Happy Birthday, Chad

My baby turns 21 today. If you’re a mom, I don’t have to tell you how quickly these years have flown by.  These years have produced lots of laughs, a few tears, many gray hairs, some sleepless nights (more in the past few years than when he was a baby!) Chad began sleeping all night when he was about 6 weeks old.  Until he turned 17, I could count on one hand the number of times he’d kept me awake.  Now, I’ve lost track! 🙁

I’m very proud of the young man Chad has grown to be.  He enjoys life; he can talk his way out of almost every situation; he always has a smile; he loves to talk to old people and he’s just an overall good kid.

Despite my complaining, or as Chad would say . . my constant griping — these last 21 years have been fantastic years and I can’t imagine what my life would have been like without Chad.

He has to work tonight and I’m kinda happy about that.  It means he will be staying in town so whatever partying he does, it will be happening here in town, close to home.

Happy Birthday, my sweet boy!


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    Marla says

    Happy Birthday to Chad! Hope his birthday goes better than my daughter’s 21st did last year. Her aunt died suddenly and she also had her first car accident on the same day. Felt so sorry for her.

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    Happy Birthday to Chad! You got’er done, Judy and Vince. You raised him to be a fine young man. A new hard part begins–trusting the roots you planted him in to give him wings to find his place in this wonderful life.

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    Mary L says

    Happy Birthday, Chad ! Judy..you are still such a youngster yourself…my “baby” turned 42 this month and I wouldn’t trade hime for anything either.

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    Ramona-quilter says

    Happy Birthday, Chad. The years don’t matter, Judy. He will always be your little boy.

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    Bobbie says

    Hope you had a best day.

    Judy, we also have a blessing from above-my sweet daughters daughter-Tashena-was being brought home at the age of 4 days old, from another state–what a trip that was and what a blessing she is. She is 12 years old now and I hope and pray I’m here to see her turn 21. I hope people realize how very, very much a adopted baby means in these familys that have the blessing of getting them. Hugs, Bobbie