Stash Quilts Blog Ring

During the course of the past year or so, we’ve had a few bloggers that have dropped out and we can add a few more without getting the ring too large.  I’m not sure how much people use blog rings now that Google Reader, Bloglines and the like are available.  When I look at my stats, I can always tell which blogs are  my “previous” and “next” neighbors because I do get quite a few visitors from those spots so that tells me that some people are still traveling through the rings.

If you’d like to join the Stash Quilts Ring, please go to the Stash Quilts frag near the bottom right of my blog, click “join” and it will take you to a page with the rules/criteria for membership.  Please do not apply if you have not posted at least weekly to your blog for at least three months!  If your blog is not added, that only means that I don’t think your blog is a good fit for our group.  We want to keep the ring comprised mostly of quilters who talk a lot about their stashbusting efforts.  I know . . I talk about everything but I do get some stashbusting topics in and I’m promising to do much better once this manuscript is turned in for the second book.



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    Well, I decided to give it a shot! Definitely fill in the qualifications of needing to bust stash… but oops, I haven’t been terrific about posting weekly. On the other hand, I’ve kept my blog nicely alive for almost 3 years now. 😉

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    Hmmm..I don’t quit meet the criteria – although I am trying to use up my stash and scraps I have only been blogging for a few weeks. I will keep up with my blog and apply to join the group as soon as I reach 3 months! 🙂

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    Ahh! I would love to join the ring as well but seem to get lost in short spurts, it’s amazing how fast the time can fly and sometimes I loose so much productive time when I sit for ‘just a minute’ at the computer so will just shut it down and get busy and wham a month has gone by! Anyway! I will also get more faithful in postings as I get so much encouragement from your Blog Judy and would love to be linked up with you! Thanks for all you do!!!

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    Ha! Quilting? Oh, I still do a little here and there, but I can never find enough time for it.

    Thanks for the ice cube trick in the freezer. When we get a new one, I will be doing that. I usually take what I need for the week out of there on Saturday morning and I don’t go back out. Though, I do get in there sometimes through the week. I am just sick over all the meat we lost. Oh well, no use crying over spilt milk!

    Take care!

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    Oh, I’d love to join the ring too! 🙂 I don’t usually say when I am using ‘stash’ fabric as opposed to ‘new’ fabric, but one of my goals for 09 is to use more stash so I will most likely be talking about stash more. 😉

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    I like blog rings and think they are a great way of surfing through blogs. That’s how I found yours! As for stashbusting, I never thought it was something I needed to do, but lately I’m starting to change my mind. My drawers are getting full and sometimes too hard to close. Good luck with your stashbusting in 2009!