We had a gorgeous sunset tonight.  I couldn’t get a good picture because of trees, Vince’s pole barn, my hummingbird feeder.  I’m still trying to convince Vince that I need at least 100 acres so I can get good pictures.  Considering I was outside barefooted, traipsing through a dusting of snow, trying to get the best photo, I didn’t do too bad.


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    Great sunset………..but do you know how big 100 acres is???????? Just for some simple math 1 acre is 16.5 feet by 1/2 mile long. Here’s some farming math….on 100 acres this year we averaged 66 bushels per acre (this was an exceptional crop, usually closer to 50-55 bushels per acre)….that means 6600 bushels times 60 pounds per bushel equals 396,000 pounds of wheat……..that’s alot of bread!!!!!!

    Karen L

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    YIKES…it didn’t work…will try again. Once it does work, please come visit me at my blog, Judy! I don’t write as well as you do, but I”m enjoying having a blog…which was a big step for me.

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    Beautiful photos! I keep telling Chris that I need at least 100 acres so I will not have to ever see people! I know, it sounds awful but heaven would be 100 acres with high speed internet access.