FoodSaver Deal

FoodSaver has their model 2830 (the one I use) on sale for $59.99.  I think the new models are stainless and they’ve discounted the white ones to get them moved out.  I absolutely love my FoodSaver. It’s so good for so many things besides just food. I think today is the last day to get the item delivered by Christmas.  Here’s what you do to take advantage of this great deal!  The accessories (plastic containers) are great too!  I do recommend that if you get your order up to enough to get free shipping that you go ahead and order an extra plastic hose for .64 (that’s 64 cents!).  I’ve used mine a lot and never had a problem but I surely wouldn’t want to be without it.  I believe this offer also comes with the attachment to seal wide mouth jars, which I bought extra.  The wide mouth sealer works great but I’ve had problems and have heard of others having problems with the small mouth sealer so I don’t recommend that accessory.
1.  Go to
2.  In Search, type in this model # – V2830
3.  Add it to your cart, then proceed to checkout.   You may need to register (name, address . . all that).  Then for a code, put this in  L8FAV28
4.  Add more bags or rolls of plastic or containers to get it up to $100 and get free shipping.


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    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the food saver. I consider this to be the biggest money saver in the house. Buy in bulk, seal and save BIG money at the grocery store.

    After explaining the food saver to my SIL, he renamed it to the suck the air out of the bag machine. His wife didn’t think it was as funny as the rest of us did.

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    I love my food saver….use it alot….mostly for meat…….we buy in bulk when there are sales and package it in the size we use most…..I like it better that freezer paper because you can see thru the bags and no freezer burn like with paper.

    Karen L

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    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE mine as well…. I’ve had it going on 10 years or so and wouldn’t trade it for anything. I’ve especially put it through the mill this year with freezing pumpkin puree, vegetables, and cooked meats. I’ve used both the wide and small mouth lid sealer without any problems… well as long as I’ve made sure the rim was clean. Most recently sealed up 2 quart jars of pickling salt… that for some reason comes in a cardboard box… can you say lumpy? LOL

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    Donna says

    I just got one. I have been wanting one and you haven’t steered me wrong yet. Karma!


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    Thanks for sharing! I just ordered one and can’t wait to get it. Already have a slew of jars waiting to be filled and will look forward to filling those and sealing rather than storing the dry goods in the freezer!