Saturday Quiltathon Jan., 2009

The first day of the first Quiltathon of 2009.  Are you sewing?  Are you hurrying up to get chores done so you can sew?  I hope so!  We’re going to a dinner with friends tonight and we have to be there at 4:30 and I have to bring homemade onion rolls so that will cut into my sewing time a whole lot!  Darn it but . . our friends are leaving next week and this will be our last get together so it’s worth missing out on some sewing time.

Here are the two quilts I might be working on today.  This one uses the blocks I found that I’m not sure what they were for.  But the 6 blocks are done.  I’ll just have to make the 12 remaining blocks.  Borders are quick.

My other option is this . . which you’ve already seen:


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    Evelyn says

    7:10 here and I’ve been cutting for 2 hours – didn’t want my sewing machine to wake up the sleepers in the family!!! Time for a coffee break and then I have to switch over to paperwork that needs to make the mail today. I like both the designs your thinking about doing – I know that you will make good progress today – so go off and have a great time with your friends later this afternoon! Cheers!

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    My sister and I will be starting about 8:30. This is our first Quiltathon so don’t even know what a “Linky” is. A good day to learn lots of new things.

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    pdudgeon says

    i’ll be prepping applique blocks for three BOM’s today, and maybe getting in some sewing time on them.

  4. 13


    I’m ready !

    I went to the OKC Winter Quilt Show yesterday. I did buy some fabric (13 3/8) so I have some stashbusting to do. Projects for the weekend?

    I’ll start with a new project, a cell phone purse. The shape is printed on some fusible fabric. So, you fuse, fold and sew. I just have to go to the store to get velcro since that is not in my normal stash.

    Second, I’ll work on the mystery quilt that I started at Thanksgiving. If I finish the top, I’ll move to a new project.

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    I was just checking in on emails and blogs and then I’m headed up. A pot roast is in the oven… washer is going so the laundry can get finished up early… and it’s going to be snowing today – maybe sleety freezy rainy stuff… so I’m headed up to the sewing room and get back to work on Double Delight… I’ve got lots and lots of pieces parts all cut out and ready and a bunch of blocks already pieced that need trimming and pressing.

    It feels soooo good to be sewing again!

  6. 17


    My day will be cut short, too, with a visit to family. I plan to sew as much as I can today and then continue tomorrow. My goal is to finish a quilt for a school autction that I pulled out of a UFO stack. I have one more set of blocks to piece and then I will assemble the top. I can’t imagine that I’ll get more done than that, but one can hope!

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    Have a great time today. I had my fourth eye dr appt in four days this morning and my right eye is dilated and fuzzy. I also have 18 people coming for Christmas today so am cooking and cleaning….Ok, I’m not REALLY cleaning, just moving stuff upstairs where no one will go….lol

    Maybe I can sew tomorrow, the eye dr is closed….

  8. 19


    I’m here working on a UFO trying to get something done. I hope to complete it during this weekend’s quiltathon. I will update ya’ll later.

  9. 20


    I decided to join in the fun!

    I am working on sewing blocks for the borders on my Blue and Yellow quilt.

    Have fun sewing!


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    Rebecca says

    It never seems to work out for your quiltathon weekends to be mine (darn it), but I had to comment on the alternate blocks for the blue! What an imagination/vision you have! That totally changes the six blocks you found, and is a great way to make a bigger quilt!

  11. 22

    Carol says

    I’m cutting up some “why did I buy this stuff?!!?” fabric today. I plan to make a really scrappy something, probably a la Bonnie Hunter. Husband is out of town, so I can play all day! Thanks Judy for all your inspiration. Reading your blog is good for me!

  12. 23

    Donna (in MI) says

    Not sewing but clearing out the area around my long arm. I can’t believe how cluttered thart area was. I did cut out some material I am going to use for a scrappy backing.

  13. 25


    I’m sewing! I just finally got all the borders onto a quilt and now I’m going to work on borders for another UFO.

  14. 28


    Well – I like that blue and red quilt. It is a very eye pleasing design. Did you ever figure out how airborne Chad got? Just curious – you know I have 3 of them right? and the 13 yo thinks he needs a car now… just to practice *gulp*

  15. 29


    I cant believe how much I have got done! I have alomost finished the pressies I am making for 2 little girls and just know I will finish them by tomorrow!! All progress is on my blog.

  16. 30


    I discovered this site recently and wanted to give the quiltathon a try. It was a great incentive. Thanks for hosting. In my other life I am a stamper and scrapbooker. But I am anxious to quilt again.

  17. 31


    Well my quilt top is completed!!!! WHOOHOOO!!!! I never thought I would be able to get a quilt top done in one weekend (grant it I did have a few blocks done on thursday and fri but not many), But by God I got it done!!!

    Here is the link….

    Judy, I have really enjoyed being a part of your quiltathon!! I can not wait till the next one, I had allot of fun and learned some new things along the way! Thanks for having the quiltathons!!!!!