Poor Chad!  His mother can’t let go and worse, she blogs about everything!

Getting his jacket on, which isn’t easy with his bum arm!  See Vince at the table .  . nothing is going to interfere with his lunch!  He just keeps right on eating . . doesn’t bother him one bit that Chad is leaving or that I’m crying!

Getting in the car . . in total disbelief that I would show a picture of the messy garage.

Backing out of the driveway.  There’s still time to run out and tell him not to leave . . we’ll support him for the rest of his life . . just stay home with me forever.  Don’t think that thought didn’t cross my mind and his response would probably have been something like . . give me a credit card with no limit and no restrictions as to what time I have to be home and I’ll think about it.

There he goes!  Off to start his new life and leave me here to wallow in self-pity, sit on the sofa and cry a river of tears.  Nope, I’m really not doing as bad as I thought I might.

What’s going to be kinda funny is that Chad is not used to sharing a bathroom.  He detests public restrooms and will drive for hours to get home to use his own bathroom.  He would call me from the high school to come get him when he had to go to the bathroom.  He wouldn’t dare go at school.  Now . . well, dorm living isn’t like having your own bathroom.  But, now I have a bathroom I can use downstairs.  That will be so nice!  Not only did Chad have his own private bath all his life, but the one he has in this house is down right nice.  The door to the left leads to a little hallway that is part of his bedroom.

This door goes out into a little landing.  There’s another bedroom where you see that white door, you can also see the door leading outside and then back around the corner is where my quilting area is.  There’s just one bathroom downstairs and Chad didn’t dare let anyone else use it.

This area has his bookcase, toilet and there’s a nice size closet around the corner.

Think he’ll miss this bathroom more than he misses his mother?  Don’t answer that!


  1. 1


    Judy, do you notice how you are already “getting over it”???? A little tears, followed immediately by the realization that you have not lost a son, but gained a bathoom!!!

    You are going to be fine, girl!

  2. 2


    Oh Judy, if I were you, that bathroom would be made over into a “ladies room” so fast it would make your head spin! Clear out the guy stuff, hang a quilted wall hanging on that big blank wall and then make a trip to Bath & Body and Yankee Candles…maybe even pick up a few new pretty “just for you” towels while you’re out!

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    Rona says

    Judy, oh my gosh! More stash space! There are days that we wish for an empty nest and then there are days that it actually happens. Congratulations on making it this far and you will be amazed at how well you will come through it when the semester is over.

    Rona in Mid-MO 🙂

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    Marilyn says

    Judy – Whew! I think you will survive! You’ll miss him, but you and Vince have done a great job raising him. I always felt we did our best. Ours both left at the same time to go off to college. They were only 1 1/2 hrs away and did not come home very often. But when they did they left with clean clothes and a car load of food! I was only 2 hrs away in college – I went home for Thanksgiving and Christmas. College was such fun. Football games, classes, parties, meeting new people. I was always independent. At 8 yo I went off for 2 weeks to Girl Scout Camp. When my parents came to pick me up I told them I wanted to stay for another session. They let me. At 13, I went on a 6 week cross country road trip with my Scout group. I was never homesick for a minute. All 4 of us were very independent and are responsible adults.

    Chad will be fine. It is a new chapter in his life – and yours. Enjoy!

    Marilyn (IQuiltToo)

  5. 7


    Having your own bathroom is great………Yup, I’d make it abit more female, since you will be using it most. But since he’s coming back on weekends……..maybe wait for a week or two before you change it……….Anyway, what is it with men and food………they certianly know what there priorities are!!!!

    Karen L

  6. 8


    Judy, don’t look at as if you’re loosing a son but gaining some great space to display your quilts. I see wonderful wall space in that bathroom, make a faux shower curtain, but you must refrain from covering the toilet seat or making tissue box covers.

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    Tricia says

    This is a really gross post! I had the same problem and was always using the bathroom at 3:00am or some crazy thing!…or skipping a class to go when everyone else was away! Good thing he is coming home for the weekends!

  8. 10


    I have a son like that too! He has a code to tell me he needs to stop someplace. He will go at a restaurant or grocery store, but NOT at school. He wont’ tell me that anything happened at school…but sometimes kids get strange ideas! Here is the ‘code’ …”Mom, don’t you want to get a Starbucks at Safeway?” (the bathroom there is RIGHT by the front door…just across the aisle from Starbucks! Smart kid! lolol

  9. 11


    Well…I won’t answer as to what Chad might miss more (after seeing his bathroom photos), BUT…I predict YOU may miss using that bathroom when Chad is home on weekends and in the summer!!! (And…I must comment on how much reading material that boy kept near his “potty” area!!! I did have to laugh at that!)

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    Norma Bourgeois says

    Judy, I know just how you feel. When my son Scott left for Marine boot camp in 1990 (think Desert Storm) he hadn’t had his 18th birthday yet. I had signed for him to join the USMC in his senior year and then Kuwait was invaded! His boot camp was the 1st to train knowing that they were going to war since ‘Nam. I would gather up the clothes he left on the bed, curl up on his bed and smell them, just to keep his scent near. Pathetic, huh? But that’s a mother’s love. You’ll also pray for him everytime you think of him and eventually you’ll get somewhat used to it. Our sons are so special to us. Oh, and Scott was one of five children. So it’s not only children that you feel the empty nest for. Hang in there, you’ll get better. He will be homesick too.
    Norma in Baton Rouge

  11. 13

    Linda says

    Well, Judy, he drove off down the street and you didn’t hang on to the bumper & make him drag you along, so I’d say you’re getting used to the idea of him going off to college. Why, you’re even beginning to see the silver lining in the form of that nice bathroom downstairs that you can use now. So, give yourself a little shake and go quilt something already. 🙂

  12. 16


    I remember crying most of the way home from Lima, Ohio when I left Jeff at Northwestern College. By the time I got home, I was OK, but when I went to the grocery that week and realized that I didn’t need to buy all the stuff that I used to buy for him, I had a little meltdown at the cash register. The poor cashier wanted to know if I there was something she could do to help me.

    But really, You will be just fine! Just think of all the things you and Vince can do now!

    And yep, if you’re like me, you will shed a few tears everytime you talk to him and when he comes home and leaves again. I still do that and Jeff is 31.

  13. 17


    Judy…..We said goodbye to our Son in a parking lot outside where we had lunch. Tears flowed and he got in the truck and left….Tim probably would have killed me if I had had a digital camera and a blog 4 years ago. And to think you now have a bathroom to yourself for those late night sewing marathons!

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    My daughter left for college in August. She is about 45 minutes away and now comes home every weekend because she wanted her old job at the grocery store back. She considered transferring to Florida (we moved last year) next year, but told me over her recent break that she would miss us too much. So don’t worry, it won’t take Chad long to realize that there’s no place like home!

  15. 19

    Anna says

    It is always a challenge as things change isn’t it – We hope for the best and do our best as parents, to help prepare our children to be independent contributing people to society. You have done a fine job with your son and he will miss many things about home – its ok to miss him and him to miss you.. It is an exciting time for you both.of you..
    I am sure you will enjoy your new found spaces. I hope that Chad enjoys his courses and being a college student..Life’s journey takes many interesting twists and turns .
    Wishing you both all the best,

  16. 20


    Well, looks like Chad is going to have some adjustments. I think his phone calls will be interesting. I hope he likes his roommate. He’s going to do a lot of growing up. It will be good for both of you. Weekends are going to be fun.

  17. 21


    I always felt that moving out and going without all the comforts of home was a good thing for my boys….made them realize they had to work hard to be able to provide themselves all the things they’d taken somewhat for granted.

    Keep busy – it helps!

  18. 22


    Hi Judy, I’m on a new computer! Woohoo! Brand spankin’ new. And the first thing I had to do was to go to your blog to check my internet connection. 🙂 Reading about Chad leaving reminds me of when our son left for college. We drove him there and helped him unload his stuff into his dorm room. Yes, I stayed way too long and I think he was so HAPPY to see us leave. He’s graduated, 25 and engaged to be married. I do miss him a lot, but I love watching him grow more and more into a man!

  19. 23


    Whjat’s that old saying about possession is nine tenths of the law? How fast can you “frilly” it up? lol…..just kidding…..you will be so glad to see Chad you won’t care if you have to climb the stairs this week, but next week you might. lol

  20. 24

    Cora says

    Your posts about your son leaving brought back some memories…. I remember certain scenes from when each of my 3 sons left home. I could still cry. However, after so many years I have become accustomed to their being gone. And believe me, at times I say to my husband “I miss my boys but there are benefits…. we don’t have to align our activities with their schedules.”. Most every time I hug them good bye now ( I live overseas) I usually cry. Now they have families of their own. Which makes it a bit easier for me, since they aren’t alone anymore. You will adjust, as I have. But not sure you will ever really like it, as at times I say, Boy I miss my boys!!
    Blessings to you at this time in your life.