Speck on You Tube

Speck gets really grumpy at night.  He also goes nuts if you point your finger at him.  Don’t ask me why.  Tonight Vince had a roll of paper towels and he was looking at Speck through the tube and I guess it reminded Speck of someone pointing their finger at him.  Such a goofy dog!  This is my first time to try this You Tube stuff so if it doesn’t work, I’ll take it down tomorrow.


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    OMG, that is so funny! You should have heard Daisy when I turned up the sound. She was going nuts – and making exactly the same noise looking for the other dog! I’m rolling on the floor laughing here!!!

  2. 2

    Eve says

    Judy, that’s hysterical!! Our 72-pound yellow lab, Boomer, is the same way about fingers being pointed at him—he and Don have made a game of it over the last 9 years. Aren’t our furry babies just so much fun? Eve

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    Hahahahaha……I think I’d be yapping, too, if someone was looking at me through a paper towel tube. I think Speck is saying……”What the HECK are you doing, you crazy man?” Pretty funny!!! (I’d have no idea how to do YouTube, so you did great.)

  4. 6


    Silly Speck! The video got Sonny’s attention. I turned the volume up and he came running to see where the growling was coming from.

  5. 7

    Bobbie says

    Sis-my blue heeler-talks to us the very same sounds, but she throws her head back like she was going to howl. I think a couple of times Speck said “Mama”!

  6. 10

    Bon says

    That is so funny. Don’t you just wonder what he is saying? It sure sounds like he is really talking there.