Basil at Week 3

The basil has been planted for almost 3 weeks and I can’t believe how well it’s doing.  I expected that I would get some basil but I honestly didn’t expect that it would grow so quickly and be so robust.  I need to pinch the tops out to make the little plants grow to be more bushy and less spindly.  We have spinach salad on the menu for tomorrow night so I’ll pinch the tops out and add them to the spinach salad.

Here’s a closeup.

Over the weekend, I got the second one planted.  It will have cilantro, parsley and oregano.


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    OOOOOO….nice!!! I”m sure you’ll love having all these nice herbs so close at hand and fresh all year round.

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    Lyl says

    Merry Christmas Judy! I haven’t commented before, but I read this blog every day, and love hearing about your quilts, your cooking, your family and your life in a little town! I very much appreciate your generosity in sharing your ideas and creative thoughts with the world. All the best for the festive season, and I hope you have a wonderful 2009.

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    Ida says

    While not QUITE the same, but of a similar vein, we (my household — hubby and I) received an AeroGarden from his sister this year for Xmas.

    I look forward to growing lots of goodies in it.


    P.S. They now have me RECORDING the JB videos, so if you see a difference in the shots … it’s because I’m the new camera-person. 😉