I Don’t Think So!

Vince received a box of “supplies” he had ordered from the company store.  I never know what he’s ordered but when I opened the box, it had all kinds of sponges.  That’s what’s on top anyway.  I didn’t dig.  When Vince came home from work, I said “Vince, please stop ordering things for me without asking me first because I have enough sponges.  I don’t need any more!”

He pulled this one out and said “But it’s a nail saver and  . . it’s your Valentine’s Day present!”  We may have a serious problem at our house come February 14.


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    Donna (in MI) says

    And it is pink!! LOLOLOL

    My daughter and I have taken to describing certain behavior as “boy-stupid”. This is a good example.

    Stay warm.

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    GOOD term…”boy stupid”. We have had MANY boy-stupid ideas in this household in nearly 42 years of marriage!!! Sometimes they just don’t “get” it, do they? LOL

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    A. L. says

    I think Vince did it with the best of intentions. I don’t believe he will stop there for Valentines day, but then I don’t think much of such days. My DH shows that he loves me each and every day. I don’t need a special invented day for that.

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    You know Judy…if there is more than one of those sponges…you could use them as nerf balls and throw them at Vince for Valentine’s Day! LOL At least they are calorie free…

  5. 8

    Debi says

    Think of the surprise you’re going to miss out on on Valentine’s Day. Tee hee. That’ll teach you to open his mail!

  6. 9

    Toni says

    I got a cordless glue gun for Christmas. After 45 years of marriage maybe I need to look around for some one with more imagination.

  7. 11


    Keith’s another one who doesn’t care for Valentine’s Day – prefers to be more spontaneous and do things when it’s not expected….of course, since we tend to use travel as gifts for both of us, I don’t usually get many unexpected presents. Although he did bring home some lotion and handwash from work the other day.

  8. 14


    We have a rule at our home……..NO domestics for presents…………in 26 years the rule has only been broken once………a 4 slice toaster, so we could all have toast at the same time…………but then most of the time we don’t get each other a present………..which is a good thing….its so hard to be excited and appreciative of something you just don’t like!!! Yup………boy-stupid………fits!!!!

    Karen L

  9. 18


    I see there are a lot of misguided husbands out there. I found a box on the kitchen table when I got up one day–DH went shopping on QVC again and bought Sham-Wows. I took it out of the kitchen and put it on top of the pile by his side of the dresser of things that will never be used–along with a tomato slicer and some computer camera accessory and heaven knows what else.

    At some point, these get moved out to the garage, and eventually make it to whatever donation center I drive past.

  10. 22


    When I was young I was told to marry a man who either had
    1. a sense of humor or
    2. money
    I see that you chose the same as me! LOL

  11. 23


    Too funny…reminds me of a Valentine’s Day very early in our marriage…I got an electric broom…he was so proud…was going to make my life so much easier. I went to work the next day and all the other teachers were talking about what their wonderful husbands had given them…pretty nightgowns, jewelry…Carol what did you get…an electric broom. 35 years later…we’re still laughing about it.

  12. 24


    Me? I’m choosing to believe he’s pushing your buttons with that silly sponge and has something really special in mind for you on V-day and he’s not being boy stupid at all . . . at least not this time 😉

  13. 27

    June Piper-Brandon says

    Skip says “I think he’s (Vince) is in trouble”. Skip’s a real sweety and pretty good at giving me great gifts – or sending me out with plastic to get my own!!

  14. 30


    OH NO HE DI-NT!!!!! If you need someone to hold him down when you stomp him, I’m your girl!
    He was probably kidding and has something very shiny hidden to surprise you!

  15. 31


    Perhaps he’s planning to get some nice jewelry, like a bracelet or ring, and just wants your nails to look nice for all those close handshots for your next book…


  16. 33


    Sorry, Judy, but this really made me laugh. LOL
    Don’t you just love it when the guys in our lives are so practical? You should ask him if this is an offer that he’ll do the cleaning for you.