Quiltathon Prep

Bread is made for the weekend.  Steaks are out for tonight, along with potatoes baking in the crock pot; Gina’s Italian Soup (from the freezer) is simmering for lunch.  Black beans are soaking for soup tomorrow, but I’m using ground beef instead of chicken . . simply because I have a zillion pounds of ground beef.

From Thanksgiving, I had enough cornbread dressing to freeze a batch so I have a chicken thawing that I will roast and make gravy so we can have that, along with that yummy Cherry Cranberry Salad on Sunday.

Got your preparation done so you can sew this weekend?


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    OH gosh!!! You’re so good! I wish I could get myself that organized so I could quilt (and/or craft) a weekend away 😉

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    pdugeon says

    yep! i’ve got a pot of Mexican chicken noodle soup simmering on the stove.
    DH joked that i would be eating that all weekend…little does he know!

    i have a quilt top pinned on the frame and ready to quilt, so i should be all set. we’re looking for some nice cold temps this weekend, so it should be excellent quilting weather.

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    loll I have a list, checked it twice ! Our menu will be Veg soup canned from the garden last summer and finish off the breads. Sun a roast chicken w baked tater.

    The sewing list is finish the LAST border on the holiday heirloom quilt. Sort & Fold stash I was givin the past year into usable groupings/ colorways into New Boxes. My quilty finger is getting sore so may get more sorting done first! All else fails I have 2 new quilts to cut.
    Im in the mood for an Iowa style blizzard, but doubt that will happen down here.

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    The only preparation is threading a needle, then I am away! The man of the house is golfing, and he will cook the steak whenever he gets home. Tommorrow he will put the Christmas lights the water tower next to the garden, with supervision from the ground by me, then I will be quilting while he watches sport.