Wish Me Luck

My dear husband wants me to go to Wal-Mart in Fort Scott, KS . . this morning . . after just 4 hours sleep, and yes, it’s still December and I do not go to Wal-Mart or the mall or anywhere like that this close to Christmas.  My immediate response was “Who are you talking to?”  You, who else? Then I said  “No way, but would you get me a bag of split peas?”  Then I felt bad and said I would go . . he needs a laptop that’s on sale and the Wal-Mart here doesn’t have one.

I only said I would go because (1)  Vince feels bad (head cold) and (2) I can’t think of another reason . . just because I’m a nice girl and I hate saying no to him when he asks me to do something.

Why can’t I just be somewhat normal and enjoy shopping?


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    You are a good wife. If Chris has asked me to go shopping at WalMart in the middle of December he would still hear me laughing (from home) as he pulled into the parking lot.

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    Sandy says

    Hating shopping — well, I wouldn’t lose any sleep over that. I also despise shopping (any time of year) and I consider myself to be perfectly normal. Well, almost. LOL

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    You are normal as I can’t stand shopping either. Shopping is only fun when you are shopping for fabric or yarn. I shop for clothes just before my butt starts showing through the thread bare fabric.

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    becky rhodes says

    He NEEDS another laptop?! Hmm sounds like a recent discussion, right? Look at irons while you’re there!
    Becky R

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    Marla says

    I am with Cindy…I grumble when I have to spend money on clothes but don’t think twice about it when I buy fabric! AND I hate Walmart, especially this time of year.

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    Bon says

    I was at Walmart yesterday. It was not bad at all. In fact people were going in and out smiling. REason… A group of high-schoolers were manning the Salvation Army kettle, ringing the bell and singing all kinds of Christmas songs. As I put in my $$ I noticed their pot was really getting full. Shows that a little initiative on the bell ringers’ side makes a huge difference. Hope your trip to Walmart is a enjoyable as mine.

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    Amy says

    NEVER, and I mean N-E-V-E-R, buy a computer from an retail location. Steer clear of Office Max, Office Depot, Staples, Best Buy, WalMart, Sam’s Club, etc. etc. The best thing for your money is to shop through the manufacturer’s website, and configure a system to meet your needs. Most of the time it is not only cheaper, but you get a better (longer or more comprehensive) warranty. And with it being Christmas time, there are all kinds of special perks. I recommond to my friends and family that there are two prime times to buy a new computer — “back to school” season, and Christmas. You can end up with upgraded RAM, upgraded hard drives, etc. In other words, more bang for your buck! Oh – and don’t fall for the “free printer” deal. The printers they give out are usually ones that go through ink like crazy!! At this point, Dell is the only computer that I recommend to my acquaintances.

    As for shopping – go during the week, that’s when I do all of my grocery shopping. I NEVER go to any grocery store or other stores for that matter, on the weekends. I try to go Monday thru Thursday, and I usually try to hit it mid-morning, or early afternoon.

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    Oh Judy — you are a brave soul! I have stayed away mostly from large shopping centers this holiday season although I sense a wal mart trip coming on for mid-week this week….. Hope your hubby got his laptop he wanted.. I recently bought an Acer that I just love from OfficeMax — it’s great love the colors on the screen – just awesome!