My World is Right

Just for the weekend . . everything is perfect in my little world again.  Chad is home!  He got home this afternoon about 4:00.  Since he’s off school Monday, he’ll be here til Monday afternoon.  He had been shopping . . Vince has ruined him!  He found a men’s store and bought himself a bow tie, which he hasn’t yet learned to tie.

Almost got it . . but not quite!

Don’t ask me why he’s wearing an LSU cap!  That just doesn’t seem right to me.

He’s having a ball at school!  I hope he finds some time to study too but for now, he’s very happy and that makes everything so much easier for me.


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    My daughter is home tonight too. I know exactly how you feel. It’ll be good to go to bed and not have to worry if she is safe. She will leave again Monday. Of course, I also received two weeks of laundry as well as Sara. I don’t mind. Enjoy Chad this weekend!

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    Marilyn says

    Oh Judy! I am so happy he is home. It will even be easier when he does not come home. You will have piles of laundry. As time goes by, hopefully he is having so much fun that he feels he doesn’t have to come home every weekend. How would you have felt, at 21, having to go home to mommy when you would rather been out on a date. We had some hard times. Dh was despondant when they both left at the same time. That was a rough year in our marriage. He wanted them home all the time….but, once he (dh) left home for college out of town, he rarely went back. Until the military wanted him..Three times he drove from San Jose to San Bernardino-to check in with the draft (within one week-and that is a long drive). Thank goodness Chad does not have to deal with that.

    Boy did I buy food. I think I fed the fraternity house. I was not generous with steaks, but hamburger and chicken and pasta and jarred sauce.

    They both survived. We did not live too far away. One Easter break-we had 30 + boys sleeping in the house, on our lawns, on the neighbors lawns. I made 20lbs of potato salad…for lunch-not a bite left. Hot dogs, hambugers, turkey burgers. Then they were on their own That was when Easter break was in Florida or Palm Springs.

    Have fun mom, he loves you!

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    To set the record straight . . Chad is coming home on weekends because he works at Wal-Mart and he can only put in for a transfer once every 6 months. If he transferred to Pitt now, he couldn’t transfer back for the summer. He isn’t planning to go to summer school and in this small town in this economy, a job at Wal-Mart is a good thing to have. We’re all very thankful that Wal-Mart is working with him on scheduling so he can keep his job. Tonight he told me that he sure wished he could have stayed at the dorm .. there’s so much to do there!. I just bet there is!

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    Loretta says

    It’s good that he home, it’s good that he has a job, and he has the PERFECT cap on his head!! Enjoy your week-end.
    Geaux Tigers!!!

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    Marilyn says

    Judy – Chad is a fine young man. I know he will do well in school and in life. You are lucky he will be coming home – ours just really never did. I think you will come to love the time he is home, and not home. It just takes an adjustment – a big one. Maybe I have been away from it for too long. And, times have changed. Mine always knew they could come home. But, their education and jobs took them elsewhere. We do see Todd, Laura and the grandkids several times a year. But, Scott-who is living and working in Honolulu, not very often. We need to plan a trip to see him – what a great kid (he’s 40).

    You will always love and enjoy Chad. I hope you will be as happy and content with knowing what great parents you have been. Just wait until he’s married with a grandchild for you! That is the best ever (and I am sure it can wait a few years)!

    Love you sweetheart,


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    There is that extra beat to your heart and spring in your step when those chicks come home……. Even when they are 40 and you are oh well I won’t tell……

    Enjoy your weekend and holiday.

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    Yay!! You made it through the first week. He is home and all is well! It does make it a little easier when you know that they have some good friends and are having a good time. Although, we don’t want him to have too “good” of a time. hehe That is very good of Wal-Mart to work with him.

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    I know you are having a wonderful time with him home, sort of reinforces the idea that he’ll be back, even though he goes away. =) He seems so much more mature already!