January, 2009 Quiltathon Progress Report

From the comments and emails, looks like lots of quilters are participating in the Quiltathon this weekend.  I’m done for a while.  I did stop sewing long enough to make the rolls, which are rising now.  It’s time to get dressed, get the rolls in the oven and go spend some time with friends.

My sewing today went good once I finished messing up.  I decided to work on the red, white and blue quilt since I already had some of the blocks done.  I really wanted to work on the purple and green quilt but that would have meant starting a new project.

I got six of the swirly blocks done.  I’m thinking I may not put the two swirly blocks in the center but may put something else there.  I’m thinking I might just put plain blocks in there and do some quilting with red or blue thread.  Not sure . . still thinking about it.

When we get home tonight, depending on how late it is and maybe depending on how much I like the wine served, I may sew a bit or . . maybe not! 🙂

Add a link to your progress report for Saturday and Sunday here if you’d like!


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    I’m done for the day… hubby should be home from work soon and my back is tired from sitting at the machine. Did get accomplished what I wanted accomplished… more tomorrow!

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    I’m envious of all you get done, even on a “short” day. All I have done so far is 2 bindings, But that’s two more than I had done this morning.

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    I like the swirly blocks you are making Judy~ really gives movement! Between laundry loads I managed to get 20 string blocks made. I’m happy! I was dreading making them because of the mess they generate, but I’m on a roll now. 😉

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    Becky in GA says

    Go for it, put the swirlies everywhere but maybe turn the ones in the middle the other way. Just a thought,,,,,,hum…..,.

  5. 5

    Bon says

    I think I’d leave the twirlies out of the center. I think it makes it too busy. JMHO.

    I love the quilt though.

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    I am pleased with my progress today and hope that I can keep up the pace tomorrow! I really like those twirly blocks, I like them so much that I’d use them in the middle too!

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    I like the swirly’s too. I have been to visit my quilt buddy the past two days so in a way I’ve participated. We completed setting two quilts together. I sewed the blocks of the center of our guild rafflle quilt together. I can’t post one of the quilts until after guild Tuesday, It’s a surprise for one of the ladies there. Just in case she checks out my BLOG… I’m still working on Bonnie Hunter’s Mystery. I made 27 of the 9-patches last night. More to make and press. Thanks for the fun Blog.

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    Lynne in Hawaii says

    Had a good quiltathon day! Nearly finished piecing a full size bed quilt. I just need a couple more shashings. Thanks Judy!

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    I’m so happy I was finally able to participate in your Quiltathon! I’ve been planning to participate for quite a few months, but something always got in the way. And this time, even though I did spend a good part of the day shopping, I’m still very pleased with the progress I made today on your Buttons & Bows quilt pattern. Tomorrow is church and then a church meeting, but that’s all I’ve got planned other than sewing! Until tomorrow….

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    here is my progress for Saturday … now onto Sunday’s edition
    will try and check out the updates of the Quiltathon later … cause sometimes I get lost in blogland. I start with one blog and then see another I want to check out and so on and so on.

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    I must be doing something wrong with Mr. Linky. I have entered my info three times (once with typo) and still no link on the Quiltathon posting.

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    calling it quits ya’ll! it’s almost 10PM here and I am happy with my progress on my UFO. Thanks Judy for hostessing this for us to get motivated! Love your blog and your ideas.

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    Vivian says

    Just wanted to drop a line to say I participated again. I was able to finish piecing blocks for a log cabin for my son. I also got 4 rows sewed together. It is presently laying in my sewing room floor waiting for me to come home from work today.

    Judy, you are going through what I will be in the next couple of years. My son is 20 and attending a college 4o miles from home (but driving each day.) He has a year and a half to go and plans to move when he graduates from college. On the other hand, my daughter is a senior in high school and plans to live in a dorn her freshman year. I’ll also be having an empty house. It is sad to think about it already.

    Thanks for your blog. Have a great day.

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    This has been great – one of my goals for the new year was to be able to participate in your Quiltathon and then to add my blog to Mr. Linky, I am so excited because now I have a blog that I could add to your list! Thanks for the inspiration.