Stash Report Week 4, 2009

Do you realize this is our last report for January?  Even though most of next week is part of January, the Week 5 report will be on February 1.  Hard to believe one whole month of 2009 is almost over, huh?  How’s every doing?  Are you happy with your Week 4 report?  If not, do you see what you can do so you’ll be happier with your future reports?  My feeling is that stashbusting is kinda like losing weight.  You have to be ready to do it and ready to commit — it can’t be something you’re doing because everyone else is doing it.  So, if it doesn’t fit your needs or your wants and wishes, don’t torture yourself.  When the time is right to stashbust, you’ll know it.  I’ll be here to hold your hand along the way whenever you decide to do it . . so long as you do it within the next 40 or so years!

Fabric Added this Week: 0 yards
Fabric Added Year to Date: 0 yards

Fabric Used this Week: 17.50 yards
Fabric Used Year to Date: 75.75 yards

I truly thought I could bust 100 yards in January but I didn’t and I doubt I can ever bust that much in one month.  I sewed a LOT this month and I used a lot of fabric for backings.  Looking at the full spreadsheet, I used 43.75 yards for backing.  That was for 9 quilts.  And, if you’re wondering, so far in January, I’ve quilted 15 quilts, not counting the two little doll quilts.  That’s a darned lot of quilting!  Like I said last week, I can’t keep up these numbers.  I have so much handwork (binding, sleeves and labels) to get done.  And, I can safely say that after having used 75-3/4 yards, I can’t tell one bit of difference in my stash.  I’m wondering at what point I might notice the shelves are not bulging quite so badly.  Maybe 500 yards??  I don’t know.  I’m definitely not there yet.

Anyway, share your report with us if you’d like.  Add a link to your specific blog post . . not to your main blog.  Thanks!  (If the link box is WAY down at the bottom of the page . . that’s just the way he’s acting today  . . nothing I can do about it!)


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    I’ll be reporting at the end of each month rather than weekly. That is mainly because I’m lazy. I do read everyone’s reports each week. I am enjoying seeing how everyone uses their stashes and it helps me figure out how to do the yardage calculations, too. And of course, there are all the projects to drool over and add to my bucket list!

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    Stash report published! I used Electric Quilt to calculate the yardage and that helped me a lot. Now I just need to stay out of the quilt shop so I won’t be tempted by the 13 bolts at 30% off!

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    Silly Mr. Linky Box.

    I’m very glad I committed to this endeavour. I strive for big numbers each week and thus increase my productivity. Wahoo!

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    the quilts i’m finishing are getting bigger so my totals are getting bigger-i can’t believe how good it feels to get all these ufo’s done! most of the ones i’ve finished this year are folded and stacked under the window in the living room….when i add the 5 i’m binding the stack will be waist high or more!

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    Stash report is in… I agree with everyone. Reporting every week, or periodically, is getting some of those UFOs off the shelf and finished. It does feel good to be quilting more often.

    That said, those Super Bowl sales will be hard to pass up…but, since cleaning up the stash closets, I do feel more focused on what I need to add.

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    Pam says

    Since I’m not counting the fabric already in the tops at the begining of the year, my stash # is not decereasing as rapidly as I would like. But my UFO count is going down, and that just as good if not better.

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    Your numbers are amazing, Judy! Just take a month and get all the quilting and bindings finished for the book quilts! Then you’ll bust 500 yards in nothing flat!

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    No busting at all this week, but also no buying. Just to busy with stitching at the moment, I have a deadline. Hopefully next week I will have some busts

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    I’d like to join in on this. One question…to start, do we measure and total up all the fabric in our stash and deduct from that? Or, just tally up what we use each week? Sorry if this is a dumb question lol.

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    Denise says

    This week’s report – not bad – fabric used, none added, and another impulse shopping trip at the quilt shop avoided. 🙂

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    MissaB says

    I was bad. Extra backing fabric for a projects and a coordinate to use with the extra left from that project. And some FQs for another project. But nothing in the “I just want it” category and I’m still negative for the year…..

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    stash report in and accounted for. didn’t use much this weekend – didn’t get to sew much but then there is always next weekend. ;o)

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    Well I’m late getting this done tonight… it’s been busy. We got stuff done this morning and then after lunch headed out to check out an antique place nearby… then some sewing this afternoon and my fair share of just loafing tonight.

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    Although my totals are small because so much of what I work on are Heartstrings quilts, it was a good week for me both from getting things done and using some stash. I was even shopping online and then closed the cart without purchasing!

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    Shopping for a car means I didn’t spend much time sewing 🙁 but that is over and I’m back trying to finish my Christmas Sampler…
    I’m amazed at your totals.

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    gardenpat says

    I have now used 22.8 yards in my Stashbusting for January. I haven’t bought or otherwise added any fabric to my stash in 2009! I’m happy!!

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    Late stash report & it’s boring. . . but I’m hoping to get some more exciting news soon since I am making a concerted effort to work on one project each week.

    It may not always be quilty, but I plan to get more pictures on my blog soon.

    Have a wonderful day!