Fast Growing Tree Needed

I need a fast growing tree . . not just any tree . . but one of those money trees.  You know . . the kind that you just go out and pick $100 bills from.  The kind that keeps producing . . no matter how much you pick.  Yep, that’s exactly what I need.

Chad is going off to college in January so that’s tuition, dorm, books, new laptop . . everything that goes along with that.

A couple of days ago Chad sent me an email in the form of his Christmas Wish List from Cabela’s.  I’m done with what he’s getting for Christmas but just decided to look at his list.  Here are a couple of snapshots of a small portion of his requested items!

Go ahead!  Double click on those pictures and check the prices.  Nothing but the best for Chad!  There were about 35 items on his list.

Check out the total — over $1,700.  If he’s expecting even a small portion of this list, he may be real disappointed on Christmas morning.  I think he was just killing time on the computer and decided to send me the wish list as a joke.  At least that’s what I’m hoping.

While we’re on the subject of Cabela’s, my sister’s brother-in-law works in their real estate division.  Maybe Chad should call him and remind him that we’re almost family! 🙂  I never even knew his real name til I just looked at it on the web site.  All I’ve ever heard was “Happy”.  I’d love to hear the story behind how he got that name.

Better run . . see if there are any $100 bills on any of the trees around my house!


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    Judy I feel your pain. We’re still paying for DD’s college and wedding and there’s light at the end of the tunnel in 2012 I think! I just hope our DS doesn’t want to get married before then. While our son-in-law’s parents didn’t offer any help with wedding costs (and the story of the rehearsal dinner says it all) I would feel honor bound to contribute to our son’s.

    I think Chad is just playing with you. I can hear him snickering right now. Don’t forget to turn right around and send him your wish list. There’s a long lens that you’d like for your new camera, right? I think you might like a 70-200mm f2.8. Not to mention a Speedlight, new camera bag, carbon fiber tripod and monopod not to mention a Gitzo ball head. Then there are all the quilty things you’d like, right? Oh yeah, turnabout is fair play. hahahaha

    Robin in Short Pump
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    Pat says

    Ummmmm….when you find out about that tree, Judy, can you let us know which nursery might carry them? I’d definitely like to order one for us AND for our kids. I’ve been searching for years for that money tree…with no success, but I’m hoping you may find it for us. (I suspect many here will be interested in having one, too!!!)

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    I understand your pain all too well, my son never asks for anything even remotely cheap. And when you find that forest of trees that keeps producing $100 bill’s, let me know I promise I will only claim a few tree’s lol

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    pdugeon says

    lol, e-mail him back and ask him if Wal-mart carries stuff like that, and can he get an employee discount on it….(just kidding)

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    I’m glad I’m not the only one that needs a money tree. Last night Wade’s computer crashed. It’s about 7years old, and we gave it new life about 2 years ago. He, too, is moving away (Savannah, GA) to college (don’t know when; it’s in “the plans”), and the computer we got for him late last night was $3000.00 inluding tax, student discount, and free shipping. Thank God for free shipping.

    Maybe grand parents will feel the need to pour out money to Wade when we go visit at Christmas.

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    I have Chad’s Christmas all figured out. You can wrap up one of those printers still in the box, the extra hand vac to clean his dorm room … see where this is headed? LOL

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    I’d like just a small cutting off that tree to start my own!!! Three kids done with college, one wedding behind us, so we should have some breathing room. I remember when the boys were young though, I used to tell them they could ask for anything for Christmas, but it wouldn’t mean they would get any of it. It was fun to see what they’d put on their lists! Much cheaper back then.

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    I pitch the Cabela’s catalog the minute it comes in the house……just for those that have never seen there catalog…….It’s a book, hard cover, about 1500 pages..

    Since dorm room aren’t that big…he might have a tough time storing all his presents on his wish list……

    Send me a clipping from that money tree so I can start my own.

    Karen L

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    Linda says

    Ah, kids…………If by chance you do find that money tree could you gather up some seeds & send them to me? I’ll get them planted right away. 🙂

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    If you find a money tree farm, can you please let me know where you find it? I would love to have one or two trees also.

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    I too am feeling your pain. We have hubby’s Masters Program….The Son’s first semester of college coming up….Christmas….new tires on two cars. The list is endless it seems. I am going with Linda and Amy, if you find any money trees could you please send some seeds to me?? Would greatly appreciate over here!!

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    Helen says

    I too need a money tree. My granddaughter has Down syndrome. We try to help as much as possible. Therapy session copays are $30 each. She has 2 per week. Doesn’t sound like much until you say, thats $60 x 50 weeks. $3000 just for therapy. Hoping the insurance will continue to pay, but most people say it stops after she hits 7 years old. Daughter and son-in-law do the best they can. Christmas gifts are usually the necessities – like this year bunk beds for the 2 girls so they can have more room in the 9 x 10 bedroom they share. But the joy is priceless!

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    Evelyn says

    I’m the youngest of 7 and some of my nieces & nephews also lived with us – some years I am not so sure how my Mom managed, but we always had presents. We got lots of little necessities (plus goodies) in our stockings. Mom taught us to put a little bit aside for a rainy day – seems like I’ve had a storm this fall with 3 brake jobs and 6 new tires but at least I didn’t have to charge any repairs (and now my brakes work). DH was laughing just the other day about one of Mom’s closets – she had a carpenter fill it with little shelves for canned goods and it was jammed with food. I explained to him – Mom always bought extra food when she had a bit of money and when it was on sale – no matter how tight things got in the winter (our business was seasonal) – we always had that closet – just brimming with food! To this day – one of my favorite parts of the holidays is the food!

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    Judy… I think what Chad really “Wants” or needs is that decoy bag… for $9.99..listing all that other stuff was like we learned as kids… ask for a bunch of impossible stuff then the parents will pick the item you want. 🙂 ya know.. ask for that special toy then put on there also wants a new baby brother/sister…and an inground swimming pool… LOL then you are sure to get the nintindo! 🙂

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    We sent our daughter off to college last year, she attends Ohio State University. State schools are suppose to be one of the more reasonable tuitions. Yeah, right. The don’t tell you about all the extras. Between housing, meal plan, recreational fees, bus fees, books each quarter, we almost went broke last year. We are both retired and live on a fixed income. This year she decided she wanted to live in an apartment, that was “suppose” to be cheaper than the dorms. Not believing it at this point. Soooo, if you have a few of those seeds from the money tree, could you send them out to me priority mail? I’ll even mail you the cost of postage! 🙂

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    If you get one of those money trees will you share the seeds? oops! looks like that wasn’t an original line as my eyes just looked up to see the same thought in Joyce’s post. LOL