Do you know how to tat? Years and years ago, a friend tried to teach me and I never did get it.  I guess I didn’t stick with it long enough but my pieces took forever and they looked pretty bad.  Last year about this time, I met a lady who knows how to tat.  She made me this little tatted ornament.  It’s so pretty and so dainty.  Maybe during 2009 I’ll have some time to spend with her and learn to tat.

All the decorating that’s going to get done is done.  I didn’t get as much done as I did last year but when it’s time to take it all down, I’ll be happy I didn’t put up as much, right?  I put the tree up and left it standing there . . naked . . . for four days, just wondering how long before Vince or Chad would say “hey, let’s decorate the tree!”  No one said anything so I decorated it and guess what!  They still haven’t said anything.  Think they’ve even noticed it’s up?


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    How sad that they didn’t even notice the tree was up!!! I can say for a fact though that my husband would be happy too if our tree didn’t go up each year. While he complains about having to put the tree up, once its there he loves to sit on the couch and watch the lights sparkle off the ornaments. I don’t know if its the kid in me, but Christmas always make me happy and think of the wonderful “what ifs” that could happen in the next year. Its kind of like a celebration that a year is done and that the next one is starting fresh and you can do as much (or as little) as you would like…. especially quilting! hahah!

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    I have a half dozen or so crochet snowflakes that my wonderful aunt made for me when I was a kid. I would sit there watching her make them while I was leaning to embroidery, and we had the most glorious talks each afternoon while we were working on our projects. She taught me to sew and I think of her every time I sit down at the sewing machine. Too bad she didn’t teach me how to cook! LOL

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    My grandmother tatted for as long as I can remember. She made ornaments similar to yours, tatted doilies, and table runners. Seeing your ornament made me think of her. She would sit for hours on end, tatting the entire time. She, regretfully, had to give it up a few years ago because of arthritis.

    Once, my sister went to a textile exhibit in Chicago. There was a display of examples of tatting. The guide told them tatting was a lost art, and that it was extremely hard to find someone who could still do it. My sister told the guide that her (our) grandma was most likely sitting at home tatting right that moment. The guide didn’t believe her, but it was a cute story.

    Have fun learning. Grandma tried teaching me several times, without success. I just could never get the loops right. Since we are on the subject of my grandma, I have her knitting needles. I plan on taking up knitting in 2009. I don’t know how I will figure it out, but I will!

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    I have several of my Mom’s crocheted ornaments…..they always have a special spot on the tree. I hear ya about the decorating tree thing…..after having the real tree up for about a week we finally put the lights on yesterday…..but……that was all that got done. Does it count that the box of ornaments is sitting next to the tree waiting to be put on.

    Karen L

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    Bon says

    My grandma used to tat. I wish I had had her teach me. I tried to learn how to do it last year but I think I needed to learn on a bigger thread first. I hope you learn how.

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    Whenever anyone is ready to learn, there are numerous online resources – video tutorials, still photos, and even an online class hosted through Georgia Seitz. Feel free to contact me for further information or just google “tatting”.

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    Bessie Hardison says

    I do tat- needle tatting to be precise. Needle tatting is much easier to learn than shuttle tatting. Anyone that wants to learn can go here http://www.hhtatting.com/learnhow.htm. to learn about it and order supplies.Only $19.95 for a learn to Tat Kit including a book,needle and ball of pearl cotton. I have seen tatting needles at Hobby Lobby, but that was several years ago, they are unlikely to have them now. Needle tatting only takes a few minutes to learn the basics. I learned the basics on Crafting With Carol Duvall. I hunted up a crewel needle and some crochet thread and tatted along with the T.V. A crewel needle is not what you need but in a pinch it let me know this was something I wanted to learn. I ordered a book and set of needles and off I went. In fact I just finished ordering a Learn to Tat Kit as a gift for a friend who is retiring Jan 1.It is hard to find many books just for needle tatting but many patterns for shuttle tatting can becan be used once you learn how. Do I sound like a fan of needle tatting? I have tatted two Christmas trees full of snowflakes. For each tree I tried to not duplicate a snowflake although some are the same pattern but done with a finer thread and needle for a tiny flake.

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    This year is the first time we’ve had a Christmas tree in 4 years (not enough room in the RV). My hubby was so excited! The very first thing he does in the morning is plug it in, and it’s the last thing he unplugs before going to bed. LOL

    I don’t know how to tat. There are some really beautiful lace ornaments you can make on embroidery machines now (not my taste, but they are lovely).

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    pdudgeon says

    like many others here my grandmother shuttle tatted and crocheted as well. i had many of her items (including the shuttle) which i have since passed on to my daughter.
    My husband loves Christmas as much as any little kid, with all the lights and decorations and presents. he doesn’t decorate himself, (being disabled) but really enjoys it when everything is done. He likes to have all the lights on from when we first get up in the morning till we go to bed late at night to get the full effect, and will often come into the living room to enjoy them.

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    Karen says

    I am pretty sure I am not putting ornaments on my tree this year. I am calling it the year of simplicity!

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    Belvie says

    I use to watch my great aunt and great grandmother tat with a shuttle. I wanted to learn, but all I could do was tie knots. I tried again several years later and something clicked and I was able to understand the knot and how to space the picots. It makes such lacy little ornaments. Your’s so pretty. I have a book of tatted ornaments, but haven’t made any of them yet.

    Don’t give up on learning. Just wait a while and try again. Maybe you will have success too.

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    Becky in GA says

    That is beautiful! When you get your lessons would you please teach me? My Grandmother promised to teach me if I could find a shuttle. Back then crafting wasn’t so popular and I couldn’t find a shuttle. After she passed away I found a shuttle but now I can’t find anyone to teach me.:(

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    Sandy says

    I am one of the lucky minority who did learn to tat. I was taught by a woman who (in my opinion) was a real master. She tatted yards and yards of beautiful lace trim for her daughter’s wedding dress. I was never that dedicated, but I do still have a couple of shuttles and could probably remember how to do it if I tried. I have seen quite a few instructional books lately. Judy, maybe you would learn more easily from diagrams than from being “shown”. I know that I do.

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    Marla says

    I also would like to learn how. I bought a child’s tatting kit when I was in Colonial Williamsburg, VA last year but never opened it. I had a patient many years ago when I worked in home health and she tatted a lot. She made me a tatted cross that is so lovely. I hang it on my tree each year and think of her. Maybe I will make it my goal for this year to learn to do. It definitely is a lost art for the most part.

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    I tat and love it. I make tatted wreaths by the hundreds and turn them into lapel pins. I’ve made tatted snowflakes. I learned years ago and was taught by an 80 year old lady who was thew sweetest, most patient person! Posted a picture on my blog 🙂

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    Rebecca says

    You sure are ambitious! I can’t imagine how you do all you do already, and now you want to add something new? You’re making my head spin.

    Re: Christmas decorating: we still don’t have a tree (real vs. fake stand-off), but this is the first year in several we have pulled out any decorations. I have a string of lights inside the front window, and yup…first thing on, last thing off!

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    Dorothy says

    I tried tatting with a shuttle years ago, all fingers turned to thumbs quickly! A couple of summers ago our library had a demo of needle tatting and taught everyone there, Yes, it was MUCH easer, but I decided I don’t have the patience to do it!

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    Decades ago (I must have been in my early teens) I bought a shuttle and tried to teach myself to tat. I understood the theory, and could do it, just, but it was all very very very slo-o-o-ow. I gave it up. I’ve never seen someone tat at what I would imagine is a “normal” speed, but I can imagine it’s very impressive. Tatting is the only craft I couldn’t pick up — I can smock, embroider, knit, crochet, etc., etc. Of course I don’t do any of that anymore — I’m too busy quilting!