Nesco Roaster

For those of you wanting a Nesco Roaster, the one we ordered is here.  That’s the best price we found. Somehow Vince registered and then got a 15% off coupon for his first order so mess around with it before you submit your order.  You may get a coupon code you can use and save an extra 15%.

I don’t know anything about the new ones.  This one looks a bit different from my old one and sometimes when one thing is so wonderful and a newer, improved model comes out, it isn’t so wonderful.  (Remember the old Singer sewing machines that were SO good and the ones from the 70’s that were mostly SO awful?).

Anyway, I’m not saying the newer Nescos are great but my old one surely was.


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    I can tell you had a Merry Christmas, Judy, in spite of not getting to go home. I get your posts automatically and that way I keep up with your adventures. Pretty soon you will have a complete new set of appliances to go out, lol. I hope the rest of this year gives you great joy, and looking forward to your stashbusting adventures in 2009. hopefully I will be caught up on my Star BOM by the time you start in again. Lots of hugs!!!

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    June Piper-Brandon says

    I went to the site and they are sold out!! Not that I have anywhere to put yet another electric appliance!! We had a wonderful Christmas and the best turkey ever.

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    Lady Di says

    I have (inherited from MIL) a Nesco cooker and I just love it. It’s got the cook well which is great for clean up (similar to my slow cooker). It took me a few years before I started using it because I didn’t have any instructions with it. I went on line and found the company website and loads of recipes. Mostly I use it for cooking roasted chicken and pot roast. Mine is not as fancy or large as your new one. I’ve been looking for one like mine to be used at our cabin, but have not found any like it at the local stores. Guess I’ll have to order on line. Enjoy your new baby!