So Close to being DONE!

18 quilts!  5 quilted, 13 not quilted, NONE totally finished.  But the packet is ready to be mailed to AQS.  Those editors are amazing people.  How they can figure out all my instructions and turn it into a book is beyond me.  As I went back to edit some of those first instructions that I wrote, it was kinda mind boggling to try to figure out what I was thinking and why I wrote it like I did.  I’ll bet some of those editors do a lot of head scratching trying to figure out what we were thinking and why we wrote things the way we did.

Getting the publicity photo done wasn’t easy.  I thought I could use the same one I’d used in the first book but then I realized it will be over 4 years old when the book comes out and they ask for current photos.  I checked around town and there was no one would could get me a photo on a CD within a day or two so Chad took some photos yesterday morning before he left.  Chad’s idea of taking photos is to see how many snapshots he can get in one minute and be done with it.  This is NOT the one we’re using!

Not  using this one either!

There are about 80 more that we’re not using.  Want to see all 80 of them?  I thought not!

I believe this is the one we’re using.  Double chin and all.  If I could figure out how to work Photoshop, I’d get rid of a bunch of pounds.  But . . this is me . . warts and all! 🙂

Today I’ll be spending the day with a friend who is teaching me to cook Mexican and I’m teaching her to make socks.  Thank goodness she’s a good knitter but has never tried socks.  I think I’ll have an easier job teaching her to make socks than she will teaching me to cook Mexican.  She is from Mexico and between my accent and her accent, we don’t always do a great job of understanding each other but we have lots of fun when we’re together.  She’s leaving in May so our time together is getting short!

I’m taking a quilt and may end up doing some handwork on the binding while she’s knitting.  I have no deadlines on my socks but . . there are deadlines on getting these quilts finished!


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    Well done on getting the quilts and instructions ready for the book.. wonder when I can buy a copy through Amazon! or are you going to start sending overseas?

    Happy Room Diana

  2. 2


    That’s a fantastic photo Judy, you look wonderful! By the way, it isn’t unusual to take 80 shots to get a single great one.

    When will the book be out?

  3. 4


    Well done, Judy! And you have such a gentle, beautiful face. By the way, if you ever need a portrait for publicity again, I was told about a good way to pose. Sit side on, then look back towards the camera, which should be positioned slightly below face level. Actually, even better than looking back is quickly turning back towards the camera just a nanosecond before the shutter is clicked. It’s so hard to get a flattering shot (even for super-models!) when photos are taken front-on – as you discovered!

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    Bon says

    I like the photo Judy. You have not changed a bit since the last time I saw you — RIM at Kentucky Dam. I think it was the 2nd one. I remember the first time I met you in VT.

    Good luck on the communication. Should be lots of fun for a bystander to listen to. Wish I was that fly on the wall. LOL

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    Evelyn says

    All you need is 1 great photo – which you got!!! WITH a quilt from the book in the background – so I would say Chad did great! The best thing about digital cameras – you can delete all the rejects!!! I often take 80 shots for my 1 favorite. That is one BIG pile of quilts you have there – great job for being so focused!
    Cheers! Evelyn

  6. 8

    KC says

    You are so pretty!
    The picture is wonderful.
    Have a wonderful day sharing your skills and learning a new one!

  7. 10


    Nice photo and can’t wait for the book to be published! I think you’ll do fine with the Mexican cooking as you are a gal who DOES know her way around the kitchen!

  8. 11


    I am glad you got at least one nice picture. :))
    Have fun cooking! Maybe you will share what you are cooking? I am glad you are having a nice day with a friend!


  9. 12

    Mary Lea says

    Great picture.
    I can’t wait for the new book. I have worn the Nine-Patch Extravaganza out. (Remember the one that was lost at the post office)

  10. 13


    I always get a lot of interesting photos too when I hand the camera to Keith. Usually I’m still talking about the shot I want him to take when he starts shooting and it sounds like he has as much patience as Chad.

    It looks like you’re getting there – when is the book due to be published?

  11. 14


    Congrads on you new book! Looking forward to the publishing date! Ya know, I liked the photo with you tongue sticking out! lol But, the one you choose is nice too! Cheers!

  12. 15


    The number of projects you do is just mind boggling! I’m impatiently awaiting the new book. Have fun learning to cook Mexican. Around here it is our normal cuisine. We just throw in cilantro and some cumin & some chili flakes and call it Mexican even if it’s pot roast.

  13. 16


    You have beautiful eyes, Judy! I hate having my picture taken. For some reason it just seems so much worse than just looking in the mirror! I swear I don’t have a double chin when I look in the mirror. Maybe that double chin thing is built into all cameras. Yeah, that’s it!!! LOL

  14. 17

    Bobbie says

    When can we expect to get our hands on the new book? If its as good as #1, its gonna be great, I’m gonna be in the front room most of the day, watching the innaguration and hand quilting on my Bear Paw Quilt-the girls at my quilt club helped me get it basted yesterday-I can’t wait to get going on it. Mexican food-we practically live on it-grew up in New Mexico and its like you and Cajun food-just the normal. Hugs, Bobbie

  15. 18


    Wonderful publicity photo! I am eager to see your new publication, well… probably not as eager as you are! Ha!! Well done, Judy. Good luck with the socks today.

  16. 20


    If that’s a double chin… then I don’t know what I have? Your picture was good! Love the quilts you show us and your energy. Even being an “Empty Nester” hasn’t stopped you.

  17. 21

    Linda says

    The real you is plenty good enough!!! Though I kind of like that middle picture, the one with the blank look & tongue sticking out. 🙂 Probably kind of how you felt after the big push to get all the quilts ready to go. Good job!!

  18. 24


    I think you picked out the perfect picture for your book. You look like you have a peaches and cream complexion. 🙂
    Can’t wait for the book to be out!!

  19. 25


    Actually, you *can* use Photoshop to remove about 10 pounds. Ask your editor to have the graphic designer do it when they color correct the photo. Mexican is easy-peasy to cook. Don’t know how much ‘detail’ your friend is going to go into but if you get into making your own tortillas a broom handle works great to roll them out. But now that we have a tortilla factory in town, I just run there and get some. Good luck; you’ll enjoy it.

  20. 26


    Beautiful shots Judy!! I have the same head shot issues. Dang. Will you be posting about Mexican food cooking on your Lime Green Kitchen blog? and when is that book coming out?

  21. 27


    You are beautiful! The photo (lol the one you are using) is fantastic!!! Can’t wait for the book to come out!!!