The End for 2008 Quiltathons

Almost midnight and #10 to be quilted just got added to the pile.  Should’ve been finished way earlier but I got sidetracked several times.  That happens to me a lot.

Last night Chad went to a party.  Are there parties every Friday and Saturday night when you’re in college?  If he can find that much to do in this small town, ok . . let’s not talk about what happens when he moves off and lives in the dorm in a month.

Anyway, Saturday night he was out til 12:30 a.m.  I keep my cell phone under my pillow when he’s out and he is supposed to call me when he gets home and has the garage door closed.  I figure he should be safe then.  Last night, he called and he wanted to talk!  I was trying to get off the phone.  I was already asleep.  Dang it . . if he wants to talk to me, let’s do it when I’m awake.  That wasn’t enough though.  He came down the hall to get his laundry because he had to be at work at 7 a.m. on Sunday.  Vince was just coming to bed and he and Chad stood in the hall, outside the bedroom door, talking!  I don’t even remember what they were talking about but I could hear every word. Speck was laying in bed growling.  Yes, that’s exactly what I wanted to do too. . growl!  I just remember being aggravated because I was trying to sleep.  Then Chad got up at 6:15, coughed, sneezed, showered, coughed some more and finally left to go to work.  Vince got up.  I pretended to be asleep still.  My head hurt.  I needed more sleep.  I did fall back asleep and didn’t wake up again til 9:00 a.m.  Then I really felt guilty about sleeping so late.  I walked into the kitchen, head still hurting, and Vince said “want to go to breakfast?” Oh, yes . . I’ll be real happy to go out for breakfast.   Then he wanted to go look at generators.  I don’t mind spending money (we’ll talk about that tomorrow), but I pretty much do my research and I know what I want and I go in and get it and leave.  Not Vince.  He has to look at and touch everything and ask a zillion questions.  Oh, I hate to shop!  Thankfully we only went to one store because I was thinking . . everyone else is home quilting but me!

But, what really matters, is that I finished the top I had to finish this week.

Dates for the January, 2009 Quiltathon have been set — January 10 & 11, 2009.  Put it on your calendar, ok?


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    June Piper-Brandon says

    I finished 2 baby quilt tops yesterday. I’ll blog about it when I get the pictures transferred. Ryan’s 2 bestfriends are both expecting at the same time, well Mike’s girlfriend had her baby on Friday so I figured I’d better get that one done, the top is done, now to baste and quilt it. Greg’s baby is due next week. That top is done too. Both quilts were made from my stash. The border on Gregs quilt I had to buy. When I was making both quilts I made a 2nd one that I’ll sell at my guilds Quilt Show Boutique in March. I even used left over blocks from another quilt I made years ago. Now to get these two basted and on my machine and bound!!

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    Your husband sounds so much like mine! He will go out and buy some of the craziest things on a whim! But if I do it then he gives me a lecture about how I don’t need it and shouldn’t have spent money on it. I hope he doesn’t find out about the thing to track the electricity usage, cause he would go buy one in a heartbeat! He complains and says that the little space heater my dad has uses a lot of electricity. But when the faucet had a bad drip that was more like a stream of water and I told him that was really using a lot of water and would make the bill go up he didn’t seem to think so and took forever about fixing it! Men! We will never figure them out!
    Have a Blessed Day,

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    Linda says

    Men are so funny……I don’t think it’s possible for the female brain to figure them out. My husband has a weakness for sales on jeans & t-shirts…he has them stockpiled.
    I was really surprised Saturday night when he asked me if there was anyplace I wanted to stop in at after his work Christmas party. So I said sure, I’d like to stop at Pamida and pick up the last two Christmas gifts & there was some stuff on sale, including a microwave, I wanted to look at. We came home with the microwave & he actually didn’t complain. Though he is the one that kept complaining the old one didn’t work right any more………..hey, it was only 25 yrs. old. Whenever I buy something his first question is always, how much did that cost? Even groceries. But he doesn’t want me to question any stupid thing he buys. MEN!!! LOL

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    My husband is exactly the opposite, he buys very little. I am supposed to do the research etc etc. We do have a small gas generator, which get used for mostly farming things. Take it along to run the air compressor, etc in the fields. He COULD have it here in town in case the power goes off, but I have a propane heater, a butane camping stove, and flashlights and an antique kerosene light I use. But really, the power goes off very infrequently here, at most a few hours at a time. Okay, a few years ago one winter we were without power for five days, so that is why I am prepared. Paranoid just a little. Insite to Vince–not a clue!! He is so different from my husband. But if MY husband suggesting a getaway vacation–I would go in a flash!

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    I completely understand about shopping, my DH and I are just like you and Vince. He loves to touch and think about everything. I don’t! But I must admit that he has a wonderful mind for shopping… he can go to three stores for the same thing and remember the configuration, the color, the size and the price of each one! Whew… that would make my mind hurt. I’m glad he does it and I don’t have too! And he does get us really great deals! (Jan 10th & 11th on my calendar!)

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    Andee in AZ says

    I will be on Christmas Break from work, so I will plan on joining that quiltathon! Yipee!

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    Several months ago I opened a box that has been in the kitchen propped against the side of the Hoosier since we moved here 5 years ago. It was some sort of tomato slicer. Obviously we were in dire need of it. Then it sat on the counter of the Hoosier for 3 more months after hubby asked me to find a place for it in the kitchen cabinets (which I did right away). Finally, I moved it to a box by his side of the dresser which also holds some sort of camera thingy for the computer that he bought mid-August.

    In the garage are 2 huge speakers from the 70s, a broken globe, and a food dehydrator we never use. In my kitchen cabinets are a pasta maker, an air popcorn popper, an individual milkshake maker which also haven’t been used in years.

    Three weeks ago he bought a Blu-Ray DVD player because he thought we needed one. We already have a perfectly good DVD player, but it isn’t Blu-Ray, so it must not be so very good.

    Men and their gadgets!

    At least he’s not into Wii.

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    Eileen from MS says

    thank you so much for hostessing the quiltathon – it was my first of hopefully many more to come. I got lots done and enjoyed viewing the other blogs and being nosey and seeing what everyone is working on.