Blocks are Done!

The blocks are done.  It won’t win any awards but I didn’t like making those swirly blocks so I put the two different blocks in the center.  I know . . what’s 2 more after having made 10 of them?  I didn’t want to make two more!  I figured if I put the two plain blocks in the center and then quilted a motif, the whole top would need custom quilting and that surely doesn’t fit into my schedule right now.

I don’t feel it all goes together to create a fantastic design but the blocks I had found are now going to be in a quilt.  It will be donated as a QOV and I hope someone will feel comforted by it.

Tonight I’ll load one of the two Shadow Stars tops that need quilting, then I’m going to bed early.  We were out way too late last night . . we’re not used to so much socializing but we had fun!


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    I know you didn’t like the swirlies in the center, but I preferred them over the 2 plain blocks. I think those swirlies look like dancing flames that are holding each others hands! Anyway, I really like the pieced blocks you used in their place!

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    Becky in GA says

    Those swirly blocks are great. It is a cool quilt when you consider it’s humble beinnings. I love your creativity.

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    Your finished look is wonderful and I’m sure some wounded military person will find great comfort in this quilt. GREAT JOB, JUDY!

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    I like what you have done the best. I thought the swirly’s in the center really took things over so just bringing in the color but not the graphic was a great way to go. sometimes less is better and when it means you don’t have to make more of a block you don’t enjoy it then life is good.

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    At first the swirly blocks looked “out of place” to my eye; but now that you have brought the colors into the middle of the quilt it seems much more balanced. Again, this is just MHO.

    I could see where the swirly blocks could have been a pain to work with.

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    Hi Judy,

    That was a great decision to put those plain blocks in the middle! I like it, I think the swirly blocks would of been too much!

    Happy Quilting!