That Trashy Family!

Our trash man comes on Thursdays.  Usually about 5:00 a.m.  Vince and I have decided that our guy must be mad at the world and he is of the opinion that if he has to be up working at that time of morning, then no one is going to sleep.  He turns on the crusher and he crushes and grinds and crushes some more.  Then he backs up for some reason.  We’re the only one on this end of the street who uses this company.  Maybe the driver is hoping we switch to another company so his day can have one less pickup.  Who knows why but he wakes us up every Monday morning.  We put the trash out on Sunday night.  I have this hangup about the trash can sitting out in front of the house.  The first one out the door is supposed to move it around to the back side of the house.  Sometimes it’s me out with Speck; most of the time Vince totally forgets but Chad leaves the house by 8:00 most Mondays so about 80% of the time, Chad moves it.  But, if about mid-day I look out and the trash can is still in front of the house, well . . I get that feeling I get when someone comes to the house and finds me napping on the sofa, or the doorbell rings at 10 a.m. and I still have on my pajamas.  The pajama thing  rarely happens because I shower the minute I get out of bed . . assuming we have hot water which we should have for 11 months and 29 days until the heating elements go out again.

I hate seeing a trash can in front of a house . . anyone’s house.  There are some people who don’t care and I drive by some of those houses.  I want to stop my car, knock on their door and say . . What’s the deal?  Have you no pride? But, right before I pull into their driveway, I see 3 broken down lawn mowers, 2 bags of trash that a varmit has torn open and scattered the contents, a rusted shell of a bicycle missing a front tire, and then I realize that there’s no need to ask if they have no pride.  The trash container in front of their house doesn’t bother them one bit.  I say a little prayer that I never let my trash can sit in front of my house for more than a few minutes after the garbage man has passed my house.

Yesterday, I was looking for an address online.  I didn’t know if it was left or right past my street and instead of going the wrong way and wasting 1/4 cup of gasoline, I decided to look online.  I had no idea you could see up close and personal the front of your house.  This is what I saw for my house!  We’re definitely living here because in the Google picture, I can see my mums on the front porch!  I cannot blame this picture on the former owners of the house.

Oh, my goodness.  I broke out in a sweat.  I called Vince downstairs.  He noticed nothing wrong with this picture.  Who do I call to get the picture of my house updated?  On further examination, I began to feel nauseaus.  The shadows tell me it’s late afternoon.  I’m sure we were out of town!  I’m sure we were all gravely ill and couldn’t make it outside to bring that trash can around back.  Or . . maybe it isn’t even Monday!  Maybe some cruel person brought the trash can around front just so it would be in the picture and for the rest of my life, if I Google my own address, I’d see this horrendous site!  There has to be a logical explanation.

Or, how about this one?  Trash Can . . BE GONE!

The good news is, I don’t Google my own address very often and I doubt anyone else does either so had I not shown the picture on the blog, very few; probably no one else; would ever have known that my trash can is sitting smack dab in front of my house for the entire world to see.  But you can bet that Monday morning, for the rest of my life (or at least as long as my trash man comes on Monday morning), when I hear that noisy trash man out there, I will hop out of bed with a smile on my face, race out the door and move that blasted can around to the back of the house.


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    Chris Miller says

    Chances are good you didn’t even live there when that picture was taken!! I don’t suppose Google updates very often! Must have been the people who lived there before you. 🙂 I’ll bet your house is grateful you live there now.

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    Cindy C says

    I hate the trashcans in front of my house also. I also put my trash out on Sunday night and he comes early Monday morning. Usually between 6:45 and 7:15. He also has to crush the trash in my driveway every Monday. Now, I didn’t put that much out. So, I thought about this during the summer. He probably has a set routine (so as not to miss anyone or anything) and the schedule works for him to crush at my house as I think the begins the next set of houses in a row. We live in the county and depend on him to come each week to dispose of our trash. Bless his heart, he does not take any time off (even for holidays). He said he used to when we first moved here 10 years ago, but he had to work so hard the next few days to make up for it, so he just doesn’t take time off. I guess when the last boy leaves the house in the fall, I will be the trashcan picker-upper.

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    That’s so funny Judy! A few months ago…right after we had had our grass removed and the natural Florida landscaping put in; my so e-mail me to tell/show me that he had Google-earthed my address and lo and behold there was a picture of my not so small behind bent over pulling weeds! Oh My God! Could there be a more non-flattering portrayal of my yard (or me)?

    I feel your pain, though at least it was only your trash can and not your behind!

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    Oh my gosh, Judy! You crack me up! I don’t know how you always have so much to blog about but keep it up. I am always thoroughly entertained!

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    Judy, you are so funny. You make me laugh out loud and I love reading your posts. You also inspire – through your wonderful quilting, patterns, and your excellent cooking. Thanks! Happy New Year.

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    Ah trash… cans are bad enough, but the yard debris makes me CRAZY! Worse yet is the sofa on the front porch and the freezer that’s fallen off the end of the porch.

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    Oh my goodness! The exact same thing happens when I look at the street view for my address! There’s my Tuesday trash can sitting right by my driveway. I know it’s Tuesday, because Tuesday is regular trash (brown container) and Friday is recyclables (blue container). And I had the same reaction as you. Why can’t they coordinate picture-taking day with the city sanitation workers? The pictures would be much better.

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    I’m not sure why, but here in Las Vegas, they pick up the trash 2 days a week. You can imagine how many people in my neighborhood would leave their trash cans out if they could. Luckily our HOA sends everyone a nasty little note if you leave your trash out after the pickup day. The rule is NO trash cans can be visible from the street. Do you have an HOA? If you do, you may be able to suggest a rule about trash cans.

    Sometimes HOAs can go a bit over board. We had two wood poles (from holding up the new tree) laying behind some buses in our front yard. We recieved a letter to remove them. Then we were fined $50 because we didn’t remove two dead bushes (very small ones) becuase we were out of town for my dad’s funeral when we recieved the notices. (After hours of paperwork and attending a meeting, they did finally revoke the fine.)

    Some of the other rules include: no flags (other than American, and there is a size limit), no for-sale signs (actually no signs of any kind), dogs can not be outside except for nature and feeding, approval is required for any new plantings or changes to front or backyards. I guess you can tell I’m not fond of HOAs but I think that’s becuase I’ve had such harsh ones in the past.

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    Patricia says

    Judy, I just checked our Google “picture.” It also shows the trash in the front waiting to be picked up. This seems a bit much of a coincidence. I wonder if Google – or whoever – contracted with the garbage companies to take the pictures as they worked the streets. That way all residences would be accounted for.


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    I also googled my place and the picture is about 5 years old…….we done alot of changes since then. Since I live in the country……I have burning barrels and a dumpster that can’t be seen from the road…..I love being able to burn all the paper, cardboard and fabric/batting scraps. Stuff in the front yard bothers me also….I guess some people don’t have the same pride of ownership that we do.

    Karen L

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    LOL! Judy you write the most entertaining blog stories! Loved this one! You took a simple thing like a garbage and turned it ito something fun to read! Are you sure you are not related to the late Erma Bombeck! She could do this so well! Thank you!

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    Darlynn Venne says

    Oh Judy, I was LOL w/your post!!!

    I too googled my address a few months ago. I found a picture w/my garage doors wide open. Now, when I am home, I like my garage doors open….lets my neighbors know that I am here if they need me (we live in a very small rural subdivision). But, if I am having a picture taken of my house, I like the garage doors closed! I too wanted to notify SOMEONE to come and retake the house picture, Please!! I would make sure that the trash can is not sitting out….also one of my irritants….the garage doors closed and the yard freshly mowed!

  13. 17

    bev says

    where in the world did you search to find that type of address picture? I’ve been looking for one for awhile now.

  14. 19

    Cindy says

    That was the funniest thing I’ve read. Hahhahhaha. You even photo shopped out the shadow of the container! Good on ya.

    You’re crazy, you know that don’t you?

  15. 20


    Wow i must live way out in the country can’t even google my house. I like how you doctored your picture. Thanks for the laugh today.

  16. 21

    Rebecca says

    You know that I already went and looked at my street view! I also have a fairly good idea of when it was, because our next-door neighbor has cut down a tree, but our car is in the picture. However, it was not on garbage day! 😀

    At least you can get it out of the way in the morning. I was being thankful that our trucks don’t come before 9 a.m., but our worst garbage is collected last…in the late afternoon! Oh, well.