Saturday Quiltathon Progress

I would’ve gotten the border blocks all done by now but I couldn’t stop thinking about chocolate fudge.  It’s weird (IT is weird . . I am not weird!) but I don’t like chocolate except for a few things.  Chocolate fudge made with cocoa powder, milk, butter, sugar and vanilla . . I could eat dozens of batches of that stuff.  I went upstairs, got the pot and recipe out, then a bit of self-discipline surfaced and I came back downstairs, sewed a few more blocks, then gave in and made the fudge.  Mom always made that recipe and I loved tasted those soft balls in the ice water.  So, when I make fudge, at least a cup of it goes into ice water . . gotta make sure it’s at the right stage before removing it from heat, you know?

I’ll keep sewing and I’ll get those blocks all made before I go to bed.   I’ll get the borders on tomorrow . . although I still have at least 5 hours of sewing time tonight.  I might just get it all done tonight.

Share your progress here, if you’d like.


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    Hazel says

    OK, would you share your recipe for fudge? The last one I tried came out really grainy and I was really cautious with it. My mom had a great recipe for fudge, but she is no longer with us and I am hunting on the internet for one

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    Wow! I’m first to sign on with Mr. Linky…but I’m about done sewing for the day. And I don’t think I’ll get much sewing in tomorrow as my daughter is coming out to make popcorn balls using Jello…yummy 🙂

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    Please,please please share the fudge recipe…..I noticed no marshmallows mentioned….I just don’t prefer that taste with them………so if you have a recipe for “no marshmallow fudge” please share.

    Karen L

    PS no personal sewing yet today….maybe after dinner.

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    I got interrupted several times with other things calling my name today but the night is still young. I plan on getting some other sewing done right after I eat some supper. Thanks for hostessing this – it is the motivation I needed to get these items done.

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    I am not a big fudge person myself. I would enjoy making the fudge more than I would eating it. Someday soon I need to plan a baking day — I keep getting these cookies of the day thing email from the Food Network and I just keep thinking, man o man I need to make some holiday cookies.

    I am so happy to be a part of this quiltathon… I’ve got about half of my king quilt top done — three more sets of rows to go – -probably tomorrow.

    Rick in New Orleans

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    Lynne in Hawaii says

    I managed to make 4 pillow cases today and one yesterday for Christmas gifts for the grandchildren. I have also been doing some hand quilting. Thanks for hosting Judy!

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    June Piper-Brandon says

    I’m doing the quiltathon and think I’ll blog it this time. Anyways, I worked on a baby quilt for my son’s best friend. I’ve got enough blocks now so I’m putting it together. I’ll post pictures later.

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    I’m a little behind…I got sidetracked by a trip to the mall yesterday. I’m trying to make up for it today by working on some burp cloths and a Christmas stocking for our grandson who is due on Christmas day.

  9. 11


    I didn’t comment yesterday after 13 hours of on and off machine quilting. I’m not sure I can put in that many hours today. I’m trying to finish a wall hanging by the 18th for my Secret Santa. My version of Snowy Silence using a Rod Fredricks pannel, some of his fabrics, with some of my stash. Nancy Smith & Lynda Milligan’s Welcome to my Cabin was also part of the inspriation. It’s for my boss, he has traveled to Alaska several times; a Veterinary for the Iditarod, and a few hunting excursons. Will not get much quilting done next Sunday, going to the AC/DC concert. I’ll need to find some ear plugs. I’d better get stitching time waits for no one.
    Beef stew in on the stove and it sure smells good. A batch of cornbread would go good with the stew. What do you think?
    Mary C

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    Judy, thank you for organizing these Quiltathons. It’s fun to think about sewing together with other quilters all over the globe, and then get to see what’s been accomplished! It helps keep me focused on what I want to accomplish this weekend, even though I wish I could get more done.

  11. 13


    getting a late start today on the quiltathon but I have made some progress and for that I want to again thank Judy for hostessing this for us to get motivation to get these items done!

  12. 14


    calling it a night ya’ll – this was fun and I made some serious progress on two UFOs. Thanks a bunch for hostessing this Judy! I’ll watch for the next one.

  13. 15


    I got one of my grand son’s race car quilts done (the first one is already finished, but I have one more to go!),and I’m on my way back upstairs to try to finish the other one.

    This has been fun, as always, Judy. Thanks for doing the quiltathons this year. I’ve gotten so much finished, and it’s been fun, too.