Stash Report Week 3, 2009

Time for the third stash report of 2009.  How’s everyone doing?  Can you believe January is already halfway over?  Time flies when you’re having fun, huh?

I had nothing added this week.  Here’s the snapshot of my spreadsheet:

And, here’s the breakdown:
Fabric Added this Week: 0 yards
Fabric Added Year to Date: 0 yards

Fabric Used this Week: 17.75 yards
Fabric Used Year to Date: 58.25 yards

I won’t be able to keep this up.  At some point, (should probably start next week!) I’ll have to spend a few months hand sewing binding, sleeves and labels on a bazillion quilts.  I’m thinking if I can get my numbers up high, then the trip to Paducah in April won’t look so bad! 🙂

Please share a link to  your stash report.  Be sure it goes to a blog post and not your main blog.  Any links going to a main blog are deleted.  Thanks!


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    I just posted my weekly report. I am early this time. I used only from my stash. I am amazed at how much everyone is using from their stashes and being so good so far this year. Let’s see if ya’ll can keep it up …. me too huh?
    I need to do some blog viewing to keep up with how everyone is using it up. Might inspire me to be more creative using my stash.

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    I hope to get lots of sewing done in this next week – getting past those nine patches felt good! This week I found in one of my bins a fabric I think will work for my new grandsons quilt back… a few yards I won’t need to buy this week.

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    Pam says

    Generally I can stay focused on just what I need when i got into the LQS. Clearly this week I got a bit out of control.

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    My report is up – but now that we are in a warm spell (60’s, yea!), I might be spending more time outside than in….hmm, maybe I can set a sewing machine up outside. 😉

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    I spent most of this week feeling very tired… so no sewing got done till yesterday. So that is not good for busting up your stash!! But I am past (I hope!!) the worst of it, and now I am looking forward to having a great week playing in my fabrics!!
    We are having a very nice warm week here in northern Canada – widows open and it’s just so nice!!! And I think I am going to see what eveyone’s doing with there stash too!! Get the ol’ brain back into high gear and see some new ideas. this is so much fun – I am so glad I found this site!! It’s a great place to come to. Love it.

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    I didn’t do well this week as far as my stash, but I did work on quilting projects. Oh I also put velcro down the front of 3 t-shirts for a friend so he will be able to wear a t-shirt after his operation tomorrow.

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    Denise Russart says

    Well nothing purchased but nothing to add to my used column either since I’m working on several projects that won’t get added to the reports until the tops are done. But I did turn down an offer to stop at the quilt shop so that’s progress — or sickness (which is the look my friend gave me when I told her I didn’t need to stop) 🙂

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    Your numbers look so good! And think of Paducah as “window shopping”. Yeah-right!! One year I was there and was so overwhelmed I finally sat in the cafe and drank ice tea to clear my head. And drug my rolling tote right back to all those vendors! hehe

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    Um, Judy, do you plan on expelling me from the group for going in the wrong direction??? LOL

    I’m hoping that sooner (rather than later) I will have numbers that go in the opposite direction of where they have been going now. . . . because if I don’t see some progress soon I might just have to join the “stash enhancement list” and I don’t think my DH will go for that at all!!

    In peace & pieces,

    Sherry V.

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    I have my report up for this week. Going on vaction so I’ll be missing the next 2 weeks. I’ll really have to get in gear when I get back.

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    Lynne in Hawaii says

    No fabric in this week. Fabric in year to date = 5 yards. Used 2 yards of fabric this week. Year to date used from stash = 5 yards. I have used a net of 1 yard for the year!

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    There is a local quilt shop closing and I’m tempted to go shop for discounted fabric for backings but so far I’ve resisted. I decided I needed to change when I counted fabric, with so many HeartStrings quilts here and using some of my fabric for backing and bindings but others coming with them, I can’t keep up unless I track when I use the fabric – it’s easier to remember I made two backings this week than to try and remember what backing is on each quilt. You’re burning through the stash pretty well so far!

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    This is the first week I have had any incoming or outgoing to participate. I’m going to try to be better about keeping track this year. But it feels good to be seeing more going out than coming in.

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    Ida says

    I was a baaaaaaaaad girl this weekend. I went on a mini-shophop near Albany, NY.

    I’ll have to total everything up. (*GULP*) Some things I am not even putting INTO my stash, because it was mine for only a few hours before I gave it to my girlfriend as an early Birthday present. That will help a little. 😉