I Should’ve Bet

The generator has been ordered.    Vince did explain to me why we didn’t bring the other generator.  We had never used it!

Makes sense to me . . NOT!

The comments on the Understanding Your Husband post cracked me up.  I read them to Vince and he laughed too but it did remind him that he’s metering my electric usage on the sewing machine.

Oh, well . . maybe we’ll have to get rid of a printer, or two, or three in order to make room for the generator.


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    So, will it be hooked to the gas line and have a switch so you can just turn it on?

    Maybe he can make it up to you by donating the extra printers to a church or school or some charitable organization.

    It would at least clear out your cabinets!

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    Hey, Judy, I just want to remind you to unplug all the appliances at night before you go to bed. Because they all use some electricity just by being plugged in, even if they’re not turned on. This includes the computer, the iron, the sewing machine, the fax machine, etc. I’m just sayin.

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    I think you need an eBay account and you can just start selling some of the stuff that he’s forgotten about – like the printers. THen you will have more fabric money! If we could blend Vince and Chris we would probably have a near perfect man – Chris hates to spend money on ANYTHING (except fishing and hunting trips and luxury sheets). Spending money makes him physically ill I think. Right now, though, that’s a good thing!

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    I’m with Vicki. I think since Vince’s printer project has been exposed, you should be entitled to the proceeds for fabric money!

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    I vote for selling the printers on Ebay. You’d probably have a better shot doing that than finding a money tree. Christmas will be lean for us this year. I’ve allowed my kids to put three things on their lists. My brother, who as lived on his own for over 2 years, still gives my parents a $1000 list. A young man can dream, can’t he. LOL

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    But Judy….what’s he going to do……make you quit using your sewing machine cause it uses toooooooo much electricity………….wait…..you can hook it up to the new generator and burn gas instead of electric….

    Karen L

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    Judy, that generator might come in handy! We were glad to have ours last week when we had that weird snow storm down here and lost power. Don has a conversion kit to make ours natural gas generated instead of gasoline but he hasn’t made the change yet.