Sneaky Husband

Some (Vince and Chad) would disagree but I don’t ask for a lot around here. I detest TV. I do not understand having it on all the time.  To me, sitting for hours a day watching TV is like sitting on your butt and letting life pass you by.  I can understand watching sports occasionally . . not every single thing that’s on though; I can understand watching the news occasionally but it’s never good news so who wants to hear bad news all the time; I can understand watching the weather because after all . . we can do so much to change it if we don’t like it! 🙂  Truly, if I had my way, we wouldn’t have a TV in this house.  Shows you how much say I have around here.  I try not to complain and moan too much about the TV but even when I’m sitting upstairs spending quality time with Vince . . me doing handwork of some sort and him watching TV or sleeping in the recliner, the TV aggravates the heck out of me because when I want to say something, I can tell that Vince is wanting me to wait til the commercial and by then, I’ve forgotten what I was going to say.  So . . probably every wife in America is feeling the same way I feel, right?

I did put my foot down and say NO TV IN THE BEDROOM and so far, up until today, that’s been the law at the cave.

Thanksgiving Vince and my dad went shopping.  This came home with them.

The TV we had in the family room is just a little over a year old and it’s 32″ or 36″.  So we had a discussion about the TV and I thought the new one was going to be returned but no  . . the new one was unpacked and put into the entertainment center.

We have Dish Network now.  Vince began talking to Direct TV.  Thought he was getting a better deal.  Then he did some negotiating with Dish Network.  Then this young man arrives.  I said “What are you doing, sir?”  He said “I’m installing this, this, that and this, putting a new dish on the house and hooking up the master bedroom.”  And then I said “WHAT?” And then Vince gave me this look that meant . . we’ll discuss this later and he’s so right!  At least Vince told the guy we don’t wear shoes inside the house!  That gets him some points.

This is the TV I have in the basement.  The only reason it’s here is that a few times a day I check the stock market . . or I used to.  Not sure my heart can take it anymore so I rarely turn it on.

Now . . XM Radio . . can’t live without that!  But I’m working while it’s on.  I’m not sitting on my behind listening to it.  Anyway, seems as though the plan is to bring the 32″ or 36″ TV that was upstairs down to the basement so Vince can spend time with me while I sew.  I’m assuming since he’s activating the plug in the bedroom, there’s a plan for a TV to be purchased for that room because (1) there’s no way anyone is going to watch this dinky little TV after watching a 40″ TV in the family room; (2) the picture tube or something is going out in this one I’ve had in the basement.  Everything has a reddish pink shadow.  (3) When we moved, the movers broke the on/off button so no doubt this TV isn’t going to be used anywhere else in the house.

So, there’s tumoil at the cave.  I’m definitely losing a battle that I’ve been fighting for too many years!  Don’t feel too bad for me . . it could be worse.  I think of people who have real problems in their life and I know this is nothing but dang it . . I hate TV and it’s one of those things that every time I see it on, I want to bonk someone on the head!


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    Kristie says

    Maybe suggest to Vince that he get TIVO or some sort of DVR… that way he can ‘pause’ what he’s watching so that you can finish your thought. Then you wouldn’t have to wait for a commercial break 😉

    Unfortunately we DO have a TV in our bedroom… DH loves to watch shows with me, but wants my undivided attention – which means NO handwork… I usually wait until he falls asleep, remote in hand, to get a little stitching done 😉 LOL

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    pdudgeon says

    hmmmm, seems to me that there was a plan a while back to clean out some extra space, move your millenium there, and then turn the cave into a family room???

    looks to me like you might have a little leverage here………

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    Bon says

    Rabbi Schmooly (sp?) would be proud of you for not having a TV in the bedroom. Do you listen to him on Oprah and Friends (156)? I have XM in my car and absolutely love it. Right now on 120 (I think) is Bing Crosby Christmas Radio programs and also his music.

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    I love how you decorated the TV stand! All those spools of thread. What a clever idea for a multi functional unit. I love watching quilting shows on TV and I can’t live without Survivor. Plus, there are lots of great educational science shows like MythBusters and the Discovery Channel is one of my kids’ favorites! I wouldn’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

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    Barbara says

    We’ve only ever had one TV and NEVER in the bedroom (I hate noise) but now
    my husband is agitating to replace our ancient 15 inch TV with a big
    monster. No matter how many times I remind him that (a) we hardly ever watch
    TV, (b) it won’t fit in the entertainment unit we have, and (c) those big TVs
    use a lot of power (we have solar power), he won’t listen. What is it about

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    I hate TV in the bedroom too. When we moved, there was a cable outlet in the Kitchen and I told Keith if he put a TV in the Kitchen he had to agree NOT to have one in the bedroom. He regrets it now but I don’t think I’ll ever agree to have a TV in the bedroom again.

    It gives him something to look forward to when he travels and can put the TV on and fall asleep!

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    I don’t mind a TV in the bedroom. I would turn it on at night, real real low, to drown out all the boogie-men noises. But it broke and I threw it away and I like it with no noise in there. I read more at night. If I really really want to watch something, like when I was sick and needed to lay down and not really sleepy, I brought my little DVD player upstairs and loaded a movie in it. Perfect. I don’t think I’ve turned the TV on downstairs all week. Guess this is one of those POT moments for Vince! LOL

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    Cindy says

    Nah, it’s the opposite at my house. Joe wouldn’t care if they never invented TV. I’ve got one in every room but the living room. I got rid of it after one Thanksgiving when my brother asked if he could eat in there with the big TV. Living room is for talking and visiting. Not football.

    If Joe wants to watch something, he watches in the bedrooms, I watch in the kitchen or sewing room. I can’t remember the last time we watched something together. Maybe when Deadwood was on HBO. We both enjoyed that.

    I can’t fall asleep with the TV on. I have friends who do that. Maybe the weather channel or the news would be ok, but sitcoms with the laugh track? It’s just noise.

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    It wouldn’t bother me in the slightest to not have a TV… if I sit in front of one it’s a guarantee that in 20 minutes my eyes are glassed over and 5 minutes later I’m out like a light. But my hubby like most, is an addict.

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    I think you should plug the tv into the gizmo that tracks how much electricity appliances burn and see how much it wastes!

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    shirley says

    grrrr…i hate tv. ours is always on…dh can’t function without tv…..he even reads a book with it on…..he is going deaf so it is on LOUD so you can hear it all over the house. on my list of ‘what i will do when you die’….turning off that tv and possibly selling it is very high on the list. i like quiet….it hasn’t been quiet in my house in 10 years. sometimes i think if i was deaf, it would be ok. siggghh!!!!

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    Evelyn says

    I grew up without TV. Mom would rent one for the winter Olympics and also if someone in the family was very ill. My brother has 4 girls and they had a TV during the cold winter months – but come Spring – the TV went up into the garage rafters! Here – we have basic cable – I did away with the entertainment bundle when Scooby Doo started coming on at 8pm and bedtime is 7:30 – I wasn’t going to compete with that so called the company and went to basic. I actually like basic because now we don’t get all those endless ads for toys! I think 1 TV is more than enough in our house – my RV has TWO and you have to remember that the RV is only 36′ long! I’ve seen some RV’s at the shows with 3. I think I would go crazy with 3 TVs in a 36′ long space – so I guess it could be worse Judy.

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    Grrr about sneaky men!

    I’m kinda between you two. I love good TV. I would hate not to have one at all. And if there is good TV on, then everybody better wait till a commercial to talk unless someone is bleeding or on fire. But I sure don’t want/need one in every room. We have 3 now and I hate how we never have family movie night anymore because if someone doesn’t like the look of the movie case they’re off in another room watching something else. :o(

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    Carolyn Cortez says

    I’m usually just a lurker and I love to read your blog everyday. TVs in the bedroom cut down on the romance… JMHO.

    I was curious about your stand… did you have to modify it for the threads?

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    I’m with you Judy. I hate the TV. When the hubby and the kids leave in the morning I turn the TV off and put some music on…softly. It is so nice. Then when they all come back home at the end of the day the TV goes right back on. It is just so loud and intrusive. We don’t have a TV in our bedroom. Like you I put my foot down over that one a couple of moves ago. I think my hubby is trying to wrangle one in there though. Sigh, men!

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    Brenda says

    I have more laughs reading this blog!! I love it!! Me, I have a love/hate relationshiop with TV. I have shows I enjoy, but I love having it off too. It does not need to be on endlessly…… And I love “Movie Night”!! I am glad others do it too – and if we have a movie, you had better come watch – even if it’s something you didn’t choose!! It’s a family thing and your part of this familly!!! 😉

    TV in the bedroom, I said no when we moved here and it’s stuck. Yes, there is a TV in there, but it’s mine and not hooked up to anything but DVD player. Its for my sewing room, so I can watch my learing shows, but I don’t have room in there right now for it (thought I did!?!?) so it’s in my room and I am the only who turns it on.
    But it will go in there soon….. has too!!

    And hubby is planning on getting a HUGE TV for the basement, so ….. I just hope that means we can loose the one that is up here now. We had a flood in the basement, so it was gutted and everthing moved upstairs – we used to only have a TV downstairs. Now it’s up here and, I have on in the kitchen. I used to think that was stupid (just like having a DVD player in your vehicle!! Like common!!!!) but I kinda like having the tv in the kitchen, especially when I am doing boring work…. dishes, chopping,,,,,, you aren’t stuck with dirty hands wanting to switch CD’s as you are listening to an audio book, so, the TV in the kitchen stays.

    I guess I would have a problem with a new TV being bought without a talk about it! lol!! but I love that you got yourself a new pot!!! And no, I have never cooked with a pressure cooker before. Like your grandma, I was told how dangerous they can be so I have not even looked at one without feeling nervous!!

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    I allowed a TV in the bedroom, all I do in that room is sleep so it doesn’t bother me have one in there…..but my biggest mistake was putting one in the kitchen, had a special cabinet built for it……what used to be quiet meals with conversation are now loud meals with the TV blaring!!!!

    Karen L

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    Bobbie says

    Judy-about the only “show” I HAVE to watch is “Greys Anatomey”Watch it just once and I bet you will be hooked-like half of the women in the U.S. I also watch football and basketball and PBR-Professional bull riders-and PRCA-Professional Rodeo.
    I do have my TV on most of the day on Fox News–I don’t watch it-just listen–heres why-I think I was the very last person on Gods Green Earth to find out about 9/11, beacuse I never had the t.v. on during the day-just listened to Country Music. So, I’m worried that if another horrible thing takes place, I want to know about it then.
    “GREYS” is on Thursday nights at 8:00 on CBS (I think this one) or NBC.

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    Jane says

    LOL! I feel your pain. When we lived in an apartment, we had a small TV in the bedroom. While I didn’t mind watchig TV in bed every once in awhile, DH would turn it on at 3 am if he couldn’t sleep. The light and sound would wake me up and I would be mad! An agrument would follow about what an inconsiderate jerk he was, and then NEITHER of us would sleep! When we bought a house, I refused to allow DirectTV to install in the bedroom. If he can’t sleep, he may go into the livingroom to watch TV and sleep on the couch. We have XM radio in the bedroom and he has learned to be content with that!