Calling it a Night

Whew . . eating making a whole batch of fudge just wore me out! 🙂

I did get all 60 border blocks done and got two rows of them sewn together but no borders added to the top.  I’ll get it done tomorrow.  I’m going to knit for a while before bed time.

How about a picture of a quilt I’m putting on our bed tomorrow?  I don’t have enough Christmas quilts to go around so this one will have to do for one of them.  Click on it to make it larger.  I love the quilting on this one.  This quilt has a story or two.  You can read about it here in an earlier blog post.

And, Santa on Speed will go on the guest bed.  Too bad I won’t have any overnight guests between now and Christmas though!  Oh . . I can’t stop thinking of things to write! 🙁   When I was in Paducah in April, in Eleanor Burns’ booth, she had this Santa striped fabric that I used in this quilt and I bought more.  My thinking is that one day I’ll have quilts on all the beds that have different fabrics but all of them will have this santa stripe in the borders.  Maybe I’ll make that one of my goals for 2009.

Hope everyone had a productive day and if you get started sewing before I get to the computer in the morning . . have fun!


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    Judy….a two color quilt with alot of white space……a longarmers dream!!! The quilting is stunning!!! I’d have that one on the bed all the time. But I’m sure it will add a nice Christmas touch to your bedroom. If you think Santa on Speed will be lonely with no one sleeping under it……you could always sneak in for an afternoon nap just so it doesn’t feel so lonely!!!

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    Both of those quilts are gorgeous. And you keep forgetting to mention that you won a ribbon on the red/white one!!! I think your plan is a good one for Christmas quilts! Go, Judy, go!

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    me too! I am beat and my bed is calling me – I will try and get up early tomorrow and get to sewing again. Lots still to complete by Christmas! thanks for doing this for us Judy!

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    I LOVE your santa on speed quilt, its one of my favorites. Funny reading posts about heading to bed when I am wide awake in the mid afternoon! Have a fantastic day quilting tomorrow, I know I have today! 🙂

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    Your quilt is beautiful. I enlarged it and the quilting is awesome. Is that trapunto or is there so much stippling around the feathers that it looks like that? I hope to make a quilt like that one day.

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    Tina C. says

    Oh, the red and white quilt is just beautiful! Perfect for Christmas. And I love the name Santa on Speed!

    I don’t have very many Christmas quilts. I have a couple that need to be quilted but they are wall hangings. I would love bed quilts on all the beds. Someday….

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    Love both quilts, I agree that the quilting is awesome on the red and white quilt. I think maybe we could all take turns and come visit for a sewing day!!!
    I am ready to go quilt!

  8. 9

    Gina says

    I’m going to call you the energizer bunny… YOU WEAR ME OUT! I’m over here trying to figure out how to work on customers, and my own, and make a roast! I suspect YOU would have had it done before I put down my list!
    sheesh…. Vitamin J… thats what you are….vitamin J…. ( all said quite lovingly green)

  9. 10


    Judy I just adore the Santa On Speed quilt – that is right up my whimsy alley! I have all best intentions to create something whimsical for the holidays this year! I’ll come be a guest in that room any day!


  10. 11


    both quilts are great.. I did get a little done yesterday – even though it was my husband’s birthday. I was able to get three blocks finished in a BOM while my hubby napped. I am still in bed this morning because I celebrated a little too hard last night.