My Iron Needs Depends

What the heck?

How many irons have I gone through in the past 3 months?  If your guess is FIVE, you’d be correct.  Granted, they’re irons that I’ve had sitting around for years so it was time to see which ones worked and get rid of the ones that don’t but wouldn’t you think that by chance, I’d come across one that would work for more than a few weeks?  These weren’t irons that I put up because they no longer worked; they’re irons that I would be out of town and need an iron and buy one, or I’d see one on sale and buy it or I needed one upstairs, one downstairs, one at one house, etc.  There has to be an iron out there somewhere that is right for me but how many frogs do I have to kiss before I get that perfect iron?

As far as I have noticed without really digging, there are 3 more irons here and then I may have to fork over some cash and buy one.  But, good grief . . what iron would I get?  Don’t tell me . . I’m just going to close my eyes and pick one!

This could explain my problem.  My iron is on from about 7 a.m. til 10 p.m. most every day.  This one that is leaking now doesn’t have auto shut-off and I really should be using one with auto shut-off because I run upstairs to check on something, planning to be back in just a second and I’m up there 4 hours . . with a hot iron wasting electricity.


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    Hi Judy,
    I know that it so hard to find a good iron. Have you tried Black and Decker Digital Iron, my mom in law has one and she love and she is picky about irons. I am using Oliso right now, that she gave me because she didn;t like it 🙂 It’s working but it doesn;t glade like my mom says and sometimes the up and down little legs can drive you nuts, but you can turn it off. I hope I helped a little. I love your blog, thank you for sharing your family stories.
    Happy Stitching!

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    I guess I’ve been lucky, I’ve got a Rowenta I’ve had for about 8 years, that I have dropped and shattered the base of it, it’s been drug around in the RV and fallen a time or two, and it still works like a dream. It’s the ONLY iron I’ve ever had that’s worked well. I’m going to cry when it quits!

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    Susan says

    Yep, that many irons means no comments about the printer thing!

    I know your pain though…. my coffee pot needs depends too! My daughter took my new, boxed, never used, emergency coffeepot to college with her so when mine started to leak all over the counter……well, I just wipe it up!

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    I hope you find an iron that works for you soon and YOU better hope that Vince doesn’t read this post or he will hook the electric meter up to the iron. lol

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    I love the auto shut off because I do the same thing. Sometimes it is annoying to wait while it heats back up, but it only takes a minute.

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    I’m still looking for the perfect iron. I have two Rowentas in the iron stash in the garage. They’re my favorite, but need some regular cleaning and maintenance to keep them from spitting. I just think it’s funny that I won’t iron clothes, but I sure will iron fabric all day long!

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    The IRON discussion came up on the “Dear Jane” list once and the most popular was just a plain, no frills iron………… That works well for me……….

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    becky rhodes says

    I have the model J410 from your link. Bought it 2 yrs ago at an embroidery retreat in Atlanta. It’s terrific. I’m sure it doesn’t get used as much as the one you use. There is no auto turn off on this one either though. The burst of steam it produces is a joy.

    Becky R

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    I have the same issues with irons. I kill one every few months, and DH says “My mother had her iron for my entire childhood, whats the issue?” LOL. She didn’t have her iron on all day every day.

    Honestly, right now (knock on wood), I’ve got the best iron I’ve had in YEARS. I went to goodwill and bought an ancient iron for $3. Its heavy, has no auto-off and doesn’t leak (all the most important things for me). Its so old that the plug is not even polarized.

    I HATE the auto-off feature. The iron never is ready when I need it to be with that feature. When I was at a retreat last year, I used one of those Oliso irons with the lifting feet…I really liked that iron in spite of the auto-off…at least that one heated up super fast when you woke it up.

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    I attended a Ricky Tims Super Seminar and he said all irons no matter how expensive will eventually become…incontinent! He never puts water in his irons and just uses a spray bottle when he needs some moisture on whatever he’s pressing. His irons last a lot longer that way. Me? I still use water in my iron because I have to have that steam! I usually have two irons on hand at any given time. I think that’s pretty common.

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    Linda says

    I have a Rowenta…I am not impressed, this is the 2nd one (first one broke so this is the replacement), it doesn’t just spit it pools!! I think next time I will just buy a cheap one (Mark Lapinski has an article in Quilter’s home about irons…I think it was a Black and decker he recommended…I can check on the model if you don’t have the magazine).
    I don’t really like the auto off features…my iron often stands for some time before I need it…and it is very rare that I leave the sewing room without shutting off my iron and machine. L
    LOVE your blog!!

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    Linda says

    Mmmm, gotta go with the Black and Decker. They might have an auto off type, but I hate those! I love the Quick and Easy. Hot, lots of steam, and seem to last a long time for their $16.00 price tag at Wally Mart. I bought one for my quilt classes and another for home. The one for home is still in the trunk of the car (8 months) cause my old B&D is still working just fine. Might have to bring it in asap though as it’s hitting -35 F in good old Alberta today. Brrrrrr–do I HAVE to go out to the car?
    Lurking Linda

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    usually I get a the new iron and it retires to be my husband’s iron. I have an Oliso on my list, but I will wait until I can get one that is stainless steel bottom (I like that I can clean the bottom with iron cleaner). I also rarely put water in my iron; I use spray starch prior to cutting my patches out. It eliminates the need to use water later on.

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    Sandra (Sandy Gail) Hutchins says

    I use an old Black and Decker that belonged to my mom. She passed away eight years ago and that iron is still going. It has an extra long cord and is a steam iron. However, I use a spray bottle instead of the steam feature on the iron. If that Black and Decker ever should wear out I will certainly buy another one. I also have one of those new auto shut off irons from Orick and I don’t like it at all.

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    Leslie Myers says

    I have been using a Conaire recently (like for the last 8 months) and it has a crafters choice so you can choose to use auto shut off or not. I really like it. At first I thought it was a bit to large for my hands but I am used to it now. It is digital so it takes a minute to go through the prompts for your fabric type and it also has a light. I also hate the auto shut off because it takes so long to wake them up. Honestly the iron when not in use does not do a lot of cycling on and off. My husband does not think it is an energy hog. (shocking isn’t it?)

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    Julie H. says

    I have two Rowentas, one in the sewingroom, one for clothes. I love them. The second one I bought at Big Lots for under thirty bucks. The first one, not so cheap. I’ve never had one leak. They put out way more steam than any other I’ve had. The first one is probably nearing 20 years old and still going strong. I do put in bottled water only.

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    I am in the “needing an new iron” situation right now myself…and disgusted with ones that leak. I guess not using the steam feature and using a spray bottle instead is the only sure answer. Today I”ve looked at reviews of many irons as well as read comments here and on a quilting message board about irons and there are pros and cons being spoken about EVERY brand of iron, from what I can see…no matter the brand OR the price. So…what is a gal to do??? *sigh* I, too, only use the iron for sewing….catch the clothes as they exit the dryer and hang them up before they wrinkle, so my iron usage is confined to my quilting work. I sure hope I make the right choice when I get this next one.

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    thank you all for your messages. i’ve been lookiing for an iron. and was thinking the expensive ones were the best. after reading all of these i’ve decided cheapest is best and no auto shut off with a long cord. thanks, will go for the black and decker, they’ve been around for quite awile.