Fun Day in the Kitchen

EDIT:  About George’s Onion Rolls . . they’re really NORM’S Onion Rolls.  Don’t ask me where I got George!  Maybe that’s Norm’s middle name! 🙂

Some would prefer to spend a day shopping or going to the movies.  When I have a day to myself, it’s either sewing or playing in the kitchen.  Vince wasn’t coming home for lunch today so I had a full day to myself.  Started out by grinding wheat but I was also playing around with the camera and almost overflowed the cup!  The Nikon D40 just amazes me.  I love it and have been talking to Santa about the new D90 but Santa doesn’t seem real receptive to the idea.  Hint:  There’s a link to the D90 just in case Santa needs help or forgets which one I want! 🙂

Got the bread going and decided to make a pie.  Remember when I canned the apple pie filling?  Today was the first day I’ve made a pie using what I canned.  Yes, I used a storebought crust!  Bad Judy!

Bread and pie turned out great!  Or, I should say it looks great.  Haven’t tasted either yet.

We’re supposed to be having red beans, sausage and rice for dinner but Chad won’t be home for dinner and that’s one of his favorite meals so I will save the red beans for tomorrow night.  The beans would be fine leftover but he dearly loves fresh cornbread and if I make it tonight, I’m not making it again tomorrow night.  The beans hadn’t cooked down yet when the picture was taken but they’re just right now.

Then I decided I’d make brisket sandwiches tonight since I have brisket in the fridge that was going to be for lunch today.  So, I made George’s Norm’s Onion Rolls from The Fresh Loaf.  These rolls are so good and I love the feel and texture of the dough when working with it.

I weigh out the dough and make each roll 3.5 ounces for buns.  There was one little piece leftover.  One lonely little roll .. hmmm, what should I do with that smidgen of bread dough?

Maybe make one little roll for me!  Time for a break . . fresh roll, butter and an ice cold Dr. Pepper!

The loaves of bread have been put into bags, the pie is waiting til after dinner and the buns are done.

So, Dear Santa, if you’re still reading, this is what awaits you when you get home from a hard day at work.  And, if you don’t want to get the D90, how about this lens?


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    Well, by golly I think I’m headed your way, all that food looks mighty tasty! Mind if I stay over? Beans and rice is one of my favorites too… move over Chad! Hehe 🙂

    I love zoom lenses, they’re so versatile. My favorite is an 24-105mm f/4L with IS, it’s on my camera nearly all the time. It’s a little slow for inside shots, but awesome outdoors.

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    pdudgeon says

    i think you’re right Judy, rolls and apple pie would probably do the trick for Santa.
    (and to think that we’ve been trying to get by with just cookies and milk all these years!)

    ps. in case the guys haven’t told you yet, I like the tree. *S* it looks nice decorated.
    (and very big!)

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    I love having days to myself……and I can tell you……I don’t spend it cooking in the kitchen. DH and I don’t exchange gifts so I don’t have to do any sucking up to get what I want. I’m looking forward to the day after Christmas when I’m going to do nothing but play!!!! The pie looks great…….I gave up making homemade pie crust years ago…..

    Karen L

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    Evelyn says

    Judy – I know you have been working so hard on your new book and doing lots of sewing – I bet you just loved spending the day in the kitchen today! It looks like you had lots of fun! Do you have a tripod for your camera yet? I also have a monopod pole that helps me stablize the camera when I have a lens on it. Lots and lots of fun attachments you can get for your great camera. If you get a new lens – be sure to get a filter at the same time – I just get the clear ones – they are about $20 and sometimes I do scratch them – but the lens itself is nice and safe. Definately a good investment. You should check out the photo of School Boy on my blog – he taught me a neat trick about taking photos of Christmas lights recently!

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    I can be theri in time for dinner tomorrow night. I have been craving Red Beans and Rice! I don’t get them often living in California.


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    I have been wanting to try your rolls for a while now so I went to the link and can only find Norm’s Onion Rolls – are those the right ones? If so do you weigh all of the ingredients? If so I guess I will have to put a kitchen scale on my Christmas list. I hope it is not too late.

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    If I cooked as much for Santa as you did I could have anything I wanted! Oh wait, I already get anything I want with just a little bit of cooking – that’s even better.

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    Since you are the “Bread Guru”, I think you might be the one to ask. My youngest has Celiac’s (no gluten). I think I might get a bread machine just for use with non wheat flours. It doesn’t need to be big as it will only be used for this so no cross contamination. Any ideas?