Stash Report – Week 50

It’s officially Sunday — 12:22 a.m. at our house.  I just finished the top that I had to finish this week.  For four weeks and next week makes five weeks, I had to make a top each week in order to stay on track for my upcoming deadline.  The deadline for having the tops done and the manuscript submitted is really February 1 but I made January 1 my own deadline so I have a little wiggle room.  Getting the last top done next week means I can put the finishing touches on the manuscript and get it in the mail at least by the first week in January, if not sooner.  Then the quilting, binding, labeling and adding the sleeves begins.  The top I finished this week is 75″ x 93″ . . while these quilts aren’t king size, they’re not small wall hangings either.  It feels good to be getting them done ahead of the deadline.

About that stash report . . do you get the idea I’m stalling?  Maybe trying to talk about something else so no one brings up the stash report?  It’s all Vicky‘s fault.  Poor girl!  She’s home sick and doesn’t even realize she’s causing so much trouble.  I figured she’s too sick to be poking buttons so I went ahead and ordered some stuff in her honor.  I’m not adding it till it arrives but, besides it all being Vicky’s fault, there’s a reason for everything most everything I bought.  Want to hear my reasoning?  I’m sure you’ll agree that it was necessary.

  1. Bonnie sent me some fat quarters.  I showed them last week.  She got the fabric from Granny’s Attic.  I needed binding and since those fat quarters are going into the quilt I’m making next week, and all the fat quarters are going to be used, I needed more of the fabric for binding so I ordered a yard of two different fabrics because I wasn’t sure which one I’d end up using for the binding.  I might’ve ordered something else too! 🙁
  2. Fat Quarter Shop has the Pumpkins Gone Wild charm packs on sale and I already have a panel of that fabric line and I had hoped to get it made into something in 2008 but that didn’t happen.  Couldn’t pass up those charm packs on sale . . wish I’d ordered a few more of them.   I think a couple more things might’ve jumped in my cart before I checked out.
  3. While looking for something else, I came across some Holly Jolly fabric from last year on sale at a couple of shops and well . . I really, really like that and it’s not going to be around forever, you know?
  4. And, while I’m spilling the beans about everything, I ordered  yarn from my favorite yarn shop, Simply Sock Yarn.

So now . . it’s all out in the open.  Next week, if it’s all arrived, I’ll just quietly add the numbers to my stash report but I won’t mention anything else about it . . and neither will you, right?  2009 is coming and I’ll be starting with a clean slate and I’ll do better, I hope!

Fabric added this week – 0 yards
Fabric added year to date – 476-1/2 yards

Fabric used this week – 10-1/2 yards (exactly what I used last week too!  Weird!)
Fabric used year to date – 421 yards

Net Used to Date – <56> yards

How did everyone else do this week?


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    Go ahead, blame it on me! LOL. Sounds like you picked up things you’re going to use in the very near future. After my incoming purchases this week, I’m more resolved than ever to sew up a storm next year. I’m looking to you to keep me going!!

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    June Piper-Brandon says

    Since I don’t blog much about fabric and quilting I won’t do the linky thing. I have been stash busting. I made 7 sets of 4 snow ball blocks in red and green on white and entered them into the block lotto (I only entered 6 sets) at my guild on Tuesday night. I came home with 48 new blocks as well as 12 blocks swapped – so 60 blocks total plus the 4 I left at home, so that’s 64 blocks to make a Christmas snowball quilt. Skip seems to think I should add that fabric into my stash and I said no because it’s already blocks so therefore it’s used fabric. I finshed the baby quilt tops and quilted 1 of them last night. I used fabric from my stash for both, but had to buy some to make enough blocks (I ran out of pink 30’s repro fabric). Now to find something to bind it. The baby arrived last week so I have to finish it quickly. I ordered 5 yards of the new Hoffman Challenge fabric and it came, I also ordered 2 yards of coordinates. I have a plan though to make a Hoffman Challenge quilt, I’m working on a design right now. I can’t wait to execute it and get it started. The fabric really speaks to me. So, that’s it for this week for me!!

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    Hey, isn’t the goal of stash busting to use fabric. Naughty girl. Lucky for me I’m not into buying fabric at this moment but I’d like to get another Holly Jolly panel and charm pack because my Mom liked it and she wants mine.

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    Lynne in Hawaii says

    I just love that each place you ordered from ‘something else just may have jumped into your cart’! You have nearly broken even (until the new stuff comes in) so that is good. And, once the new stuff comes in it counts in 2008, making 2009 a clean slate! Woo Hoo!

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    WOW – I wonder what all of our totals would add up to for the year??? Don’t worry about buying more fabric Judy, we are just stimulating the economy, right?