An Added Advantage

With the new room setup, I can now get photos of quilts hanging over the longarm!   Despite all my moaning and complaining about not getting the downstairs garage finished for the longarm, I’m so glad now that we didn’t do it.

Here’s the purple/green top I just finished quilting.

I quilted it with white thread using a free motion feather.  After Mary had so much fun playing with Pajama Quilter‘s designs, I ordered the workbook and DVD for myself.  This was the first time I’ve been able to play with it and while my quilting doesn’t look a whole lot like her design that I thought I was doing, I had fun.  If you’re a beginner or an experienced quilter, I recommend this set.  I’m not afraid to try new things, especially on my own quilts or those for an 11 year old niece but I had a lot of confidence after watching the Pajama Quilter DVD.  In this quilt, I added ribbons to the feathers . . though I didn’t add as many ribbons as I should have.  You have to look to find them.

Not great photos of the quilting . . maybe I’ll get a better picture after it’s bound.


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    It’s beautiful Judy, I love the effect of the feathers all over it. Someday, I hope to be able to do that!

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    It look great! I bought that DVD too and really like it. I’ve used the technique on a couple of quilts so far. sooooo easy and fun!

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    I love this quilt. I would have never thought lime green and purple could look so great together. The border really makes it! The quilting is to die for, too! :o)

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    Every time you show this quilt I think how much I love it, and that you’re niece is going to really love it. The purple and green is cheerful and feminine without being too cutesy. It was a great one to pull out of the UFO pile.

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    Elaine says

    Hey Judy! I can’t wait to get the 50 cent tour in real life! I’ll try to get over there sometime soon. Stuff is going on here again, so I’ve been b-u-s-y! Gimme a call when you want company! Oh, and I didn’t notice the lotions on the desk, but there was your little blue jar of Vicks! LOL!

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    Brenda says

    I just got the Pajama Quilter workbook and DVD last week!! I love it!!! I am not a quilter – yet – but this gives my brain so many things to think about and the idea of using the white board as a way to train your brain to do the actual quilting, well that is just wounderful!! And my DD about a year ago, just had to have a big white board, which is now in the basement collecting dust (kids!!) but I am so glad she ‘had to have it’ because I am now going to use it!!! And, I have found a place close by that will teach you how to use a long arm, then let you rent time on it!! So, even though I don’t have a machine myself, I will have access to one + you can do this type of work on a normal sewing machine…..probably with alot of *#%& words involved, but I know it can be done!! So, I would rather leave out the &$% words and rent tiime to do this type of quilting. And I loved her ideas on the bonus material!!
    I love how your area is set up. I do like your new table. I need to set up a cutting area – ahh, that is not going to happen unless I plan on moving out my bookself….. But I will figure it out. Is that what this table will be for, a cutting area? Anyways, I really like that you have a found a table tha lets your room work for you and I really like the quilt for your niece!! Great quilting – and I think the ribbons idea is such a neat one, I am really looking forward to the time when I am ‘master of my machine’!!! My quilting skills are needing many hours to get to where I would actually put them on a quilt, but hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day and my skills are only going to improve the more I time I spend on them, so with this great DVD and workbook (here is where I found out about them!!! I could not remember where I had heard about this woman, and I am so glad I did!! THANK-YOU JUDY!!!!!) I will soon be a quilting machine!!!
    I am glad you are enjoying your room the way you had wanted to. I am glad you didn’t move the long arm into the garadge too. Have a great weekend!!

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    Thanks for sharing your sewing room photos. It’s so spacious! I love the PJ Quilter DVD also. I need to work on my feathers more. She makes it look so easy. But I’m sure she does much more quilting than I do. I also love the quilt, Through the Grapevine” and was going to download it until I noticed I had to have EQuilter, which I don’t. Would or could you attach it to an email for me, please?
    I always enjoy your blog, and watch for the star of the month. Thanks for sharing it with us. Jan

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    Mary Lea says

    Hi Judy, Your sewing room looks nice and very easy to get around. Also really like the purple and green quilt. I just ordered Dawn’s DVD and workbook. I have quilt tops to quilt and need instructions to better my quilting. I don’t have a longarm but I think it will help me anyway.
    Mary Lea

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    Linda B. says

    Long time lurker, occasional poster, I really enjoy your blog. The purple and green is just lovely! Your sewing room is terrific, wow! Thanks for all you share with us.
    HNY to all.

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    Julie H. says

    It’s so true that the quilting “makes” the quilt. Feathers are my all time favorite. Great quilt. I enjoyed seeing your sewingroom too.

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    Your quilting looks great as always! I’ve been more adventuresome this year with freehand quilting thanks to Dawn’s DVD. This quilt is going to be a great gift.

    I love all the space you have in your sewing room and it doesn’t look all that messy to me. I’m glad you were able to get the new table and have it arranged in a way that works better for you. I asked Keith to hang up a rod behind my longarm …maybe he’ll get to it tomorrow. I miss having a quilt hang back there.

    Chesty loves me best – drives Keith crazy!

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    Sheila in Ohio says

    Beautiful quilting, Judy. I bought Dawn’s DVD when it first came out, and now need to decide to buy the book (which wasn’t available then). It is very inspiring, and I like that someone with your skills is inspired by it too! I would love to see a line drawing of how you do your feathers.

    In other news… I saw a (maybe electronic) water heater on Ty Pennington’s show last night. (sorry can’t remember the name of the show just now) But it’s a box and hangs on the wall and only heats water when it’s needed. I immediately thought of you! LOL