Another Saturday Trip To Wal-Mart

It’s a good thing I love that husband of mine!  Friday night late, Vince announced that he needed a high definition cable for the high definition hook up for the high definition TV in the family room.  His need didn’t rate real high on my list of things to do but I could tell that Saturday, it would be a trip to Wal-Mart or bust!  Worse, the Wal-Mart here didn’t have the high definitional cable so . . “honey, would you like to go to Fort Scott tomorrow?NO!

He’s already ordered a high def cable but he’ll use that one for the downstairs TV.  He needs one for the upstairs TV now because, after all, he’s been watching TV for 55 years without high def but he can’t go another day without having it.

But then . . the thought occurred to me — I need more flour.  I had called the store up in Butler on Friday morning to see if they had a bag and yes, they did so I figured we could go up there Monday or Tuesday and get a 50 pound bag of flour.  But, there’s a Wal-Mart in Butler so I suggested we go to Butler . . kill two birds with one stone you might say.  That was great.  Two stops in Butler turned into four stops in Butler but at least he got his cable.  On the way home, he said “honey, would you like to go to Fort Scott to Tractor Supply?”  NO!  We need a gas line hookup for the propane bottle to the heater.  We stopped at Orscheln’s in Nevada and they had one so unless he can think of another reason . . we’re not going to Fort Scott today.

Vince is off work for the next two weeks.  Anyone want to guess how many days he’s going to want to go somewhere . . anywhere . . just get out of the house?  I’m betting all but one . . Christmas Day we’ll stay home because no place will be open.


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    Evelyn says

    The nearest Wal-Mart to me is 3 hours away, so we don’t go very often. Unfortunately – the closest fabric store is also 3 hours away! I was so happy to go away this week, go to the fabric store – and ta-da – pick my serger up from the repair shop!!! If I were you – I would find out all the quilt shops near Wal-Marts and keep combining the trips – sounds good to me.

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    I am a little slow. After reading here daily for months, I have JUST realized you are close to my family in Missouri. They live in Adrian, a little north of Butler. I have been to the Court House in Butler and the WalMart!


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    as much as I love my dh, if he’s planning that many trips over Christmas break he’s going alone! I have already promised myself a long stay-at-home-retreat over the Christmas holiday. Or Quiltathon if you prefer. I’m hoping to get at least 2 more tops quilted and bound before the new year and I have 2 mystery quilts to play with over the break too. Only thing i truly need between now and then is new slippers for my cold cement floor!