Snow Days

This week is finals and so far, there’s been no school yesterday or today.  I’m thankful that I don’t think like a 21 year old but when the roads are too icy to have school, does it seem safe (or fun) to get up at 3 a.m., meet your buddies at 4:00 a.m. to get to the conservation area for the duck blind assignements at 4:40 a.m.?  Sit in the duck blind half the morning when the temperature is barely above zero, then drive home, change clothes and go out rabbit hunting?

I’m glad I’m a girl because I would not like doing that kind of stuff at all!


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    We (girls) like to be touchy feely with fabric……….boys like to kill things!!!!! We are so lucky where we live……..we own a creek……….all the ducks, geese, deer and other various wildlife right in our backyard. I did draw the line when we were day 3 in our new home and the “boys” decided they could just open up the upstairs window and shoot the rabbits…………..

    Karen L

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    Well, of course he’d brave the icy roads to go hunting! I mean, most of us would brave them to hunt for fabric!

    Stay inside and cozy, Judy! I’m sure it’s nice and cozy in your sewing cave!

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    Becky says

    Hi, You can cancel out text messaging on your phone and then you don’t get the text messages and it does not cost any more. We did this when our kid was at college and he got tons of texts a day and it ran up a huge bill

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    Ida says

    OOOOH! I have a goodie!!!

    My ex-husband, when he moved from Denver to Dallas got a new cell phone number (make sense, right?)

    He got the number of some ‘big timer’. He’d had the phone for several months and the BMW (or was it Mercedes? … anyway, ‘higher end’ car) dealer calls saying that the repairs to the car are done. He called the dealer and said “wrong number.” Dealer said “sorry” and hung up. Dealer called RIGHT back (okay, understandable … typed in the number wrong or something) … again, was told it was a wrong number … this time my X confirmed that the number they were dialing was his. Said that the person they’re looking for must have changed numbers. Everything was okay. Two weeks later … the guy still hasn’t picked up his car — guess how the X knows? 😉 Another couple weeks (now, it’s about a month since the car has been fixed) he gets a call from the dealer, who says that they are going to start charging him parking fees if he doesn’t pick up the car. He explains about the phone number, that it must be the OTHER person, that it should be noted in their system, and that as far as HE was concerned, they could start charging the fees … because it wasn’t HIS car. None of that seemed to sink in w/ the dealer-representative on the phone. He said “send a letter to him. Don’t call him.” We don’t know what every happened, but he never got another call from the dealer.

    Flash forward a couple of months. He gets a ‘checking in’ voicemail from a local escort service. “You haven’t called me in some time. I hope to hear from you again soon.” It’s an unlisted number, so he can’t call them back.

    Comes the holidays and he gets another ‘checking in call’ … this time he answered the phone instead of it going to vmail. He politely explains that it must be ‘Joe’ w/ the high-end car who used to have the phone number. Girl is nice, says thank you, etc.

    Every year at the beginning of the holiday season (Thanksgiving to middle of December) he STILL [after 5 years] gets the “missing you” call from the escort service.

    Guess that girl really wants her Xmas bonus, and doesn’t care that they guy she’s calling now lives in New Hampshire, and has never used her … services.

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    Sharon says

    In our small town, we have a phone prefix of 243 for land lines and 234 for a bunch of cell phones. About once a week for over a year now, I get a call for Linda. I always just answer the phone and say sorry, I’m not Linda. I got a call last Christmas from her husband telling me what I could get his mother for Christmas.Almost couldn’t pass that one up. One night coming home from church, he called and said is your # 234 and I said yes. He said, well, your not Linda then are you? It happens so often that it is kind of funny now even if I don’t know these people.

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    I’ve had really good luck with AT&T but you can bet that I wouldn’t be paying for anyone else’s text messages! I wonder if there’s a way to block numbers??

    I just got a new iPhone and I love it. I couldn’t do without my cell because that’s how I keep in touch when I travel.