Another Day in the Kitchen

Yesterday I started out with big plans to sew.  Then I decided to make a loaf of bread for the people in Vince’s department.  I could give them each a jar of the Caramel Apple Jam and a loaf of home made bread.  Great idea . . till I was halfway finished and realized what a job it was!  10 loaves of whole wheat bread and 2 loaves of cranberry banana nut bread to take for snacking.  Today is the last day of work til after Christmas.

I don’t even know how many times I filled the hopper.

But between the 2 loaves I made on Wednesday and the 10 loaves I made on Thursday, that’s close to 36 cups of flour.  The little wheat mill got a good workout!

I’m not a farm girl but even I know this isn’t wheat though I found it in my wheat! 🙂

And, since last night I figured out how to add a video to You Tube, here’s another one for you viewing pleasure (or displeasure!).  I definitely need more practice if I’m going to upload videos but this one kinda gives you a view of what’s going on in my kitchen.

Today, I plan to spend the day sewing!  I may even request that I be taken to lunch at the Mexican restaurant . . I  need a break from the kitchen.


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    This southern Minnesota girl, stuck between corn and soybean fields, knows that is a piece of field corn. It is dry like that for storage. I mean, it actually dries on the cob like that.

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    Really… when do you sleep? Or quilt for that matter? And how on earth do you hold your camcorder with one hand and still keep it steady?

    Are you noticing a dent in your wheat supply yet? Hehe

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    PS… that reminds me. Have you had any luck converting any of the “Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day” recipes into whole wheat versions?

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    I have decided that my kitchen is not warm enough for bread to rise so I am waiting till I move to NC to learn….. How is that for specious reasoning?

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    Donna says

    You are my idol! I pat myself on the back if I make two loaves!

    Interesting comment Susan made about the cold kitchen. My last few loaves have not turned out. My husband asked if keeping the house cool could be the reason and I think that is the problem. So….I am going to go bake some biscotti and other goodies while the bread is rising. Only to keep the kitchen warm, mind you. How is that for specious reasoning? (Which I had to look the meaning up. But that is a word I will be using a lot because I think it fits the way I think. LOL)

    Donna (who needs to get off the computer and bake and sew and clean since she is housebound because of the massive snow storm we are having)

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    Linda (Petey) says

    You make my head spin you techie (sp?) friend! Really loved seeing Speck…we have two silver dapples. It got them very excited to hear Speck growling.
    Thanks for the look around your kitchen. It is really humming and has me pumped to get busy and bake and clean which is good because I am home from school (work) due to an ice storm.
    Hopefully there’ll be energy left to sew this evening.
    Enjoy the Mexican.

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    Would any of you like to come to my house and spread the warmth and baking around a little. I am so far behind in that I will never catch up.

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    Marla says

    Ooh! Your bread is so pretty! Also noticed the lime green teakettle. Is that the one I told you about that I saw at Walmarts several weeks ago?

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    gina says

    Hey Vitamin J!!! I need to place an order for breads for the Cippino!! I too love to YouTube Rudy for the familys cheap entertainment:)

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    Wow, you are just such a busy gal! I too love to bake, and it certainly would be nice to be home baking right now. But instead I am here at my office, while this blinding snow storm is going on. Yes I made it to work with 0 visability. Why I am not sure, when I would rather be home baking. You are lucky to have a job that enables you to work from home and be able to sew and bake among other things.

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    Bobbie says

    I think the girls ^ ^ ^ there have told me exactly why I have trouble with my bread rising–my kitchen is too cold–I was about to give up, but now I’m fixing to give it another try. Thanksgiving, I put my rolls on top of our pellet stove-on the hopper part-, and they rose great. It runs all winter in our front room. MERRY CHRISTMAS Judy and family.

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    Just remember that with all your machines running it’s pretty noisy in your kitchen – hard to hear you talking. But you are going get the major overachiever award for this Christmas. I can’t get out of the house without tromping through the snow (no driving) so my homemade Christmas gifts are truly waiting until the last minute.

    Happy holidays to you.

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    First off, I love listening to your voice. It reminds me of my aunt’s voice. (She is from Kentucky and I love listening to her voice too!) I remember one summer when I was young, I talked with a southern accent. To everyone. I suppose they all thought I was nuts, but I love(d) that accent!

    Secondly, for that much work in the kitchen it sure does look neat in there! I swear when I start cooking or baking my counters are a disaster!

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    Karen says

    You are motivating me to make bread. Will you share your cranberry banana nut bread recipe? Happy Holidays.