Here’s the Table

First the story . . when we looked at this house when it was for sale, I thought the downstairs family room was perfect for my quilting/sewing.  Even though the room is plenty big enough (something like 29′ x 40′), I never could get things arranged — the longarm, the sewing machine, the cutting table, the ironing table, the computer desk, the TV . . it just didn’t all fit the way I wanted it to.  My cutting table is one of those with the side sections that open out.  When both ends are out (which they always are), it’s 40″ x 72″.  The sewing machine was totally in the way where it was.  In order to use the longarm, I had to fold up the little extension end of the table or I bumped into it.  Last week Vince was sitting downstairs and I had him look at everything and try to figure out what we could do differently to make more room.  Every idea we had wouldn’t work for one reason or another.  We talked about folding down one end of the cutting table which would have made it 40″ x 50″ but it was the 40″ width that was causing the most problems.

When Vince and I were at Sam’s on Tuesday, I was wandering around, looking for nothing in particular.  I was on the tool row . . obviously not paying any attention to where I was going.  I came across a work bench that immediately looked like something I could use.  I found Vince and had him come look at it.  We couldn’t fit it in the car but when he and Chad went back Wednesday, they got it for me.

When Vince showed it to Chad in the store, Chad couldn’t believe I wanted it.  It’s truly a men’s type work bench but it works perfectly for me.  The new one is 72″ long also but it’s about 20″ wide. And, the height is adjustable.  We set it up a bit too tall I think and will lower it an inch or so today.  There’s peg board on both sides of the sets of drawers and I stuck a plastic set of drawers in the opening in the middle.  The 40″ x 72″ cutting table has been moved out, the sewing machine has been moved to where the cutting table was.  It’s so much better!!

Guess I could’ve cleaned all the fingerprints off the metal in front.  But, it’s just industrial strength stainless steel on front.

Four sections of this metal peg board.  I’m so glad I found this.  I shouldn’t have complained about that shopping trip, should I?

Look at the drawers!  I love this table!

When we moved in, I had Vince add this light over my sewing machine.  The individual lights can be pointed wherever you want them but no matter where I pointed them, I didn’t like it for sewing and rarely used it.  They’re perfect over this cutting table though.  (Please excuse the mess on that top shelf above the fabric.  One day I might clean up there . . not today !)

I still have lots of cleaning and re-organizing to get done but this is a start and I think it’s going to make my sewing room a much more pleasant place to be.


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    That’s a great table!! Look at you — getting all organized and everything! When you finish up at your house, you can head on over here!

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    Judi says

    I really like your new tool chest table what a great husband you have to get it for you and set it up. My wonderful husband just made me a new ironing area. You can see it on my blog.

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    Gwen says

    Great table! It works well with your chrome shelves! I have found some great sewing room things in the hardware department. The rolling travel bag for my sewing machine is really a tool bag. It is much sturdier than the pretty tapestry ones and protects my maching better. And it cost way less! Take the gems where you find them! You’re looking great! Hugs!

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    I’m with VickiW… 29’x40’… a dream space indeed! But the new work bench is awesome. And I love your ironing board setup too! I don’t supposed we could get a whole blog entry filled with your studio pictures could we? 🙂

    (quietly drooling in my teensy sewing room)

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    LOVE LOVE LOVE that table, and the lights and the room overall….blissful place to get lost in. Lucky Girl…….
    Happy New Year Judy….

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    Connie says

    What a great looking table. Since it’s from the tool section it should be nice and sturdy too. Doesn’t much matter where we find it as long as it functions, right? Hmmmm, a 29×40 quilting workspace, wonderful! You’re inspiring me to rearrange my space.

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    This helps to explain why you accomplish so much.. You have a great space.

    And I noticed the key holes on the tool drawers. You can keep your scissors out of the hands of those that might cut more than just fabric with them.

    Great space you have. And well stocked too…………

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    Your studio looks great! My cutting table is actually a computer desk on support stacks so it still high enough for me. I love rearranging furniture!

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    Teresa says

    What a great table!! I can see why you like it so much and those drawers are just too perfect. Congratulations on such a good find!

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    I’m getting in the car and going to Sam’s right now!
    Read about my scrap dilemma on my blog. I could use some suggestions. I have a wonderful sewing space but my scraps are an issue.


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    Love the table, Judy. It would solve similar issues in my studio also! I’m surely glad I’m not the only “slob” around – funny, I just confessed to the same thing on my blog last night! Oh well, it’s who I am, take it or leave it!

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    I love the table! I wish I had thought to look in the hardware store for a table like that before I bought the island I use now. You have a great sewing space. Thanks for sharing the photos.