Another Chad Story

Oh, he was so cute!  We were living in Texas and I think Chad was 3.  We moved there when he was 2 and left when he was 4 so it was some time in there.  The rodeo was in town and if you’ve ever lived in small town, Texas, the rodeo is a big deal.  We bought Chad all the rodeo finery — boots, belt, shirt, hat — and off to the rodeo we went.

The Jasper Rodeo was put on by the Lions Club and we knew a few of the members.  A friend was at the gate taking up tickets or handing out programs . . can’t remember the details.  He started to talk to Chad and Chad informed him that he was there to ride a bull.  We tried explaining to Chad that we didn’t come to the rodeo to ride bulls . . we came to watch others ride bulls.  No way! Chad was (still is) one hard headed dude and he had come to the rodeo for one thing — to ride a bull!  At the young age of 3, Chad had not yet learned that just because he wants it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen.  At 21, Chad probably hasn’t learned that lesson but I still have hope.

He was getting really frustrated with his dad and me and decided to take it up with the nice Lions Club member.  There had to be someone of authority there who could listen to this 3 year old and understand that he wanted to ride a bull!  I can see the guy’s face but cannot remember his name.  He was very patient and did his best to convince Chad that he could not ride the bull.  Nope, still not satisfied.  Chad kept on!  Finally someone else came along and heard the discussion and decided to intervene.  He asked Chad if, instead of riding a bull, would he be happy to dance with the clowns during intermission.  Oh, yes . . anything to get up in front of a crowd and put on a show.

Here’s Chad dancing with the clowns.  Much safer than riding a bull, right?


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    How cute is that Chad! Judy, I didn’t know you had lived in Jasper! Small world — that’s my old stompin’ grounds. My folks had a place at Toledo Bend, and we went into Jasper for shopping.

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    What a great story! Thank you for sharing it!
    Kind a reminds me of me, I always got my way, but only when I was little 😉
    Chad is so cute in that outfit!

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    How CUTE…I think you need to have the first one framed and put in Chad’s college housing…I’m sure he’d LOVE to share it with his friends!!!

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    Oh my goodness!! He learned that his persistence pays off didn’t he? I love it!! I’ll have to tell you about my 5 year old mutton bustin’ some time. I think I closed my eyes!!

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    Bari says

    Oh, Judy! How wonderful! Wasn’t that great of the guy at the rodeo to intervene and get Chad up with the clowns? That sounds like my little Matt. Persistence (or is that stobborness?) runs in the family, but Matt carries it to a new level…..LOL. Thanks for sharing with us!

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    Lynne in Hawaii says

    That is a terrific Chad story! How many kids have the opportunity to dance with the rodeo clowns? Thanks for sharing!

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    I love Chad stories…he is such an interesting person! I am also enjoying reading about your “seperation” phase of life. Daughter V is thinking of going to stay with some of my hubby’s family for the summer…I’ve never been seperated from one of my kids that long!

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    Oh my, how funny! I do see a lot of determination in the pictures of him you have shown, and I can well imagine him doing this, I just love this story, lol.

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    Judy too cute!!! I love when you share stories like this with us.. and that photo is adorable!! You’ve gotta put it in the local paper for next years Birthday… 🙂

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    Michelle says

    THat Chad is a cutie! I admire parents like you…getting him the entire ‘rig’ to dress up in….I would have been too frugal, thinking what a waste of money…didn’t have the money anyway but that’s besides the point. That fellow I admire too…the one who made the desire happen….I’d like to be like that….make someones life alittle happier and magical…..Guess we need to LOOK for the opportunities and now as a grandma, maybe I can have a hand in making special memories….Thanks for the story.

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    Eve says

    Judy, I love it!! Chad is adorable in his cowboy getup. And I’ll bet he had a BLAST dancing w/ the clowns. Eve