Quiltathon Has Begun

As always, I had hoped to be sewing much earlier but my bed felt really good this morning! 🙂  Breakfast is done; morning chores are done and I’m now sewing.

I got all the blocks and rows sewn together last night so my main focus today is getting the borders added and finishing up this top.  I hope I can get it done today and then I can start another top tomorrow!

Have fun everyone!  I’ll post a Mr. Linky box this evening.


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    Dang, you’re on a roll. I want some of whatever you’re taking!! I’ll start sewing when I get home from my haircut!

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    I have been sewing away since before dawn this morning. Why is it I can get up raring to go on the weekends but have to force myself to get up during the week for work? better get off here and back to sewing …

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    My Quiltathon has begun also! My sewing room was a disaster, I started cleaning it last night, finished it up this morning. I will get sewing right after I have morning blog fix. hehe

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    I’ll be sewing today in between doing laundry and housekeeping that didn’t get done while I had a Christmas Decoration Tornado going on. For the most part, the decorating’s done (I still have to tweak it a little), but I need to get some Christmas sewing done, too. It’s a great weekend for a Quiltathon!

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    I’m working on a quilt for me today. I’ve been speed piecing the blocks as they are pretty simple to make and I have 40 of them to do. Then tomorrow I hope to put them all together and add flanel backing then quilt. That’s my quiltathon goal this month. Well back to sewing!

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    I’ve been up since 6, but only started quilting an hour ago. I have finished the quilt I had on the long arm… now back to paper piecing my daughter’s wedding quilt. Quiltathon… whoopie!

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    I will be working on hand quilting a gift for my friend. Hopefully it will be done by Sunday night , at least ready to bind by then.

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    Evelyn says

    I got rows of a quilt pinned together!!! Then I had to stop to prep salads for our St. Nicholas Day Feast (we are having meat fondu!). Maybe after we eat I will get everything pressed… slow progress is progress. I’m off to play a game of Memory with SB now. Sounds like you are on a mission to get your quilt done today – good luck!

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    Yup……quilting away……finished the client quilt on the machine (I hope it counts for quilting even though its for someone else) and the rest of the day I will be quilting on a “me” project……

    Karen L

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    Linda says

    Man, everyone wants a job like that. I can’t complain though, I often read blogs, compose blog entries, twitter, while I’m at work.

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    I started sewing a little later than I thought today but I’m now on a roll and taking a quick break between laundry to post on my blog and comment here. I am on my first offical Quiltathon! I’m so excited to complete my holiday quilt so I can take it to Mom’s in New Mexico in three weeks and use her long arm. My sewing room was a disaster since putting up decorations all week and so last night I cleaned it and organized it so I can piece, stitch and create today and tomorrow. Thanks for sharing all!

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    I thought I might get some quilting done today but between errands, playing in my photos, cooking dinner, baking cookies, and beating Keith in Scrabble, I didn’t have any time at all. Hope you got lots done.