New Pot

In my frustration over the TV, I broke down and ordered a new pot I’d been wanting.

I have two that are 6 or 7 quart.  One is a 100th anniversary model Presto and it’s a whole lot like the Kuhn Rikon brand . . heavy and has that second smaller handle which makes a big difference.  I hardly ever go a day without using the pressure cooker for something.  I’d been wanting a smaller one but kept talking myself out of it . . mostly because my shelves where I store my pots are overflowing.  I need to get rid if some of the pots I don’t like but I just haven’t done that.  One day I’d say to myself that having a larger cooker is fine . . doesn’t matter if the cooker is bigger than what I really need and the next day I’d say to myself that I really, really want this cute little 3.5 litre so . . it’s done.  I ordered it and now I can’t wait for it to get here.

Do you use a pressure cooker?  For years I was afraid to use them.  My grandma always made it seem so dangerous!  I guess it could be but in all the years I’ve been using them, I’ve never had a scary incident.

At least with a pressure cooker, I can prepare meals quickly and spend less time disturbing the TV viewing in the family room! 🙂


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    This is my favorite pressure cooker! I have that exact same model, (but you knew that) and I use it all the time. It’s such a convenient size for everyday cooking. We use a lot of beans in various recipes, many of which call for just a can or two. I don’t buy canned beans, but instead use my pressure cooker which makes quick work of them. Pintos, my favorites, take all of 12 minutes in the pressure cooker.

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    I like the way you think! He gets the TV he wants, you get the pressure cooker you want…win, win. I love my pressure cooker. My mother had me scared to death of them for years but my former MIL introduced me to the joys of pressure cooking and I haven’t looked back. I am on my 3rd one now. I got a smaller unit as I downsized. How can you beat a fabulous pot roast from the pressure cooker?!

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    OK, Judy, now you’ve got me! I have a pressure cooker that I’ve *never* used. I have no idea how to cook in it or what the benefits are. My family doesn’t do beans so that’s out, any ideas on where to look or some good basic recipes?

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    Donna says

    I have been thinking about getting one. My mom regularly used her pressure cooker. I vaguely remember that pressure thing shooting around and as a result I have always been scared to death of one. Though I was thinking about getting an electric one but I am going to check this one out. Since it is just the two of us I was thinking about getting a small one.

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    I have one that I got when we married back in the mid 70’s. I used it for a few years but like so many others was always afraid of it… I really LOL sometimes at how clueless I was back then.

    I still have it and have managed to not loose the regulator – I know I’d need to replace the rubber gasket… but don’t know if it’s prudent to put an old pot back into service – but I’ve considered checking out that possibility. Need to do some research. I at least wouldn’t be leaving 3 little kids behind if I blew myself up now… LOL

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    becky rhodes says

    We’ve never used a pressure cooker and don’t have a clue how to use one.The favorite things to cook in one would help to know if this is something we need. Have to admit what I’ve read now makes me think my husband needs one since he does the cooking around here for the two of us. His pot roasts are a little dry and he can’t figure out what he’s missing. Maybe it is the pressure cooker he is missing.
    Thanks everyone.
    Becky R

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    I think I just found my Christmas present!!! From me!!! I haven’t used a pressure cooker for years, and then it was mostly for canning. From what I’ve read, these new pressure cookers sound wonderful. Judy, you’ve got to stop finding ways for me to spend my money!!! Just kidding — love reading about what makes your life easier.

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    I have had a pressure cooker for years….people say they are afraid of them…I have a funny story…when I was in High School I taking care of the house at a families home and was asked to cook a ham….I put the ham in and filled with water…you know what happened …it hit the ceiling….no one ever told me ‘how’ but I did learn….I used it often….yours looks interesting…will have to check it out…I love all that you blog I tune in several times a day to see what you are up to….thanks for sharing….

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    Marilyn says

    Judy = I think we have been sisters in the past! I use a pressure cooker. The latest one I have is a cuisinart. It is electric. I like it as I can plug it in on the patio in the summer to help keep the house cool. I do the same with my crockpot and electric skillet. These items just help us here in the low desert.

    I also, like you:
    I love to cook
    I love to quilt
    I love my Millie
    I love to knit
    I love to read
    Hate to shop (except for fabric & kitchenware)
    Hate to watch tv and have a 50″, a 32″ in the bedroom, 27″ in the guest room, 36″ in the ironing room so dh can watch tv when he irons, (He is addicted to electronics and tools). I have a small one in the kitchen where I watch the food channel occasionally while cooking.
    Have 3 computers and now he wants a new Mac laptop, just because he wants it

    I think my DH and Vince may have been brothers! They sure think alike!


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    We use a pressure cooker alot here…..take those tough cheapie cuts of meat and cook in the PC and they come out so tender and moist!!!! What I like most is the time element…..when I know I don’t have alot of time to cook, I just get out the PC and we can have a wonderful tasting meal in less than 45 minutes. Anyway Judy, aren’t you watching your electric use, this little appliance is way cheaper to operate than turning on the oven……so your saving money……that TV just wastes electricity!!!

    Karen L

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    I read you all the time, but usually lurk. However, you got me here. I would love to know what you cook in the pressure cooker. I’ve never used one, because I know nothing about them. I would love to be educated by you! If, as the first commenter mentioned, you can cook beans in 12! Minutes! – that alone might be worth it to me to get one.

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    Bobbie says

    I got my pressure cooker as a wedding present-its a oldie-Pressure Cooker brand and works as good today as it did then. I don’t use it a whole lot, but always cook my beans-pinto-in it and potatoes for potatoe soup. Our favorite meal-just about- is pinto beans, home made corn bread with home made picallieo or home made chow chow. Think thats what we will have for supper tonight!!!

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    I’m afraid of them also. I think you need to give us a class–Pressure Cooking 101!!
    I got 2 of them way back in the 70’s, don’t know whatever happened to the tops but the pans are my big pans that I still use. So they weren’t a complete waste of money.

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    As a pressure cooking teacher, I can tell you how great they are, and that you can cook anything that contains liquid — soup, stew, chli, braises (vegetables or meat), beans (amazing) meat with sauce, whole chickens cooked with liquid, and more. I have a pressure cooking blog at where you can read about pressure cooking.
    Also, right now, is giving away a copy of my DVD, Pressure Cooking: A Fresh Look, Delicious Dishes in Minutes, so you can check that out as a way to get a free DVD.
    I would not resurrect an old PC only because I am afraid of them, after seeing my mother’s explode — food everywhere.
    One of the best environmentally conscious ways to cook. I hope that all of you who are afraid get over it.