from you, in which case, oops, sorry). If not here’s I think you’ll like.

    Finally getting down to cutting some fabric for my next project. I might even get the 12 nine patches I need done… we’ll see.


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    Linda H says

    Judy, this whole crock-baked potatoes thing has revolutionized my cooking for groups, of which I do a lot. I have 1 oven, 1 microwave and 1 large crockpot. I wash the spuds and let them drip dry while I set up the crock. Because it is cracked, I put a foil liner in the bottom. On top of that, a small wire rack to lift the spuds up off the bottom…more like an oven. Then, I generously rub olive oil onto the spuds just as I would were I to oven bake them. When I load the crockpot, I make sure that air can circulate somewhat even though they are stacked on top of each other. That’s it. Set and forget.

    When they are done, they can be served as baked—or when my 98 yr old, mashed potato king, FIL is coming for dinner…I scoop out the insides and mash as for regular mashed potatoes. —NO peeling, which appeals ( pun ) to my arthritic hands. If you have never tasted mashed baked potatoes…you are in for a treat. Add a little sour cream along with the butter and milk. Yum. And save the empty skins. Crisp them up in a very hot oven for another meal.

    Well, I’m off to mix up a batch of bread dough…first time in years! It’s time to stop pussy-footing and give it a try–I forgot to buy bread yesterday! Wish me luck.

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    Joan S says

    Well, I’m glad I read the comments before I added mine! I was going to tell you to check out if you were more interested in doing stuff in the crockspot. But Nancy beat me to it! Oh, well, I’ll just reiterate how much I enjoy reading your blog!!

    Joan S