Monday Morning

So far, it looks like the worst of the ice is staying a bit south of us and the worst of the snow is staying a bit north of us.  It’s so predictable that the I-44 corridor about 70 miles south of us gets the worst of everything!   Ice seems to follow that path, tornadoes seem to follow that path.  It all seems to forget all about my little area . . which makes me very happy.  The day isn’t over yet though so I’m not going to hold off saying that we dodged the bullet.

I woke up this morning and laughed at myself.  The first thought I had when my eyes popped open (after the alarm jarred me out of bed) was I have the WHOLE day to myself.  I wasn’t thinking . . oh, no, I have to go downstairs and Chad isn’t there! It does take time and I guess I thought I was past the point of being sad when he left and it surprised me last night when I couldn’t hold back the tears.

Last night I loaded another quilt and got it quilted – though it wasn’t one of the ones I need to get done this week.  It was one that was getting the same panto that I had loaded on the longarm.  About 10:15 p.m. when I finished, I said to myself that I was going to set in the recliner and knit all day but this morning I decided I’d rather work on the striped bear paw.  Maybe I can finish the top today.


  1. 1

    pdudgeon says

    those blocks are so pretty!
    reminds me of the fiesta ware, and picnic baskets.
    hope you get a miss with the ice.

  2. 2

    Nancy W. says

    My, have been getting so much done! And using up lots of fabric I see. Are you going to show the gumdrop quilt or is it for your book? Like the name. Love the strips too. Very interesting.

  3. 3

    Judi says

    Love the quilt. I also would like to see the gumdrop quilt if we can. Looks like I’m in for about 5 inches of the white stuff. Like you all the bad stuff goes just a little south of us. Maybe I get to use real snow for the snowdyeing. VBG

  4. 5


    Oh I love those BearPaw blocks! I have a striped fabric that I’ve been wanting to do something with. Now the wheels are turning LOL I can’t wait to see the finished top 🙂

    Glad to hear the ice and snow are not affecting you right now, we had a few flurries and they are calling for snow tomorrow morning, but it shouldn’t be too bad here. I would like one nice blizzard though, it’s been way too long since we were snowed in for a few days LOL

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    Darlynn Venne says

    Love those bear paw blocks! Stripe in the center….GREAT idea!

    Glad the bad weather is missing you and that you are not missing Chad so terribly much this morning.

    Happy sewing!!!!!

  6. 7


    Ooooh!! Ooooh!!! OOOOOOHHHH!!! I LOVE this one! It’s totally awesome Judy!

    The worst of the storm isn’t supposed to hit until tomorrow, make sure you guys have a back up plan to stay warm if that ice hits. These Ozark ice storms have knocked out power for a week or more at a time in the past. Be careful!

  7. 8

    Becky Ball says

    I love the movement you have with the positioning of the stripes. Think good thoughts about the spare time you have with Chad at school. You might also be prepared for him coming back after graduation – I know you said no, but just wait.

  8. 9


    Watch out, the ice is coming or at least something is coming. I live just north of I-44 in the Oklahoma City area and it just started spitting rain. The temp is 32, so it will be a close call. As you said, the weather does seem to follow the I-44 route, so you might be ok…

    Let’s hope that the bear paws are the only things spinning and not the cars in our areas! Do you have a name for the quilt yet?

  9. 10


    You must live in the right place!
    The bear paw blocks are so bright & cheerful. The stripe going in different directions makes them seem to spin.
    Enjoy the day to yourself. Wish I could have stayed home & sewed this morning, but, alas, the library calls. And if I don’t show up I don’t get paid. Great incentive to get out on a cold snowy morning.

  10. 11

    Sandra (Sandy Gail) says

    The Bear’s Paw quilt is lovely. Here on the south east side of the I-44 corridor we are bracing for the ice storm. You’re right, most of the really bad weather seems to follow the I-44 corridor. If the power stays on here I’ll be working in the sewing room. Best wishes for you and I hope you don’t lose power, either. How can we all go without our daily dose of “Judy” ????????

  11. 12


    The movement in that quilt (with those stripes) is GREAT. You will have ups and downs about Chad and you will be AWARE of those ups and downs right now….and just about the time you are NOT aware of them, they will be over and you’ll be happily adjusted to all of it. Anyway…glad the bad weather isn’t putting you in the dark yet and hope it stays that way for you!

  12. 13

    Julie (in Arizona) says

    The quilt is beautiful!!! Great job – gives me some new ideas. My son went into the military in November 1998. I still cry when he leaves home to go back to California. But, it’s short lived tears! I’m always glad to see him come home, sad to see him go back. I hope the storm misses you – and that you stay on line! Your blog is one of the best parts of my day!!!! Thanks for sharing with us.

  13. 15


    Great quilt, Judy. I remember very clearly when my youngest left for college. I cried on and off for at least a year. Even though I was enjoying the extra free time, I missed the familiar routine. Our job is to give them wings even though we might like to keep them in our nest.

  14. 19

    Connie says

    Yea, but I got the ice and I ain’t happy. Not one teeny tiny bit. I almost fell a few times today, cuz, yep, I had to get out in it and conduct a WW meeting. It’s just plum nasty outside.

  15. 20


    The quilt is just lovely!!
    We are going to get slammed with snow tonight and all day tomorrow. I will be having a wonderful day in my warm house quilting away. 🙂
    Glad you enjoyed your day!!!

  16. 21


    I guess when you get to the point that you can’t wait for Chad to go back to school you’ll have adjusted. I love seeing my boys but when Chris was here for Christmas we enjoyed the visit and when they went home, were glad to get back to our routine.

  17. 22

    becky rhodes says

    I love the stripe. I agree that it looks like fiesta ware! Will be watching to see what you come up with for the border next. Good use of this stripe!

  18. 23

    Anna says

    What a great bearspaw, Judy- I never thought about using striped fabric in the central part of the paw- It looks great – so bright and cheery . I have only ever made a bearspaw from a mystery pattern – so I didn’t realize that is what I was making…it turned out pretty good – you can see a photo of it on one of my recent posts at
    I love your quilts they are always so bright and cheery..
    Hope you still avoided the ice and freezing rain- that is never fun…