Stash Report – Week 51

Is there any way to sugar coat this week’s report?  Probably not!   Before you fall out of your chair and scream for your husband to come see that you’re doing better than someone (me!), 93 yards of my “added this week” came from Vicky and is designated to be used for donation quilts.  The rest . . well, it was mostly 50% off sales but that’s it.  Things are changing. . 2009 is coming.

The reason I’m adding in what Vicky gave me is because it will somewhat get mixed in with my stash and when used for donation quilts, I’ll just count the yardage for the whole quilt.  So, technically, I didn’t “buy” these 93 yards but if I’m going to count them next year as “fabric used”, then I have to add them in, right?  Even without the 93 yards, my stashbusting efforts in 2009 were pretty dismal.  I can accept that and move forward.

If you haven’t made a commitment for your stashbusting plans in 2009, go here and see if it’s something you might want to do.  So far, there are about 30 of us who are going to start off 2009 with big stashbusting plans.  We’ll see how many are still posting reports at the end of 2009!  You can do it .. we all can do it together.  Sounds easy enough, right?  Then why do I have this horrible stash report for this week?  I’m sure there’s someone I can blame for this (besides Vicky . . she was being very nice to send me that fabric so I’m not blaming her and besides, I blame her for everything anyway!).  It’s 3:30 a.m. and I’ve just finished a project so I can’t think of who should get blamed for my failure at stashbusting but you can bet I am not accepting responsibility.  OK . . enough beating around the bush . . here’s the report.

Fabric added this week – 156-1/2 yards
Fabric added year to date – 633 yards

Fabric used this week – 8 yards
Fabric used year to date – 429 yards

Net Used to Date – <204> yards

Anyone want to share your stash report for this week.  Go ahead . . put me to shame.  But be ready to hit the deck running . . 2009 we start over with a fresh slate.


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    pdudgeon says

    Judy, i think Vicky is just following a very old quilter’s holiday tradition by passing on the famed “Super Stash” to you.

    What is ‘Super Stash’?
    It’s just like the holiday fruit cake. “Super Stash” is stash that keeps on getting passed around from quilter to quilter thru the years. This year was your turn to receive, nourish, and guard the “Super Stash”. LOL


  2. 2

    Donna says

    You’ll get it next year! Now that you have all the buying what you need for quilts in the design stage out of the way, you can just bust stash like crazy next year. I think we’ll all see some increases with year end and Superbowl sales coming up.

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    Donna (from MI) says

    Can you imagine what you might have bought had you *not* been stashbusting?

    For the most part, I have stopped buying material that I don’t have a purpose for. Though if I find some really good deal I will buy it for backing. I have a lot of backing material. LOL. I usually do a lot of sewing/piecing in the winter, so I hope to put a little bit of a dent in my stash in the new few months.

    What I need to do is actually quilt my tops. I probably have 12 tops ready to be quilted. And then I could actually use some of that “backing” material.

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    Thanks Judy. I feel better after reading your post. I had a bad week also…those darn 50% off sales. I’ll be posting my report after we get back from Christmas by mom’s.

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    June Piper-Brandon says

    I am making boxer shorts for Ryan out of my stash this weekend. I have some cute novelty prints that I think he’ll appreciate and he’s a boxer guy anyway. And, I have 2 more baby quilts I’m working on, completely from stash. Skip thinks I should stash bust with you guys in the new year, I think he’s right!!

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    Well, I am amazed at how many yards you did use this year. Can you give the formula for how you figure out yardage? I’m just wondering if I’m doing it the right way.

  7. 7


    2008 Fabric In 151.37 yds.
    2008 Fabric Used -145.15 yds.
    2008 $ spent for sewing supplies and related ‘stuff’ $1,724.47

    Fabric In, includes about 55 yds. of fabric given – not purchased. I guess that counts but hey, I didn’t plan on having it. Without it, I’d be waaaay ahead of myself. 😎

    Fabric Used, is what I’ve made into something, but not necessarily ‘out the door’. A lot of it is finished quilts, stashed in one closet or another.

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    Just lovely Judy! I think it would be a perfect QOV!

    I’m with you on the finishing UFOs thing, but there are so many pretty patterns swimming around in my head as well. One thing that I’ve started to do though is to incorporate some of the blocks I have stacked in the drawers into new patterns I want to do. I had the BQ2 pattern sitting here for awhile and finally decided to use it to set som 12″ churn dash blocks that were in the UFO pile. I’m very happy with the top and I’ll b quilting it tomorrow to give to my cousin for CHristmas. So I got the best of both worlds, finish a UFO and try a new pattern in the same project 🙂

    Good luck with fnishing up some of those UFOs this coming year!

  9. 10


    I was really doing a good job of busting my stash. . . . until my hubby asked if I wanted the fabric he had in the attic. (Our new house was build in front of the old one. We moved in 3 years ago a bag and a box at a time.) Someone bagged up my fabric, sacks and sacks and sacks of fabric. . . Big black garbage sacks of fabric…. How could I have forgotten so much fabric???