Pinch Me!

Go ahead  .  .  pinch me!  Did you do it?  I didn’t feel it!  I knew it . . this is too good to be true.

I hate secrets but today, within one hour, I’ve had two fantastic, incredible, totally not expected, wonderful things happen, and neither of them can I tell all the details about yet.  Neither are 100% sure yet but I’d say about 80.6% sure and that’s pretty good odds in my world!  They’re not the kind of things that will thrill you as readers of my blog but they thrill me.  One involves a trip and one involves a design opportunity.

Try again . . pinch me . . I want to know for sure that this is all really happening! 🙂


  1. 1

    Marilyn says


    Can you feel me pinching you ! Happy to hear you have some good news,
    when can you tell us inquiring minds ?


  2. 2

    lori says

    I’m pinching you too! Hope you don’t bruise with all the pinching. Glad you got good news.

  3. 3


    I’m pinching you too! Can’t wait to hear — love to hear good news, and they both sound exciting! Keep on smiling — I can feel the good vibes over the miles!

  4. 5


    Well I’m not going to pinch you, but all the best wishes are coming your way! Whatever it is, you deserve it!

  5. 7


    Well with all this pinching you are probably quite bruised. So enough already. Now I want to hear the great news! I am on pins and needles………..

  6. 8


    I’ll pinch you twice also, once for the secrets, once for telling us there are secrets and not telling what they are. 🙂

    Yeah for good things. I hope they both work out for you.

  7. 9


    I hope everything works out like you’d like… lets get ya up towards 100% on both those great opportunities!

    Can’t wait to hear what’s up…

  8. 10

    Evelyn says

    We aren’t allowed to pinch in our family, so I am sending you Happy Hugs instead!!! It is always wonderful to have good news and hope! Cheers! Evelyn

  9. 11

    Marilyn says

    Judy, I hug, don’t pinch! I can feel your excitement in your post! And, all this good news in a matter of minutes. Your horoscope must be great today!

    Hugs to you!

    Marilyn (IQuiltToo)

  10. 12

    Vivian says

    Well, I’m excited for you. Also a little jealous. You have a great life. Can’t wait to hear your good news.

  11. 14


    Judy I’ll not pinch you, but will take joy in your excitement. It is always nice when good things come to others and they are willing to share that joy….even in secret with others. As a designer also I can only imagine what is going through your mind right now. I bet you have designed a dozen quilts in your mind if not on EQ without knowing if the opportunity will come to pass. Let us know when you hear…Oh and the travel I hope is to a place you really want to visit.

  12. 15


    Pinch you heck in the south we “Slap each other upside the head girl” Dying to know what is going on. I’m working on that secret stuff myself.


  13. 16


    I’m pinching you hard….for making me wonder what’s up! Hope it all comes out the way you want. I can read the excitement between the lines…..

  14. 21

    InglishRose says

    consider yourself pinched, and as soon as you can let us in on the secret we’ll be waving banners and blowing horns for you. 🙂

  15. 22

    Lynne in Hawaii says

    Anything that thrills you tickles me plum to death! Hope the wonderful things pan out so you can tell us EVERYTHING! ‘pinch, pinch’! Did you feel it?

  16. 23


    OOOOO…we are ALL excited now and, as your bloggers, we will be happy, too…whenever you can tell us the news, that is!

  17. 24


    This is exciting!!!! I can’t wait to hear about all them!! And, no, I won’t pinch you either, but I’ll sure send big HUGS your way!!!!!!!!!

  18. 25

    Rebecca says

    With all these pinches, you must know you’re not dreaming! I hope you get the opportunities you want, and can share them. Soon!

  19. 26

    Bon says

    Well, whatever it is, I’m very happy for you if you are happy. Can’t wait until you can tell us what’s going on.

  20. 29

    Eve says

    Your excitement just makes me happy! I won’t pinch you (‘cuz I hate being pinched, myself). I’ll just be waiting on pins and needles for the big ‘reveal’!!

  21. 31

    Cindy says

    This isn’t going to be one of those secrets that we can never know the answers to, is it? Those aren’t secrets, they’re riddles.

    I hate secrets.