Celebration of Freedom

Some who have been reading my blog for a while may remember this quilt.  It was made for the Moda Challenge in 2005 I think.  It was named “Celebration of Freedom”.

I like it a lot but donated it to help raise money for The Pentagon Memorial Fund.  You can read the story about it here.  I think about that quilt pretty often.  Yesterday I received an email from a lady wanting to buy the pattern.  There is no pattern for it; I wrote her back and let her know. I think I will make another one and do something different with the borders.  Those borders never thrilled me.

Here’s where I am in the design process – just blocks.

The centers with the stars are fussy cut from this fabric that I’ve been saving to make another one.

I’ll be thinking about those borders for the next day or so.


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    Eve says

    Judy, that quilt is beautiful! I actually like the borders, but can’t wait to see what you design for the new one. I’m sure I’ll love the new borders, too! Eve

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    Becky in GA says

    Oh Judy! I’m glad you are up and running again. Now I don’t have to do that laundry! lol I think if you use that fabric after you fussy cut those stars, that border would make the quilt quite elegant. JMHO Hope you are having a great day.

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    Deb says

    Wow. You never cease to amaze me at all the great patterns and ideas you come up with, and I love them ALL. thank you for the EQ versions, but i am happy to buy the patterns or books. You have a great imagination. You dont use prints very often, do you? It is mostly solids. Maybe that is what I like so much too, as it shows off the patterns well. Personally, I would love to see ANY of your ideas, and you really need to be selling more patterns! (But free is good too-for us!)
    Deb in MN.

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    Pam says

    Are the joining lines the same in both quilts? For some reason, the lines seem bolder in the re-do and draw my eye to them more. In the original the lines seem more subtle.
    Just my 2 cent observation.
    Regardless, thank you for all that you do. You keep me stimulated Your design prowess is wonderful. I’m gonna have to bite the bullet and play with EQ6 myself. Like I said, you inspire me.
    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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    Linda H says

    That quilt has been my very most favorite quilt in the whole wide world ever since you first posted it. Just my 2 cents…I really like the border with the little squares…on my computer, those squares look like tapestry or woven ribbons…I like the intensity contrasted with the center of the quilt…a bit of “heavy” and a bit of “light” make it “all just right.” cough-cough. Didn’t mean to get carried away there.

  6. 13


    The original quilt is quite stunning, but I’m sure your updated version will be too. I too am curious, is the center paper pieced?

  7. 14


    I love that quilt! I liked the first one’s borders, but I’m sure you’ll come up with another great version! I hope you are redoing the quilt to make a pattern. 🙂

  8. 17


    Wauv, it’s a fantastic and beautifully coloured quilt. i’ve just made a quilt for the January Callenge at EQ using the block, that you have in the center.
    I can’t wait to see how your new pattern turns out.
    Happy Thoughts

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    Darlene B says

    Judy: This quilt is amazing! If you do write up a pattern for it, I’ll buy it! I really like the borders as they are. 🙂
    Love your blog!