The Roaster Ain’t Roastin’

Some days I just have to wonder about all the crazy, weird things that happen around here.  I’ve had my old Nesco air roaster (which is really a convection roaster) for at least 15 years.  I love that thing.  I don’t use it weekly but I probably use it at least once a month.  I was going to cook the turkey tomorrow in the Nesco.  You know where this is going, right?  I got it out to be sure the turkey fits and then some little voice in my head told me to make sure it’s working.  Turned it on and no . . nothing.  Had Vince look at it, take the little plug thing apart and nothing is working.  Nesco roaster is history.  I need to cook my turkey tomorrow.  There are no Nesco air roasters in this town.  I wouldn’t go shopping anyway.  I asked Vince if he has a clue where our big roasting pot is.  Haven’t used that thing in years. Nope, not a clue.  Chad doesn’t want the turkey smoked.  Hmmm . . turkey sushi maybe??  Nope, that’s not a good idea.  I do have a big pan that will hold the turkey but I’ll have to cover it with foil as there’s no lid.  It will all work out.

I truly thought we were finished buying kitchen gadgets but a new roaster is on its way, or I guess it won’t be on its way til next week but we ordered it today.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that nothing else breaks around here.

On a good note, I went out to get my tiny little crockpot to use for some sausage/BBQ sauce for tonight and in the crockpot, with the lid on, was the extra set of keys to my car that I’ve been missing for a couple of months!  That made me happy and I even vaguely remember sticking the keys in the crockpot but I don’t remember my reasoning for doing so.  Oh, yes, I remember.  When Vince and I went to Louisville, I took one set of my keys with me because they had a house key on them.  I didn’t want to leave the other set in plain sight just in case Chad decided to “borrow” my car.  I stuck them in the crockpot.  Dang . . I would never have remembered having done that.  It’s bad enough that I can’t remember anything any more but then I go and hide things from myself on purpose!


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    How timely was this post! I had been considering buying a roaster, and Nesco was one of the brands I looked at, but hadn’t decided on yet. If it lasted 15 years for you, I think this is the brand for me.

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    My Mother uses one of those for roasting turkeys and the like. Me, I do them in the oven the old fashioned way. Well, not really, cause my oven is a convection oven.

    Have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

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    Judy, we cook turkeys on our gas grill. Started out years ago using the Weber kettle with the briquets, but eventually got the gas grill. Still doing our turkeys on it. We’ve brushed the snow off it before using LOL. One Thanksgiving, DH forgot to doublecheck the propane bottle and of course, ran out, mid-turkey and had to run all over town trying to find some place open to exchange the bottle. He succeeded and the turkey was no worse for wear, just a little delayed. One nice thing about using the outdoor grill is that it frees up the indoor oven for all the other things that need to be cooked.


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    I have a smaller Nesco roaster. One of my favorite appliances. I use it to roast all my meats. Be lost without it. So, I know your frustration. If it lasted 15 yrs. It did good! I hope the new one is as good. Glad you found your lost keys! Thank you for all the quilting patterns and sewing tips! Have a Merry Christmas! and Happy New Year!

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    I couldn’t live without my Nesco roasters…..they make the best prime rib and soups and ribs…..we have never used them for turkeys…..they get deep fried…….once you have deep fried you won’t want your turkey any other way. Have a Merry Christmas Judy…….with all the gifts you give us all year long, its like Christmas every time we come to your sight.

    Karen L

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    Linda H says

    Judy, you are too young to be “hiding” things from yourself. Me? Oh, my goodness, it has gotten to the point that when I hide things from DH so I will still have them on hand for my recipes…I can’t remember WHERE I hid them!
    Bother! 🙁
    Ditto Karen L. re the gifts you give us all year! Merry Christmas!

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    I just bought a Nesco Roaster this week to replace a REALLY old one. It used to be my mil’s from many years ago. The only change I noticed is the lid. It is a cheaper grade of metal than my older one. On a separate note, last year about this time, I thought I blew out my stand mixer. I make a lot of Christmas cookies and when I plugged it in, it wouldn’t work. Earlier, I had jokingly told my husband how I would love one of those Kitchen Aid Mixers with all the bells and whistles. I moved the mixer to another outlet and still nothing, so I figured I was home free with the new mixer. Unfortunately, I hadn’t figured on tripping the GFI. Apparently the GFI is hooked to some, but not all of the outlets in my kitchen. Darn it, I was THAT close!