Comfort Quilts

These are four quilts I gave to the grandma of the family who had the fire last week; one for her son, one for her daughter-in-law and one for each of the children.  I can’t imagine losing one child and certainly not two children at the same time.  Though it seems small compared to the lives lost, they also lost everything in their home.

The boy is 9 and the girl is 13 so I needed to come up with two masculine quilts and two feminine quilts.  Not sure how well I did but I realize that I need to make some masculine quilts to have to give out when needed.

These were quilts that I had already made but the only one that was finished was the pink and gray Topsy Turvy Nine Patch.  They’re all finished now and were delivered to the grandma yesterday.

When the weather is too cold to be out, I don’t have a good place to take pictures so I decided to use the dining room table.

This first quilt was made from the Nickel Quilts book, using the Paducah Nine Patch pattern but I believe I made my blocks bigger.  I haven’t looked at the book in forever.  The backing is a fossil fern flannel so it should be nice and snuggly in this cold weather.

Then I decided to stand in a chair and get a better picture.  This one is the pink and gray Topsy Turvy Nine Patch.

This one was a mystery top from several years ago.  It was quilted but the binding wasn’t done. I like this quilt.  The top is all batiks and the backing is a lime green flannel.

Seems like I’ve been working on the binding forever on this peach and blue quilt.  Glad to have it finished and hopefully bringing a bit of comfort to someone in desperate need of lots of comfort.

Surely wish there was something more I could do for these folks but as a quilter, I’m happy to be able to share a few quilts with them.


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    Nothing like the comfort and warmth feeling of a quilt. My heart goes out to those who experience such tragedy…blessings to you….each one doing what they can makes it all come together….

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    pdudgeon says

    the quilts are beautiful, Judy. what a nice thing you did, taking time out of your schedule to finish and gift these to a family in need.

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    That was a really sweet thing for you to do Judy, the world needs more people like you. I can’t imagine what those poor folks are going through either.

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    The quilts are all lovely and I’m sure that they will really appreciate the love that went into them as well as their warmth.

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    Quilts are a comfort to those in need. Losing a child is the worst of course but how nice to know people, strangers even, will reach out in time of angst and need. Bless you!

  6. 10


    Judy, those quilts were perfect for the recipients of such a tragedy. You were lucky to have so many on hand ready to go. To me that is what quilting is all about, giving them to those in need.

    They are beautiful.

    : )

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    I am sure those beautiful quilts you so generously finished and donated (at such a busy time of year, too) will help comfort that family as they try to go to sleep with tears in their eyes and such ache in their hearts. At least being able to snuggle under such nice quilts should make them feel warm and loved. You are a very kind-hearted person to give of yourself like that, Judy.

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    Those are all beautiful quilts. That was very thoughtful of you to think of that family. I am sure they will feel the love each time they snuggle in them.

  9. 16


    The quilts are stunning, I especially live the Paducah Nine Patch. I know the family will be extremely greatful, you are so caring to donate these 🙂

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    Linda H says

    Beautiful quilts, Judy! They surely will bring comfort –in more ways than one– to the folks receiving them. Bless you!