Just Like Clockwork

We seem to have this schedule around here:

July 4 or sometimes Labor Day – air conditioner goes out
Thanksgiving Day – heater goes out
Christmas Day – water heater goes out

I was washing dishes after our Christmas Feast and I told Vince . . this water is HOT!  Later Vince took the turkey meat off the bones and went to wash his hands and he said . . this water is HOT!  Then he took a shower and he came tromping downstairs.  Something is wrong with the water heater! No joke!  We all took our showers and turned it off.  According to my research on google, the thermostat has gone out . . which probably means the thermostat is fine and something else has gone out because I’m pretty much always wrong when it comes to something like that but I still always google it and think I can solve the problem.  It could be worse!  At least we can turn it back on in the mornings and get showers and then turn it off again and hope we can get someone out here to fix it tomorrow.  We have a home warranty and can call them after 8 a.m. but . . it is Friday so we may not be able to get someone out here til Monday (or Tuesday!).  Our heating elements are almost 2 years old so we’re on borrowed time on those also.  Maybe we can get everything done at once.

We had a good Christmas.  Things were kinda tempered . . Chad lost two friends in a car accident Tuesday.  He tried to be upbeat but he was quiet and I knew he wasn’t much in a festive mood.  It’s just so hard to believe how quickly lives can be snuffed out.  My heart breaks for the families . . losing loved ones is so difficult but two days before Christmas (and the girl’s birthday was 12/24) . . it just doesn’t seem right!

The satellite people are coming tomorrow to put HD downstairs.  I must be living right! 🙁  At least it will keep us from going shopping for bargains . . gotta stay home and wait for the TV people and hopefully the plumber.  I’ll just sew and stay out of everyone’s way . . that should work out just fine!


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    Linda H says

    Oh no! Your roaster and now your water heater! Hope it all gets sorted out right on Monday morning! Happy quilting! 🙂

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    That’s terrible about Chad’s friends. I spoke to Chris’ best friend from high school today who was in a terrible accident in May. He’s lucky to be alive but is still in bad shape and I don’t believe he will ever fully recover. He’s trying to get to the place he can walk without a walker ….and he’s just 25. Life can change in the blink of an eye.

    Hope the hot water heater is an easy fix.